Post 2015 and Sustainable Development
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  • 2. Capacity to ______?1. Risky Projections on MDGs 2.02. The MDG format: what can we learn?3. Cracking the integration challenge: synergies and structures4. Integrated investment choices5. Getting Political without getting impossible6. Intrusive..or Conducive? State and the Market
  • 3. Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals Members: Working Group comprised of 30 representatives nominated by Member States (September 2012) Objective: Tasked to develop a proposal for the Sustainable Development Goals Output: A report to the UNGA containing a proposal for sustainable development goals (between Sep 2013/14)
  • 4. SGs High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the post-2015 UN development agenda • Mandate: MDG+10 Summit • Output: SG will deliver a report to UNGA by the 2nd quarter of 2013 • Input: Work based on report of UN System Task Team • Work to be informed by Rio+20 and UNDGs consultations Co-Chair: Co-Chair: Co-Chair: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Ellen Johnson Sirleaf David Cameron President of Indonesia President of Liberia Prime Minister of the UK Benin Brazil China Colombia Cuba France Germany Japan Jordan Kenya India Latvia Mexico Netherla Nigeria Russian CEO nds Fed Unilever South Rep Timor- Sweden Turkey USA Yemen Ex Officio Africa Korea Leste
  • 5. Risky Projections: What will MDG 2.0 look like ? Environmental• Correcting the sustainability Environment omission• Quality of Education• Non-communicable Inclusive Human rights Peace and economic Equality diseases? development Sustainability Security• Inequality?• GovernanceUniversal Goals? Good for Inclusive social developmentHuman development. Good forMICs
  • 6. MDG Strengths MDG WeaknessesSimple Beauty Aggregate bias undermined subnational inequitiesGave operational meaning tohuman development Revealed lack of reliable baseline across countriesResults based formatimproved policy monitoring Emphasized financial gapsand accountability over institution buildingGlobal targets tailored tonational realities worked best Didn’t consider synergies and tradeoffs
  • 7. Integration (1): Synergy sound bites FiscallyBetter Health 1/5 diseases in sound: Europe can be 1 trillion in prevented by Social Economic subsidies for oil,reducing pollution. Prosperity coal and gas. Inclusion 1 trillion needed for a green economy Environmental Yes there will be Job Protection Loss…but 85% of carbon emissions employ 12% of Europe.
  • 8. Integration (2): Structures: from lava lamp to puzzle Effort to getInter- _____ intosectoral the Mediumcommittee Termon _____ Expenditure Framework IncreaseNational publicStrategy on awareness________ Municipal by Pilot on measuring ________ _______.
  • 9. Investment choices: Prisons or pensions? • Life expectancy • Math & Literacy • Infant mortality • Homicides • ImprisonmentWilkinson & Pickett, The Spirit Level
  • 10. More for Finance Ministers: fossil fuel subsidies
  • 11. Intelligent policy…even when it’s political Where is the Versus the Resistance Injustice?Removing Fossil Fuel Subsidies…not impossible1. Estimate how much is spent.2. Determine who is hurt most by its removal3. Have a plan for how to phase out: most harmful first, what are acceptable trade offs?4. Do it gradually and substitute
  • 12. Conducive States for a Green Economy• Pulling the state out of where it doesn’t belong• Injecting state efforts to o Target support to the poorest o Reduce inequality o Investing in R and D until green is profitable• Ready to remove administrative barriers• Deal with people as consumers, To “do” sustainable development, governmentsneed a longer term perspective…where does this come from?
  • 13. WANTED….Capacities for Post MDG frontier • Achieve results without clinging to silos • Holistic investment • Build constituencies and accountability • Take out the political sting and get on with it.