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In any given multimedia business or project, there are a number of people employed who have certain roles. These people or roles have to work together to achieve the desired outcome, which will be dependent on time, budget and content.
This slideshow briefly outlines some of the roles that have a part to play in a multimedia project.

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Multimedia roles slides

  1. 1. Multimedia Production Roles
  2. 2. Executive Producer • A business role and maybe finances project. Occasionally has technical or creative role, but mainly hands off.
  3. 3. Producer/Project Manager • Responsible for design, development and implementation of a project. Manages the day-to-day operations, budgets, schedules, team management, hiring specialists, etc.
  4. 4. Creative Director/Multimedia Designer • Responsible for the overall content of a project, creates a structure for the content, determines the design elements and media appropriate for representing the content.
  5. 5. Art Director/Visual Designer/ Graphic Designer • Specialists that design the visual aspects of the project including style, layout of the content, visual organisation and structure.
  6. 6. Artist • Responsible for producing visual content.
  7. 7. Interface Designer • Designs the most appropriate methods for the users to access (or modify) the content of the project.
  8. 8. Game Designer • Designs the logic (rules) for any games required in a project.
  9. 9. Subject Matter Expert/Researcher/Editor • Has specialised knowledge about the content of the production. Will work closely with the creative director. May be provided by the client, or outsourced.
  10. 10. Instructional Designer/Training Specialist • Responsible for providing instructional documents and training for others. May also provide end-user support.
  11. 11. Multimedia Writer/Scriptwriter • May be involved in many tasks from writing proposals to scripting voice- overs, actors’ narrations for video content, screens of text, development of (animated) characters, etc.
  12. 12. Animator - 2D/3D • Produces the animations required for a project. May also be involved in the design of the animation.
  13. 13. Sound Producer • Responsible for the design, production and post-production of the audio content (music, voice-over narration, sound effects) for a project.
  14. 14. Music Composer • For many projects it may be cheaper to hire a music composer than pay royalties for gaining copyright.
  15. 15. Video Producer • Responsible for the design, production and post-production of video content for a project.
  16. 16. Multimedia programmer/ Software engineer • Integrates all the elements of a multimedia project into a seamless whole using an authoring system (e.g. Director) or computer programming language (e.g. C++).
  17. 17. HTML coder/Website Designer or Producer • Integrates all the elements of a multimedia project for distribution via the web. Co-ordinate updates and changes.
  18. 18. Lawyer/Media Acquisition • Deals with the acquisition of multimedia assets including acquiring copyright permission and payment of royalties.
  19. 19. Marketing Director • Responsible for developing a marketing strategy, producing promotional materials, etc.
  20. 20. Notes. • In multimedia, there is a variety of work that companies/teams take on. • This can be in size, scope and content. • The team members for one project may be different to the next one. • Individual people could take on more than one role for projects. • As well as the list of roles shown here, there are other roles that may be added depending on the project.
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