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A brief view on three web 2.0 tools which could be interesting.

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Web 2.0

  1. 1. Innovative web 2.0 applications Leclerc Myriam Melchers Kim Entité 2.a. BScE
  2. 2. Overview of 3 web 2.0 applications <ul><li>netvibes.com
  3. 3. igoogle.com
  4. 4. Retrieved November 12, 2008, from http://www.igoogle.com
  5. 5. pageflakes.com
  6. 6. Retrieved November 11, 2008, from http://www.pageflakes.com </li></ul>„ Leading personal start page to manage your digital life.“ Retrieved October 30, 2008, from http://www.netvives.com
  7. 7. Explanation of important words! <ul><li>Actually, what is web 2.0?
  8. 8. The term &quot;Web 2.0&quot; describes the changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aim to enhance creativity, communications, secure information sharing, collaboration and functionality of the web.
  9. 9. Retrieved November 26, 2008, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0
  10. 10. A Startpage in context of the three applications?
  11. 11. Well, in relation to the three choosen applications, a startpage actually is a site organised into different tabs, with each one containing different modules. The user is free to choose from all the available tabs and modules and can therefore personalize his own page.
  12. 12. Based on the text from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netvibes </li></ul>
  13. 13. Why these 3 applications? <ul><li>One has to know that all 3 applications are about the same.
  14. 14. innovative
  15. 15. easy to use
  16. 16. regrouping all types of interest
  17. 17. regrouping everything in one place
  18. 18. can be personalized
  19. 19. it's for free </li></ul>
  20. 20. As an example: Netvibes <ul><li>explanation on following page </li></ul>
  21. 21. As an example: Netvibes The picture on the former page shows you through my own Netvibes account the overview of the Startpage, on the left there is my Facebook account. In the middle you can see a weather tab for Luxembourg and an information tab from Spiegel online. And finally on the right side there is my hotmail account. It is through this page possible to enter to each of one owns accounts an the best is you can edit your own Startpage as you want it to be.
  22. 22. But there is even more! There is the possibility to add different types of applications. As you can see on the screenshot you can add items called widgets, known from the new Microsoft Vista. Another type of application is the RSS Feed. With this application you can souscribe to news tabs, weather tabs,...
  23. 23. RSS-Feed If you once see a sign as the one on the top of this page, you are about to visit a homepage that supports RSS-Feed. You then have the possibilty to add this Feed and be informed on for example the weather, financial topics, news,... While using tools as Netvibes, igoogle or pageflakes you can add these Feeds an use them on your own. RSS-Feed picture from: http://www.klasmann.eu/userfiles/Logos/RSS-Feed_large.jpg
  24. 24. Thank you for your interest. Hopefully you can get some informations from this presentation and in hope that you can use all these tools and applications for your own interests. Leclerc Myriam Melchers Kim