Tourism and Culture


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Tourism and Culture

  2. 2. The Effect of Culture onTravel
  3. 3. CULTURE... Culture can be defined as a “set of beliefs, values, attitudes, habits, an d forms of behavior that are shared by a society and are transmitted from generation to generation.
  4. 4. CULTURE SHOCK Lack of understanding and inability to communicate with the host culture.
  5. 5. American tourist in the Philippines Ballot (cooked duck egg with embryo) Bagoong (preserved salted fish)
  6. 6. “Mass follow Class” Suggests that a destination first attracts a small number of high-status individuals whose actions are eventually copied by a large number of persons with lower social status.
  7. 7. The Importance of CulturalTourism Promoting cultural relation and international cooperation.
  9. 9. ART – Performing ArtThe “Pangkat Kawayan” (literally ‘Bamboo Band’) otherwiseknown as the “Singing Bamboo of the Philippines ” is a uniqueorchestra that draws music from unconventional bambooinstruments.
  10. 10. Cirque du Soleil ("Circus of the Sun") is a Canadianentertainment company, self-described as a "dramatic mixof circus arts and street entertainment."
  11. 11. ART – Fine ArtsThe Spoliarium (often misspelled Spolarium) is a paintingby Filipino artist Juan Luna.
  12. 12. The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman bythe Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world."
  13. 13. MUSIC AND DANCE Music is a major source of enjoyment and satisfaction of tourists. Kulintang is a modern term for an ancient instrumental form of music composed on a row of small, horizontally-laid gongs that function melodically, accompanied by larger, suspended gongs and drums.
  14. 14. Kundiman (originally spelled Cundiman) is a genre oftraditional Filipino love songs. The lyrics of theKundiman are written in Tagalog.The melody is characterized by a smooth, flowing andgentle rhythm with dramatic intervals. Kundiman wasthe traditional means of serenade in the Philippines.Dr. Francisco Santiago(1889–1947), the "Father of the Kundiman Art Song"
  15. 15. Hawaii Calls Hawaii Calls was a radio program that ran from 1935 through 1975 that featured live Hawaiian music conducted by Harry Owens, the composer of "Sweet Leilani". Because of its positive portrayal of Hawaii.
  16. 16.  Dancing, in its native or ethnic, is one of the most appealing aspects of a country’s culture and can be presented as a tourist attraction.The BayanihanPhilippine NationalFolk DanceCompany is a groupof Filipino dancersand musiciansconceived in theancient spirit ofbayanihan, a Filipinoword which refers toa spirit of communalunity or effort toachieve a particularobjective.
  17. 17. Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theatre is known for thestylization of its drama and for theelaborate make-up worn by some of itsperformers.
  18. 18. HANDICRAFTSBlessed with rich natural resources, people from the differentcultural communities discovered how to fashion useful and beautifulthings out of wood, bamboo, rattan, abaca, coconutshells, capiz, shells, and object abundant in nature.
  19. 19. Patronizing local handicraft encourages tribal and cultural communities to produce more. In that way we preserve and promote our cultural heritage.The Philippines is one ofthe world’s leadingproducers of handicrafts.Locally hand-madecrafts are admired world-wide for theirversatility, beauty and
  20. 20. Painted umbrella is one of the famous handicraft, especiallyfrom Borsan village in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The artistictraces could be seen in many places.
  21. 21. INDUSTRY and BUSINESSSM Mall of Asia is the 2nd largest mall in thePhilippines after SM City North EDSA, 3rd largestshopping mall in Asia and the 4th largest shoppingmall in the world.
  22. 22. Movenpick Resort and Spa, which will be managedby the Swiss-based Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts.
  23. 23. South China Mall, ChinaThis shopping mall is one of the world’s largestshopping malls, it also has included the wind mills andtheme parks, it opened in 2005 and its area is 7.1million sq ft.
  24. 24. AGRICULTURE Del Monte Philippines Inc. (DMPI) Pineapple PlantationConsidered as the biggest pineapple plantation in the FarEast, the vast tracks of pineapple-laden lands of DMPI are amajor attraction of the Municipality of Manolo Fortich.
  25. 25. India led the world in bananaproduction, representing approximately 28% ofthe worldwide crop, mostly for domesticconsumption.
  26. 26. EDUCATIONTHE UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS IS THEOLDEST EXISTING UNIVERSITY in Asia. Interms of student population, it is the largestCatholic university in the world in a singlecampus.
  27. 27. Harvard is the oldest institution of higherlearning in the United States and thefirst corporation chartered in the country.Harvards history, influence, and wealthhave made it one of the most prestigiousuniversities in the world.