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  • The first thing you should think about your website is its purpose. You may make a list of your priorities related to your website.This questioning will be reflected, first of all, on your design and homepage. You make sure your organization’s purpose is immediately apparent and clear in your website. One should not take for granted that visitors already know about your organization.
  • Photos of people who are impacted. Photos tells about your organization. Photos makes complex concepts simple.
  • TheHumanDevelopmentReportwebsitefollowsbestpractice of providing a HTML landingpagethatincludes a summaryandhighlights.
  • It is highly important to update visitors on recent activities, media coverage, upcoming events, and important developments related to your organization. It shows that the organization is constantly taking action and it provides a dynamic content to the site.You may either have a news section or a blog in your website which should be robust, updated and relevant all the time. You may also have newsletter on a regular basis and make sure people are subscribe to this newsletter. This is also another way to engage people who have visited your website and who want to be informed about your organization on a regular basis. It gives people a reason to come back to your site and also keep you connected with them.This keeps your site visible and makes it more likely that they will become more involved in the future. In addition, blogs and news centers are often quoted by other blogs and news sites. This increases the exposure of your site and will likely bring you more traffic.And constantly updated content increases your search engine visibility. This makes it easier for people actively looking for information related to your organization to find your site.
  • You may also want to feature success stories on your website related to your work, from people who are impacted or from people who are involved in and have made a change with your work. Audience can relate better to a personal story.
  • Website contains your non-time relevant content. Social media is time relevant and social media are an increasingly significant source of traffic for the websites. You can turn every site visitor to a promoter by adding social sharing tools like ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’ or ‘+1’ buttons. Each site visitor that clicks on these buttons exposes their friends and followers to the organization’s work. Social tools create deeper engagement, giving people good reasons to share content. Hence investment in reaching out to Social Actors pays off as social media visitors are staying longer on your site than the average visitor and looking at more pages than visitors coming from other sites.
  • For instance, flash elements do not work on every device.
  • Effective websites for organizations

    2. 2. Effective websites for effective communicationThe purpose of the websiteUser FriendlyMedia FriendlyNews/Blog functionCreate brand clarityLeverage Social MediaResponsive web designINTRODUCTION
    3. 3. THE PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITEWhat is our site’s purpose?Clear description of the purposeimmediately apparentDesign Homepage
    4. 4. SimpleVisuallyappealingFocus onqualitycontentUSER FRIENDLY WEBSITE
    5. 5. For a powerful home pagePurpose immediately apparent on the homepageImages that show the organization’s workNot intense, not text-heavy on the first pageBasic areas of engagement in the navigationbar for the userEasy to navigate the user into the secondarypages of the websiteUSER FRIENDLY WEBSITESIMPLICITY
    7. 7. What the visitor expect from usWhat we want from the visitorDescription of the visitorPeople who are affected by our workPeople who want to work on the samedevelopment objectives of ours.USER FRIENDLY WEBSITEFOCUS ON QUALITY CONTENT
    8. 8. Deliver your clear and conciseinformation from the visitors’ point ofviewMake it easy to contact youContact informationStaff informationUSER FRIENDLY WEBSITEFOCUS ON QUALITY CONTENT
    9. 9. Each document should be downloaded from a HTMLlanding page that includes a summary of thedocument’s contents.This page should also include highlights from thedocumentFor large documents, landing page should includedownloads for sections/chapters of the document.Make downloadable documentsfindable through landing pages
    10. 10. Be sensitive to the mediaPress room should be a self-serve areaMedia contactLogo of your organizationHigh quality photosVideosRelated media kitsTranslation to local language is keyMEDIA FRIENDLY WEBSITE
    12. 12. Provides a dynamic content to the siteRecent Activities, Events, Media CoverageParticipation can be improved via newslettersBring you more trafficImportant for Search Engine OptimizationNEWS/BLOG FUNCTION
    13. 13. Example on Search EngineOptimization
    14. 14. Use compassionate storytelling toconnect with the public and bolstersupport for our unique work.NEWS/BLOG FUNCTION –STORY TELLING
    15. 15. Create brand clarity
    16. 16. Consistent branding on our website and project sitesWill strengthen our organization’s recognitionOur organization’s branding should not beoverwhelmed by the volume of partner logosConsistent branding
    17. 17. 67% of the world’s internet population visits socialnetworks22% of the world’s online time is spent on socialnetworks and blogs13 billion videos on youtube and 2 billion videos onFacebook are viewed every month60% of time spent on the mobile web (in the US) isspent on social networking sitesPresence on social media platformsextends audience
    18. 18. LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIAVisitor Promoter• Follow icons• Facebook like box
    19. 19. Mobile and Tablet CompatibilityThe site responses to the deviceHow are our websites going to bepresented on these devices?RESPONSIVE WEB SITE
    20. 20. yeniufuklar.info
    21. 21. yeniufuklar.info
    22. 22. Highlight the expertise of your organization from theaudience’s point of viewMake it easy to contact youDesign your site in a responsive wayMake your site easy to useUpdate your site’s content quite oftenUse social media to promote your workRECAP