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Life at Bocconi
A guide for prospective

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Life@bocconi 2011

  1. 1. Università Commerciale Luigi BocconiLife at BocconiA guide for prospectivestudents2011-2012Bocconi. Empowering talent.
  2. 2. contents Life at Bocconi 3 Making the choice 7 Guidance initiatives and services 7 The Bocconi campus 10 Learning and studying 11 IT services for students 11 The Library 12 Good study habits for better results 13 The University publishing house and bookstore 13 Other on-campus services 14 An international environment 15 International Student Desk 15 Language studies 17 Studying and working abroad 17 Living on campus 21 Campus Life 21 Cultural activities 21 Sports and wellness 23 Student associations and activities 24 Living in the city 24 Heading to work 25 Preparing for work: guidance activities 25 Starting your career 26 1
  3. 3. After graduation 28 The alumni network 28 Study paths 30 Chart of study paths 32 Educational offer 33 Undergraduate School 33 Graduate School 33 School of Law 34 PhD School 34 SDA Bocconi School of Management 35 Other programs 35 Investing in your future 37 University tuition and fees 37 Financial assistance and scholarships 39 Student loans 42 Housing 43 Getting to Bocconi 442
  4. 4. Bocconi life at This guide is dedicated to students interested in attending a Bocconi Bachelor or Master of Science program. It outlines the University, its services and facilities, and the financial assistance and study paths offered to students, thus providing all the information necessary for making future academic choices and getting to know the University. >>> STUDYING AT BOCCONI Today, studying at Bocconi means going through an overall challenging experience in which you will grow not only academically, but also personally. It means choosing among a wide range of avant-garde study programs, many of which are taught entirely in English. It means interacting with students from all over the world, in a multicultural setting with an exchange of ideas and knowledge that is unmatched in the rest of Italy. It means being part of an institution renowned for its academic research, which also offers a contribution to the socio- economic development of the country, allowing the quality of study programs to improve and stay up-to- date. It means being in contact with the professional world right from the start of university and getting assistance when entering the job market through various initiatives. It means taking advantage of the many educational and cultural opportunities available, from international exchange programs to arts and sports activities. 3
  5. 5. >>> INTERNATIONAL FACULTY AND INTERACTIVE TEACHING A highly qualified and increasingly international Faculty allows Bocconi students to learn through the latest innovative teaching methods and to receive training comparable to the highest European standards, in line with professional changes and the needs of an increasingly global job market. Teaching is characterized by substantial interaction: classroom lessons are enriched by numerous opportunities for group work and direct confrontation with company settings. Everyday use of the web allows for online interaction with professors for exercises and simulations. >>> QUALITY, MERIT AND RESPONSIBILITY An outstanding university sets itself apart with the quality of its students, from the time they are admitted until the moment they complete their studies. This is why during admission to Bocconi after secondary school or when continuing their post- secondary studies, students are faced with a selective system that evaluates both their past study curriculum and their personal skills and aptitudes. The selection process aims to bring out each student’s highest potential: and the values of commitment, motivation and results are also rewarded throughout university. Shared principles such as taking responsibility for behavior and actions that unite the entire Bocconi community are also highly recompensed. This is an issue to which the University has dedicated considerable attention. In fact, through the publication of the Student and Faculty Code of Conduct (the Honor Code), which transparently establishes rules of conduct and procedures, Bocconi aims to convey and reinforce the values of honesty and propriety which are essential in study, research and professional activities. Lastly, in order to guarantee that the best and most deserving students have the opportunity to pursue their studies at Bocconi, the University has undertaken a policy for academic support.4
  6. 6. The policy offers various kinds of assistance basedon merit or the financial status of the student’sfamily, including tuition and fee exemptions,scholarships, merit awards, student loans and on-campus housing opportunities.>>>AN URBAN CAMPUSOver the years, Bocconi has invested substantially–and continues to invest – in the development of itsfacilities with the aim of offering students,professors and researchers study and workconditions comparable to leading universities allover the world. The Bocconi campus is now a reality:surrounding the original headquarters onVia Sarfatti, new buildings have progressivelysprung up to house classrooms, offices and services,all of which ensure the efficiency of universityactivities.To visit Bocconi without leaving home, you canaccess the virtual campus ( from the home page of the University.It gives you a guided tour of the University and itsfacilities through text, images and video. 5
  7. 7. >>>the choice making GUIDANCE INITIATIVES AND SERVICES Choosing a university and a Bachelor or a Master of Science program is a very important process. Bocconi helps prospective students make their choices through projects and initiatives organized by the Guidance and Recruitment Office. Throughout the year, secondary school and university students, as well as graduates with both Italian and non- Italian undergraduate degrees, can benefit from our orientation services and activities to make the most well-founded and informed choices. With more than 11% of students now coming from outside Italy, Bocconi continues to build its reputation abroad and expand its search for top international applicants. To support them in their choice, the International Services branch of the Guidance and Recruitment Office has put in place a series of activities aimed at supporting international students and providing information on application and admission to Bocconi. 7
  8. 8. • GO-Open Days: organized every year (in fall, spring and summer), offering prospective undergraduate students, secondary school teachers and parents open access to Bocconi. They can visit information stands, attend presentations and have individual orientation interviews. The GO-Open Days include introductory presentations on degree programs and information on professional opportunities; • Guided tours of the University: counseling activities and guided tours for individuals or groups can be organized upon request; • Bocconi experiences for high school students: aimed at providing prospective undergraduate students with information about specific subject matters in economics and legal studies, and related professions. They also give prospective students the chance to experience university life. Projects include Model United Nations, “Discover Your Talent” Summer Week, as well as other educational events carried out in collaboration with schools and institutions in Italy and abroad; • Bocconi presentations in Italy and Europe: senior Bocconi student ambassadors give presentations at schools and at a variety of organizations describing the University’s programs and services as well as their own personal experiences. The Guidance and Recruitment Office also maintains close relations with teachers and guidance counselors at schools and universities worldwide to support them in advising their students on the opportunities offered by Bocconi; • Student fairs in Italy and abroad: during student fairs and exhibitions around the world, students and Bocconi representatives are available at the University’s stand to answer questions and provide information. Please check the website for dates and events of this kind in your area; • Guidance material: a series of brochures containing all relevant information on the University are available and can be downloaded from our website; • Online initiatives: Facebook groups for Bocconi Undergraduate and Graduate applicants have been8
  9. 9. created to help students get in touch with the Guidance and Recruitment Office and get involved in Bocconi campus life. Live video presentations and online chat sessions are available upon request;• Email service: should you require further information, you can contact us at the addresses below and we will be happy to help you.Visit or contact us at:Student Affairs DivisionGuidance and Recruitment Office - InternationalServicespiazza Sraffa 11, 20136 Milanotel. +39 02 5836.5930fax +39 02 5836.5822Call Center +39 02 students interested in Bachelor students interested in Master of Science students interested in single 9
  10. 10. the Bocconi campus Università Bocconi is a truly urban campus, integrated into the city fabric and well linked to the city center by public transportation (it’s just a 5- minute trip). Over the years, the campus has developed around its original headquarters, adjusting available study, teaching and work spaces for a constantly increasing number of students and faculty. University buildings, which are all the product of renowned architects, are also artistically relevant. The most recent building was inaugurated in 2008 and houses faculty offices and a large 1000-seat Aula Magna. It is adorned by several works of contemporary art and periodically hosts events, concerts and shows open to the public. At the same time Bocconi continues to invest in creating student dormitories, aiming to offer an increasing number of housing to those students arriving from all over Italy and abroad. The campus has therefore become not only a reference point around which all activities connected to study and teaching rotate, but also the main place for getting together during student social, sports and cultural life. Students can easily and quickly access the various facilities that support study and everyday life located in the various buildings.10
  11. 11. >>>LEARNING AND STUDYINGThe University provides students with over 80classrooms for teaching in the buildings on PiazzaSraffa and Via Sarfatti. In addition, 850 work stationsare available for individual study. Classrooms that arenot being used for teaching are added to these, whichstudents who wish to stay on campus to study canaccess. The list is available online and on the noticeboards on the ground floor of Via Sarfatti.>>>IT SERVICES FOR STUDENTS• Internet access through Wireless technology (Wi-Fi): when on campus, students can connect to the University’s Wi-Fi network with any Wi-Fi compatible PC;• Internet access via laptop: about 600 access points available at the Via Sarfatti 25 and Piazza Sraffa 13 buildings and inside the Residenza Bocconi allow students to go online with their own standard- configuration laptops;• IT classrooms: 2 IT labs with a total of 129 PCs connected to the University network are available to students, along with 4 IT classrooms reserved for courses, making a total of 337 PCs.Bocconi’s web systemFor many years now the University website( has been a reference point foreveryone working and studying at Bocconi.The website is updated on a daily basis and givesinformation on all University events. It also providesforums for opinion-sharing, information andopportunities to access a range of multimediaresources and services, which include:• yoU@B student agenda: a personal student diary that gives information about lesson timetables, classrooms, examination timetables and exam results. The Student Administration Center uses the service to send reminders of various administrative deadlines. In addition, specific procedures and functions can be enabled such as registration for courses, the ECDL and integrative activities;• Email: all students are automatically assigned a free email account upon registration which they can also consult on the internet through webmail; 11
  12. 12. • Punto Blu Virtuale: enables a series of student administrative procedures to be carried out online such as registration for the academic year, registration for exams, viewing the study path, etc. This cuts down on waiting in line at campus offices and is available even when offices are closed. The Punto Blu self-service terminals placed in various locations on campus carry out similar functions; • Bocconi on your mobile phone: allows students to receive information about university life (e.g. dates, exam rooms, lecture times, etc.) on their mobile, and to access yoU@B and Punto Blu Virtuale services directly. Studying with technology Bocconi also provides several services to enable students to make the most of IT opportunities: • eLearning: portal to access online material and activities for eLearning courses and to support traditionally-taught courses, affecting 85% of the courses in Bachelor and Master of Science programs; • IT certification courses: the University’s central organizing body for IT teaching is SEDIN, the IT Education Services Center, which provides IT curricular and extracurricular courses. All Bocconi students must pass the 7 modules of the ECDL Core, the first level of the European Computer Driving Licence, for which Bocconi is a Test Center. Anyone who would like to expand their IT knowledge can continue with the course for the Advanced level of the ECDL. >>> THE LIBRARY With its more than 750,000 volumes and 21,000 periodicals in electronic and hard copy format, the Bocconi library is the most important library in Italy in the fields of economics and finance. The Library offers around 650 work stations, a remote digital reservation service for borrowing books, many specialist collections and connections to 60 databanks. Students can use study and research services with an electronic catalog that can be accessed on the internet or at computers on campus. The Library also organizes special seminars on bibliographic research to aid students in writing theses and reports. The Library is also part of the European12
  13. 13. Documentation Center network, which collects allofficial European Union documents, and is adepository of Asian Development Bank publications.For more information:>>>GOOD STUDY HABITSFOR BETTER RESULTSIn order to acquire effective study habits and bettermanage their time, Bocconi students have access toCESDIA, the Center for Teaching and Learning.This service offers a range of activities to providesupport in developing those skills necessary for agood integration into the setting of university life.Students have many activities to choose from,including individual counseling (also offered inEnglish) and a catalog of classes for small groups ofstudents (some of which are offered in English).Through individual counseling, students learn toidentify and solve difficult or uncomfortablesituations (e.g. anxiety, stress) as well as developpersonal skills (e.g. assertiveness, time management,study/work methods). In addition, CESDIA aims todevelop teaching quality with specific initiatives forfaculty.For more>>>THE UNIVERSITY PUBLISHINGHOUSE AND BOOKSTOREFounded in 1988 to circulate the economics andmanagement knowledge produced by universities,over time Egea has widened its range, providingimportant cultural and training tools for theprofessional and corporate worlds. Today there areover 700 publications. Egea is positioned among thelarge independent bookstores specialized inuniversity and professional markets, with itsmultifunctional space of 700 square meters locatedat Via Bocconi 8. With its UBE (Università BocconiEditore) brand, the publishing house offers the bestof educational publishing with texts that are well-known both nationally and internationally. 13
  14. 14. The bookstore also organizes and hosts events to discuss current topics with authors, intellectuals and journalists. For more information: >>> OTHER ON-CAMPUS SERVICES Students can enjoy meals on campus in two different areas: a self-service canteen and a cafeteria inside Residenza Bocconi (Via Bocconi 12); a restaurant and a self-service cafeteria inside the main Università Bocconi builidng (Via Sarfatti 25 - basement). Moreover, additional on-campus services offered to students include: • nurse/first-aid assistance from 11:00am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday at Residenza Bocconi; • support for students with disabilities; • part-time on-campus jobs.14
  15. 15. an international environment Students at Bocconi become part of a truly international and multicultural community, made up of students and faculty from all over the world. Bocconi currently offers 24 programs held entirely in English amongst Bachelor, Master of Science, PhD, Specialized Master and MBA programs. They provide students with a preparation suitable for the increasingly global job market. More than 11% of students enrolled at Bocconi are international students, most of whom are from European countries (over 80% of international students enrolled in Bachelor programs are from Europe), but an increasing number of students are also from Asia (14%) and North and South America (4%). In addition, there are even more international students on campus when including those students who are here on an exchange from one of Bocconi’s 200 university partners from all over the world. Similarly, Bocconi students have access to around 2800 international opportunities each year with Exchange Programs, Campus Abroad, Double Degree, and internships abroad: unique opportunities not only to get experience in a foreign country or studying one or more foreign languages, but mostly to live through a complete educational experience and give your résumé a truly international flair. >>> INTERNATIONAL STUDENT DESK Arrival in a foreign country and getting used to a new environment can be very challenging. The International Student Desk (ISD) is a service offered to all incoming exchange students and 15
  16. 16. international students enrolled in Bocconi degree programs. The ISD prepares a series of tailored services and activities to help you adapt to your new Italian environment and to help guide you through your stay at Bocconi. The ISD aims to be the Bocconi contact for all international students throughout their experience and especially during the very first period of acclimatization. Services and activities • Buddy Service: senior Bocconi students will help international students get to know and familiarize themselves with Università Bocconi and the city of Milan; • University Tour: a guided walking tour of the University and its campus. This provides students with valuable insight into campus life, the University’s buildings and its facilities; • Bocconi Welcome Kit: a useful set of information about Bocconi and Milan; • Day Trips: City tours, one-day trips and visits to cultural places in and around Milan are organized each semester; • Italian Language Crash Course: a 60-hour Italian language course ranging from beginner to advanced levels, open to incoming exchange students. Courses are aimed at enabling students to interact effectively in Italian in order to confidently tackle the most important daily situations; • What’s On in Milan: an update on the upcoming events in Milan and at Bocconi; • Welcome Desk: a booth open during the first two weeks of September to help international students find their way around campus (find offices, classrooms, etc.); • Housing: to make things easier for students/guests staying in Milan for short periods, the International Student Desk offers limited short term and long term housing solutions in Bocconi dorms; • Permit of Stay Information and Assistance: sessions dedicated to NON-European Union citizens to assist them with filling out the permit of stay application. For more information:
  17. 17. >>>LANGUAGE STUDIESAn international angle to their CV and mastery offoreign languages are two reasons Bocconi graduatesare so highly prized in the job market. English is thefirst language required for all Bocconi degreeprograms. For programs in economics andmanagement, a second foreign language is requiredafter English. Students may choose from Italian,French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.Those who study at Bocconi regard languages as ameans of communication and an opportunity tolearn about other cultures and peoples.The Language Center, which was founded in 1991,was the first of its kind in Italy at an economics andbusiness university. The Center runs curricularlanguage courses (i.e. Italian, English, French,Spanish and German). It also offers language andculture courses as part of its integrative activities(e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and U.S.language and culture). Other teaching, research andsupport services as well as initiatives for foreignlanguage learning at the Center are updatedconstantly, using the latest educational technology.The Language Center currently has 1 multimediainteractive teaching classroom with 40 seats, 2language laboratories for self-learning with a total of106 study stations and a multimedia library for alllanguages.For more>>>STUDYING AND WORKINGABROADAn increasingly international outlook is one of thecornerstones upon which Bocconi places itseducational and research activities. Over the years,the University has constructed a large system ofrelations and exchanges with highly prestigiousacademic and cultural institutions all over the world.Bocconi is in fact a member of 3 important networks,CEMS – The Global Alliance in ManagementEducation, PIM - Partnership in InternationalManagement and THEMIS, which is made up of 4 ofthe best universities in the field of law. In addition,the University has developed partnerships witharound 200 international universities in 50 countries 17
  18. 18. around the world, collaborating with them in research and joint academic projects. Spending a period of time studying and researching abroad is a unique opportunity to expand knowledge horizons as well as methods and tools for study and analysis. Not only that, but it is also an unmatched experience for personal enrichment. Globally, Bocconi offers students around 2800 study and work abroad opportunities each year, of varying kinds and lengths. Short Study Abroad Programs Campus Abroad Students can attend a one-month Campus Abroad program, organized by the University in collaboration with local partner schools. Programs are generally held during breaks in the academic calendar (January- February and July-August). The objective of the program is to expose students to an international context through an elective Bocconi course taught in English and a series of country-specific activities (seminars, visits to local companies and institutions). Scholarships are available for this program. Free-Mover Summer Programs (for Bachelor students only) These are 3- to 5-week summer programs organized by international partner schools where students can take curricular courses in various fields (e.g. Economics, Management and Law) which are then recognized by Bocconi as courses taken abroad. Long Study Abroad Programs Exchange Programs Programs consist of a semester abroad at one of several leading international universities. Exchanges are reciprocal and are made based on bilateral agreements between Bocconi and other universities in the program. Courses taken abroad are recognized by Bocconi (grades from each individual exam are converted). Scholarships are available for this program. Free-Mover Semester Program This program is aimed at students interested in studying abroad for one semester at universities without bilateral agreements with Bocconi (fee paying students). Double Degree and Joint Degree Programs (for students enrolled in select Master of Science programs only) Allows students to obtain a Bocconi Master of Science18
  19. 19. degree and, at the same time, another title which isequivalent to a Master of Science issued by one of ourpartner universities: HEC, Paris; ESADE, Barcelona;Rotterdam School of Management, Rotterdam;Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen; Sciences-Po, Paris; Université de Genève, Geneva; UCL,Louvain (Joint Degree – only one degree granted);MGIMO, Moscow; Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad; University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen;SUNY, Albany; Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo; ,Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm; Queen’sSchool of Business, Kingston; Universidade CatólicaPortuguesa – Faculdade de Ciências Económicas eEmpresariais, Lisbon. Double Degree programsinvolve spending the entire second year of thegraduate program at the partner university, for anoverall program duration of 2 to 2 and a half years.CEMS Program(for students enrolled in the Management and InternationalManagement Master of Science programs only)The program allows students to obtain the CEMSMIM (Master in International Management),created in collaboration with other top Europeanand international universities and over 50multinational companies leading in their industries.The aim of the program is to train Europeanmanagers who understand and adapt to variouscultures and business methods and who are fluentin more than one language. The program takesplace during the second year of the Master ofScience, and involves participating in a semesterexchange program, completing an internshipabroad and carrying out other educationalactivities (e.g. skills seminars, one-week specialistseminars in Italy or abroad and in-companybusiness projects).THEMIS Program(for Law program students only)This program offers students the opportunity toobtain not only a degree from Bocconi, but also aninternational certificate which is awarded jointly byEuropean partner schools. The THEMIS programinvolves studying abroad for one semester as anexchange student, participating in a semester at oneof the partner schools and completing an internshipabroad or at an international firm.For more 19
  20. 20. Working Abroad Students enrolled in Bachelor, Master of Science, the Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law and Specialized Master programs have the opportunity to do an internship abroad in an important company or an international institution. For more information: and pages 25-27 of this publication.20
  21. 21. >>> livingon campus CAMPUS LIFE The Bocconi campus offers students many opportunities to experience a lively, dynamic and interesting time at university. Students can actively participate in creative, cultural and sporting activities, an important compliment to academic training. It is because of this conviction that the University organizes so many different activities that allow students to learn more about and practice their interests. Student involvement is promoted by supporting initiatives students themselves organize. Campus Life is an area that contains all non-academic activities related to living on campus ( In addition, at Campus Life (located on the ground floor of the Piazza Sraffa 13 building), students can meet University staff, association representatives and other students to receive information about all on-campus activities, agreements with cultural institutions in Milan, sporting events, recreational events and activities about current events scheduled at Bocconi or to get information on how to activate new projects. For more information: CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Among the various opportunities for cultural enrichment offered at the University is the “Sapere a tutto campo – Round Out Your Knowledge” program. The program is made up of interdisciplinary courses held by experts and faculty members from other 21
  22. 22. universities that focus on current events and topics not strictly related to economics and legal issues, such as philosophy, psychology and neuroscience, art history, music, literature and cultural anthropology. Other cultural opportunities are organized by the Language Center, which offers a Foreign Language Film Festival, as well as ISU Bocconi, which organizes free painting exhibitions and concerts throughout the year. The Bocconi Art, Culture, Theater and Music Association (ACTMB) organizes cultural events and extra-curricular activities focusing on art, music and theater. The association is led by volunteers who have involved more than 1500 students over the years. Initiatives are developed on four fronts: theater, with two shows and one musical every year; film, with a review of films with guest speakers, including the director or one of the actors; photography, with two courses in collaboration with the International Center of Photography; and music, with various musical groups and ensembles. Lastly, International Week – the week traditionally dedicated to presenting the more than 2800 international opportunities available to students each year – is organized annually to promote multiculturalism and international sensitivity. The week is held in conjunction with the Ulisse Images photography contest, which awards the students who best express meaningful memories of the time they spent abroad during one of the University’s international programs through images. For more information:
  23. 23. >>>SPORTS AND WELLNESSSports are available to complement and support theeconomic and business education that sets theUniversity apart.Activities are coordinated by the Bocconi SportTeam Association. Track and field, women’s 7-and 11-a-side soccer, men’s 5- and 11-a-side soccer,cycling, golf, judo, lacrosse, swimming and waterpolo, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s andwomen’s volleyball, rugby, skiing, tennis, skeetshooting and sailing are the sports played bothat a recreational level as well as in national andinternational university tournaments.The men’s basketball, men’s 5-a-side soccer, women’s11-a-side soccer, women’s volleyball and water poloteams also participate in championships organizedby their respective national federations.The Bocconi Sport Team is a founding member ofUniversity Basketball League (LUB), affiliated withthe Italian Basketball Federation, which has theobjective of promoting basketball at Italianuniversities and Military Academies by organizinga national university championship.An equipped gym and a 5-a-side soccer field areavailable to students and faculty in the ResidenzaBocconi building. During the year the Universityorganizes Bocconi Sport Days, with events entirelydedicated to sports throughout the day that takeplace on campus and that are open to students fromBocconi, other universities and secondary schools.Attention to developing a balanced relationshipbetween mind and body is not neglected, as it isimportant in encouraging better concentrationduring studies and work. The University thus offerscourses in yoga and shiatsu as well as activitiesand meetings focusing on wellness, health andprevention.For more 23
  24. 24. >>> STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS AND ACTIVITIES Students are the protagonists of university life: on one hand they have an active role within the collegial bodies of University governance through their representatives, and on the other hand they are encouraged to propose and organize activities and meetings both individually and through their associations. This is why Bocconi provides funding for students to carry out the best cultural projects (shows, exhibits, conferences, etc.) open to the public. Student Media Center There are three means of communication at the University that students manage directly: radio, newspaper and online video. These are three tools for students to express their ideas and creativity, cultivate their passions, while at the same time facilitating debate and discussion about university issues and current events. For more information: > Living on Campus > Student Activities >>> LIVING IN THE CITY Università Bocconi has always been strongly connected to Milan, a city full of history, architecture and art, but one that is also cosmopolitan and dynamic, with theaters, events, exhibits and musical shows. To allow students to participate in Milan’s intense cultural life at discounted prices, the University offers several agreements with various cultural and artistic organizations in the city. For more information: > Living on Campus > The City24
  25. 25. Università Bocconi provides various initiatives andheadingto work activities to help students get to know various sectors and professions and the job market in general. In addition, they help students develop those transversal skills most requested by companies, plan their chosen career and look for jobs and internships. It also offers effective tools for finding placement opportunities. >>> PREPARING FOR WORK: GUIDANCE ACTIVITIES POL – Personal Orientation Lab: recognizing your aptitudes This program is made up of group sessions and an individual interview, run by a specialized team of Bocconi counselors, company professionals and consultants. Its objective is to help participants explore their abilities and to evaluate their strong points when looking for and choosing a job, as well as acquire greater insight into how their personal skills and experiences match possible future career roles. “Get the Job” series On-campus presentations that allow students to improve their knowledge of useful tools for effective self-presentation in the job market. Training Seminars These are seminar activities in which companies contribute to developing the various skills necessary in successfully entering the working world. “Which Profession?” series The program will feature discussions with 25
  26. 26. professionals working in various areas of the job market, so that through first-hand accounts, participants can better understand what goes into each profession. In-Company Training An on-the-job training opportunity to get directly acquainted with functional areas and career paths. Placement Library The Placement Library is the Career Serivce’s library dedicated to the job market. Here students can look for internships and job vacancies. A customized consulting service is also available at the Library for students as well as international reference material to find out about and contact companies, learn about various professions, actively find work and successfully apply for positions. Sample CVs and cover letters are also available to students. >>> STARTING YOUR CAREER Internships Internships are key experiences for a focused academic curriculum, completing and expanding upon the knowledge gained during university studies. They can be performed at companies, professional firms, institutions, organizations and associations, in Italy or abroad. Università Bocconi makes offers available, monitors the standards of training projects, assists interns and employers and takes care of all the paperwork needed for formalizing internships and assigning any academic credits. Over 3500 internships were started in 2009. JobGate An online service used for consulting internship and job offers in Italy and abroad that is updated daily. In 2009, more than 6900 offers for internships and placements were published. In the areas of specific “Internship Programs”, opportunities are available on JobGate for internships at institutions in the world of arts and culture, international bodies, chambers of commerce, non-governmental organizations and diplomatic missions. CV Book After each graduation session, the educational and professional CV of each graduate, including26
  27. 27. personal information, is published online and madeavailable to companies.Company and institution presentationsThese are opportunities to learn about placementprograms as well as have direct and informal contactwith a range of professional situations.Bocconi&JobsThis is the University’s career event dedicated torecruiting. Held twice a year, in the fall and spring,it is an opportunity to meet with both Italian andinternational employers from all sectors.Companies introduce placement opportunities tostudents and graduates, both one-on-one and in aclassroom setting, and provide them withopportunities for job interviews. 153 employers andover 8400 Bocconi students, graduates andSpecialized Master holders participated in the twoeditions in 2009.For more 27
  28. 28. >>>graduation after THE ALUMNI NETWORK You become an ex-student but never an ex- Bocconian. Thanks to the activities of the Alumni Bocconi office, links to the University continue and get stronger over time, offering all former students of the five Bocconi Schools (alumni from degree programs, Specialized Master programs, PhDs, MBAs, and SDA Bocconi Master and Executive programs) the opportunity to keep their network alive and active, for a fruitful exchange of experiences and collaboration over the years. That is to say, the degree is only the beginning. Alumni collaborate through the years, advancing the University’s image and values with their prestige, while Alumni Bocconi provides the tools to keep in contact, stay up-to-date and get support on the job market. Its main services include the Alumni Yearbook, with the opportunity to look for classmates, update personal profiles and request a personal email address with the domain; Professional Placement, a collection of curricula, job offers and candidate selections for companies targeted at alumni with professional experience; meetings and events in Milan, in Italy and abroad with high profile guest speakers and industry experts; alumni groups on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; access to Bocconi services (the Library, the Egea Bookstore, SDA Bocconi Executive Programs, etc.); and discounts on industry journals and periodicals. Alumni Bocconi facilitates and promotes contact and exchange of information among alumni working in various sectors through topic-specific communities based on profession, culture and sports. It also provides an international network of local chapters28
  29. 29. that organize both networking events (meetingsbetween alumni, welcoming new members, etc.) and,in cooperation with local business communities,events related to economics and social sciences.There are currently 73 local Alumni networkchapters, 24 of which are in Italy, 27 in otherEuropean countries, 9 in North America, 4 in SouthAmerica and 9 in Asia.For more 29
  30. 30. study paths Students who wish to pursue their academic career at Bocconi can choose from a variety of different programs. Bocconi is divided into five Schools, each offering various programs: • the Undergraduate School, which includes three- year Bachelor programs; • the Graduate School, which includes Master of Science programs, first and second level Specialized Master programs and one Specialization program; • the School of Law, which includes the Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law (five years) and the other programs offered in the field of law; • the PhD School, which includes various research doctorate programs; • the SDA Bocconi School of Management, with Specialized Master, MBA and Professional Specialist programs. At Bocconi, the three-year Bachelor programs in economics and management allow students to acquire a fine mastery of basic methods and scientific concepts aimed at the larger professional fields. One of these, the Bachelor of International Economics, Management and Finance, is strongly oriented towards international preparation and is held entirely in English. The structure of the Bachelor programs facilitates students whether they continue their studies with a Master of Science or Specialized Master program or start their career. The work done in a Bachelor program can be further explored through the in-depth study of a Master of Science program. This is a two-year program with a focus on specific disciplines that produce highly- qualified professionals ready to face the working world. This study path is obligatory for those who wish to work in regulated professions like accountancy. Seven of the Master of Science programs offered for the 2011- 2012 academic year30
  31. 31. are specifically aimed at the international market andare held in English. After completing a three-yearBachelor program, students can also choose to take aone-year first-level Specialized Master program whichis aimed primarily for graduates with degrees outsidethe field of economics. First-level Specialized Masterprograms give students specific professional training.Bocconi also offers a Combined Bachelor and Masterof Science program in Law (in Italian), whichprovides complete training in the field of law forthose wishing to undertake traditional legal practice.The program offers a solid economics-managementand statistics-quantitative background which iscrucial for working effectively in today’s field of law.Those who wish to follow an academic path in thefield of research may embark upon a PhD aftercompleting a Master of Science or a CombinedBachelor and Master of Science degree. Or they mayattend a second-level Specialized Master program ora Professional Specialist program which focus onpreparing students for specific professions (e.g.magistrate, notary, etc.). Because education atBocconi is seen as permanent and ongoing, there aremany post-experience programs for graduates who,after some years of work experience, need tobroaden or update their knowledge and skills.They can choose from Master programs, MBAs andExecutive programs run by the SDA Bocconi Schoolof Management. 31
  32. 32. >>> CHART OF STUDY PATHS Undergraduate Graduate Postgraduate Education Education Education Master of Science Bachelor Program Programs PhDs (3 years) (2 years) (3-4 years) 1st level 2nd level Specialized Specialized Masters Masters Pre-experience (1 year) (1 year) Education Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law Law School (5 years) Labor Market Post-experience Education MBA, Executive Master, SDA Bocconi Specialized Specialization Courses SDA Bocconi Master Executive programs Master programs programs32
  33. 33. >>> offereducational UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL Bachelor Programs • Bachelor of International Economics, Management and Finance - in English • Business Administration and Management • Economics and Finance • Economics and Social Sciences • Economics and Management in Arts, Culture and Communication >>> GRADUATE SCHOOL Master of Science (2-year programs) • International Management - in English • Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment - in English • Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology - in English • Marketing Management - in English or Italian • Accounting, Control and Financial Management in English or Italian • Finance - in English or Italian • Economic and Social Sciences - in English or Italian • Management • Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Institutions • Law and Business Administration Specialized Master (1-year programs)* • MAFINRISK Quantitative Finance and Risk Management (I level) - in English • MaPrIM Project & Information Management (I level) 33
  34. 34. • MasterOP Organization and Human Resources Management (I level) 12 • MEMAE Environmental and Energy Economics and Management (I level) • MEMIT Management of Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure (I level) • MET Economics of Tourism (I level) • MAAC Accounting, Auditing & Control (I level) • MiMeC Marketing and Communication (I level) • MDT Corporate Tax Law (II level) Specialization Programs • COPERFI International and EU Taxation >>> SCHOOL OF LAW Combined Bachelor and Master of Science • Law >>> PHD SCHOOL PhDs • Business Administration and Management in English • Economics and Finance - in English • International Law and Economics - in English • Statistics - in English • Law of Business and Commerce34
  35. 35. >>> SDA BOCCONI SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT* MBA and EMBA programs • MBA Full-time - in English • GEMBA Global Executive MBA - in English • EMBA Executive MBA • EMBAS Executive MBA- evening course Executive Master programs • EMSHRM Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management - in English • EMMS Executive Master in Marketing & Sales in English • EMAFC Executive Master in Business Management and Control • EMCFB Executive Master in Corporate Finance & Banking • EMMAS Executive Master in Management for Health Authorities • EMMAP Executive Master in Public Administration Management SDA Master programs • MCF Master in Corporate Finance - in English • MAFED Master in Fashion Experience & Design Management - in English • MFF&B Master in Food & Beverage Management - in English • MIHMEP Master of International Health Care Management Economics and Policy - in English • MPM Master of Public Management - in English • MRE Master in Real Estate • MASP Master in Management of Entertainment Industry • MiMS Master in Healthcare Management (Specialized Master program) • NP&COOP Master in Management of Co- operative and Non Profit Organizations • MISA Master in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management Executive education* In the 2011-2012 academic year the >>> OTHER PROGRAMS Professional Specialist Programseducational offer may be subject to change. • Law School 35
  36. 36. in your future investing Università Bocconi is a place for higher education and research, boasting a network of connections with outstanding companies and institutions. Recognized at an international level, the University is committed to educating responsible and capable students ready to successfully work in the most complex professional fields. To do this, the University offers up-to-date programs, a quality faculty body, a large, modern campus and numerous occasions for students to enrich their university experience. Cutting-edge teaching and services are offered to students with the same caliber and quality: Bocconi welcomes motivated and bright students, regardless of their families’ financial situation. For years it has undertaken an investment policy to support deserving students, through an expanding financial aid system based on both merit and need. Varying rates of tuition and fees, scholarships, exemptions and partial waivers, Merit Awards, grants for international mobility, graduation awards and funding all offer the peace of mind regarding the financial resources necessary to complete their studies to a large number of Bocconi students. >>> UNIVERSITY TUITION AND FEES In order to ensure a fair system for tuition and fees, Università Bocconi uses 4 income brackets adjusted to student families’ financial and asset conditions for Bachelor programs in Economics and the Combined Bachelor and Master of Science program in Law. After financial evaluation, there are a total of 4 income brackets, starting with the highest whose 37
  37. 37. yearly fee is around € 10,000. There are 3 other brackets with the lowest yearly tuition at around € 4,500. The table lists the tuition and fees for the current academic year. Income brackets and fees for the 2011-2012 a.y. will be published on the website. To identify their income bracket using the evaluation method established by Università Bocconi, applicants should refer to the parameters, regulations and documentation indicated on the Tuition and Fees Office website. Please also note that it is important to be sure that documentation is complete and that the deadlines indicated on the site are met. In addition to the 4 income brackets, tuition and fees are also supported by fee reductions both with payment exemptions through discounting installments and evaluating special family aspects such as siblings or spouses enrolled at Università Bocconi at the same time, families with more than three children financially dependant upon their parents and other cases specifically indicated on the website. In line with international standards, there is a tuition and fees system with only one bracket of approximately € 10,900 per year for Master of Science programs. Students are assisted by a detailed system of financial aid based on both merit and need, in addition to reducing overall tuition and fees according to families’ financial situations. For more information: Tuition and Fees Office Income bracket 4th 3rd 2nd 1st bracket bracket bracket bracket By income-assets in euros/000 Over 106 63-106 47-63 0-47 Overall amounts for the first year, in euros 10,033.24 8,173.24 6,313.24 4,463.2438
  38. 38. >>>FINANCIAL ASSISTANCEAND SCHOLARSHIPSThe financial aid system provided by UniversitàBocconi includes financial assistance which variesaccording to type of candidate, and which isadjusted to families’ financial-asset conditions andstudents’ academic profiles.The wealth of possibilities offered, listed below,contains some indicative information forunderstanding the criteria used when assigningvarious financial assistance, along with the studentprofiles for each kind of assistance. Details related toeach form of assistance are available on the Bocconiwebsite, along with the complete versions for eachinitiative’s rules and regulations.Financial assistance aimed at international studentsis included in this publication.For information on all financial aid opportunities,including assistance aimed at Italian students, pleasevisit our website.Applications for Bocconi financial assistance must besubmitted at the same time as the admissionapplication for the relevant admissions session and bythe deadline fixed for that session.Bocconi financial aid applications will not beaccepted after application for admission to theUniversity.Any allocation of benefits will be communicated ashortly after admissions results are announced and, inany case, by the enrollment deadlines, so that allstudents can evaluate the actual financial commitmentneeded to attend university before enrollment.For more information:Student 39
  39. 39. Financial Assistance Financial aid assigned Financial aid assigned based on need and merit based on merit International applicants to Bocconi Scholarships Bocconi Undergraduate Bachelor programs in Economics (non-Italian Merit Awards and the Combined Bachelor and citizens only) Master of Science program in Law International applicants to Bocconi Scholarships Bocconi Graduate Merit Master of Science programs (non-Italian Awards citizens only) For all information on financial assistance:
  40. 40. Bocconi Scholarships for international students (non-Italian citizens only)Non-Italian students enrolling for the first time in thefirst year of a Bocconi Bachelor, Combined Bachelorand Master of Science in Law or Master of Scienceprogram are eligible to receive annual scholarships.In addition to complete tuition and fee waivers,scholarships also include a cash stipend. Scholarshipsmay not be renewed after the first year. To participatein the selection process, applicants must have non-Italian citizenship, residence abroad and applicantsneed to have completed a non-Italian secondary schooldiploma earned in Italy or abroad or an undergraduatedegree received abroad; University degrees shouldmeet the requirements for admission to a UniversitàBocconi Master of Science program.The complete rules and regulations are available onlineand applications must be submitted by the samedeadline set for online admissions.For more Merit Awards - Undergraduate and GraduateUniversità Bocconi provides scholarships tooutstanding students in the form Bocconi of MeritAwards, offered in cooperation with partner companiesand institutions. These benefits guarantee thatrecipients receive valuable financial support, ensuringthey can enjoy the benefits of a top-quality academicexperience, regardless of their financial situation.Merit Awards may be renewed for the entire durationof the study program: renewal is subject to maintainingmerit requirements.Recipients may receive a full tuition waiver, along witheither a cash stipend or on-campus housing.The complete version of the rules and regulations isavailable on the website. The scholarship applicationmust be submitted by the same deadline set for onlineadmissions.For more financial assistance and scholarshipsGrants for international programsIn order to encourage student participation ininternational mobility programs organized by theUniversity, ISU Bocconi and Università Bocconi makeassistance available to anyone meeting the meritrequirements explained in the ISU Bocconi Regulations.Assistance is assigned based on the financial status ofthe student’s family. 41
  41. 41. Grants for international internships and off-campus internships at public organizations in Italy Different forms of assistance are available from ISU Bocconi and Università Bocconi for students who participate in unpaid internships held abroad or off- campus internships held at an Italian public organization. Internships must be organized by Università Bocconi and students must meet merit requirements to participate. Assistance is assigned based on the financial status of the student’s family. Scholarships and graduation awards from public and private organizations Each year, public and private organizations establish scholarships and graduation awards through Università Bocconi. Rules and regulations are available on the Bocconi website. For Specialized Master students Scholarships and full and partial tuition and fee waivers are available for Specialized Master programs. Detailed information can be found on each Specialized Master program’s website. Exemptions from payment of tuition and fees for students with disabilities Pursuant to national regulations, students with disabilities who have a level of disability equal to or greater than 66% will receive a complete exemption from university tuition and fee payments, as stated in the information published on the website. >>> STUDENT LOANS For students enrolled in Bachelor, Combined Bachelor and Master of Science and Master of Science programs Università Bocconi has secured agreements with two major lending institutions to offer European students enrolling in a Bocconi degree program a way to finance their education with a low interest loan. They have the option of activating an M4U Academy loan with Banca Mediolanum (available starting in the 1st year of a program) or an Intesa Bridge loan with Intesa Sanpaolo (only available starting in the 3rd year of a program). The loan is meant to finance any university or educational expenses (e.g. university tuition and fee payments, rent, studying abroad, Specialized Master programs, etc.). They are easy to activate, similar to42
  42. 42. opening a checking account with a credit line at afixed low interest rate. No collateral is necessary andpayments will not need to be made while enrolled asa student.To request information regarding these studentsloans, students should contact the Student ServicesOffice, or go to the specific websites for the twoprojects (websites in Italian) for M4UAcademy by for Intesa Bridge by IntesaSanpaoloFor all students enrolled in Specialized MasterprogramsUniversità Bocconi has endorsed agreements withlending institutions to offer Italian and internationalstudents enrolled in a Specialized Master at Bocconithe opportunity to finance their education with a lowinterest loan. This occurs through the activation ofapplicable loans with Banca Popolare di Milano (forinternational and Italian students), M4U Academywith Banca Mediolanum (for European Unionstudents), Intesa Sanpaolo (for European Unionstudents) and Banca Sella (for Italian students).>>>HOUSINGUniversità Bocconi provides housing opportunitiesfor students at six University residence halls:Residenza Bocconi, Residenza Kramer, ResidenzaDonna Javotte, Residenza Spadolini, ResidenzaArcobaleno and Residenza Dubini.Of the 1500 total spots available, around 700 are setaside for varying rates based on the right to study(access is governed by ISU Housing Regulations).The remaining housing spots are offered at a full rateand are assigned for the first year in chronologicalorder based on when applications are submitted.For both kinds of rate, applications are acceptedin June.A description of the residence halls and the servicesoffered are available on the website. In addition, alist of other housing facilities available in Milan andan online housing exchange which allows privateusers to search through and post rented housingoptions are available to students.For more 43
  43. 43. to Bocconi getting • From Central Railway Station (Stazione Centrale FS) Take the underground line 3 (yellow line - going to San Donato), get off at Porta Romana and take the no. 9 or 30 tram to Bligny/Bocconi. • From Cadorna Railway Station and Garibaldi Railway Station Take the underground line 2 (green line - going to Abbiategrasso), get off at Porta Genova and take the no. 9 or 29 tram to Bligny/Bocconi. • From Linate Airport Take the no. 73 bus, get off at 5 Giornate and take the no. 9 or 30 tram to Bligny/Bocconi. Or take the Malpensa Shuttle to Central Railway Station, then take the underground line 3 (yellow line - going to San Donato), get off at Porta Romana and take the no. 9 or 30 tram to Bligny/Bocconi. • From Malpensa Airport Take the Malpensa Express to Cadorna Railway Station, then take the underground line 2 (green line - going to Abbiategrasso), get off at Porta Genova and take the no. 9 or 29 tram to Bligny/Bocconi. • By car From the Tangenziale Ovest (Western Bypass) exit A7 Milano-Genova/Viale Liguria going towards central Milan. Turn right at piazza Belfanti, go along viale Liguria and viale Tibaldi, turn left into via Castelbarco and right into via Sarfatti. MALPENSA A8 A4 CO-VA MI-BG F.S. Centrale M3 Parco M2 F.S Sempione ia Viale Premuda .C ez n ad Ve Castello o rn o rs a Co Piazza Via Cadorna Da 73 nte Duomo ci duc LINATE Car Borsa M3 Largo Piazza Augusto 73 5 Giornate 73 Via Corso Porta Vittoria Corso XXII Marzo 15 Rotonda F.S. Besana Porta Vittoria 15 30 Via nero Co le M dara le Corso Italia rs Pa o onte pin Po 29 al Ticinese rta le C ia Corso no Porta Ro Via m Via an 9 Porta Genova a 29 F.S. 9 30 Piazza Piazza tgen Via Vigevano XXIV Maggio Via B. DEste M3 Medaglie DOro 15 Viale Bligny Viale Sabotino Via Rön ine se Co 9 29 30 rta Tic rs Bocconi Po o Ripa Lo monti Piazza di Sraffa Via Ripa Via Sarfatti Parco Ravizza Viale Toscana 24 F.S. Porta Romana 15 Piazza Bibbiena A1 MI-BO A7 MI-GE44
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