ÚNICA Insurance - Institutional Presentation


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ÚNICA Insurance - Institutional Presentation

  1. 1. www.unicaseguros.com.br
  2. 2. ÚNICA SegurosSoluções Personalizadas em Seguros & Riscos.Who are we? Única was founded in January 2nd, 1990. It is an insurance brokerage firm specialized in tailored formats and solutions for all insurance and risks areas. We work with all insurance companies and operators in the Brazilian market. Solutions developed and implemented all over the country, in a wide diversity ofIndustries.
  3. 3. Products and Services Integrated management of health Solutions in health plans and insurance, dental health, occupational medicine, life insurance, among others. Risk management and audit services for medical expenses. Support to the benefit processes in daily activities of the human resources department. Tailored and In-Loco treatment. Risk Management Program Inventory, identification, treatment and risk and insurance management (operational, engineering, production, et cetera). Solutions for property insurance (corporate, warranty, transportation, among others)
  4. 4. Products and ServicesAffinity Products with advantageous conditions for its employees (Vehicles, residential, travel, commercial blanket bond, etc.) Presentations to spread and explain the products offered by the company. Management of insurance and of individual plans hired by the employee. Online assistance through our website: www.unicaseguros.com.br Insurance brokerage firm which is a reference in social networks.
  5. 5. Products and ServicesEvents and SeminarsÚNICA promotes several events and seminars for the publicinterested in risks and insurance.Always relying on the participation of renowned professionalswithin the subjects, such as former Ministers Almir Pazzianoto,and Min Maílson da Nóbrega, Carlos Alberto Sardenberg, amongothers.
  6. 6. Some of our clients
  7. 7. Social Responsibility Project Living with Art (Vivendo com Arte)Única has assumed an important social role. Through the NGO “Vivendo com Arte” we have been able to provide educationand social inclusion to less fortunate young Brazilian citizens.The project works with over one hundred children within the Paraisópolis Community, whether through the sportive division or the choral project. The choral project has already been awarded several times for its seriousness and for its effective impact in the lives of these children. It is taken soseriously by the children that the resulting professionalism has even led them to be invited by ABBA to sing with them, in their last visit to Brazil.
  8. 8. ÚNICA’s team An organizational structure conceived to efficiently assist its clients in all kinds of insurance, whether for people of assets. At Única you will find highly competent professionals, able to offer you the best tailored solutions involving insurance and risks.Rua Dr.Luiz Migliano, 1110, 3º andarMorumbi - São Paulo - SP - CEP 05711-0001(11) 3771.4294Portal: www.unicaseguros.com.br