DevInfo in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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  • UNDAF Structure: 4 Outcomes, 14 Agency Outcomes, 63 Outputs.M&E: 237 indicators (33 without baseline; 23 without target; additional 35 indicators with unclear definition and no clear target measurement)Of 59 indicators at UNDAF Outcome and CP Outcome level, 18 without baseline, 20 without target and additionally 9 with unclear definition/unclear target2-3 sources of verification for each indicatorUNDAF not aligned with other key agency documents (such as CPAPs, work plans)SMART results and indicators?some result definitions are unclear and not measurableMost indicators are not timeboundmissing links in the casual chain (outputs-outcomes, vertical hierarchy links)Assessment of annual progress in achieving outputs/objectives difficult without target breakdown by yearAgency Outcomes need to have respective indicators with one or more targets which encompass all outcome elementsAdding new projects/activities/results (not originally envisaged in UNDAF) – possible through review process
  • DevInfo in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    1. 1. Update on activities of DevInfo Working Group in BiH and Overview of diMonitoring Tool Prepared by Envesa Hodzic-Kovac Development, Research and M&E Specialist (DevInfo WG Chair) UN Resident Coordinator’s Office
    2. 2. Results of DevInfo WG in 2011• DevInfo Strategic Framework 2011-2013 adopted and formalised through MoU between UN, BHAS, RSIS, FoS and DEP• Experts engaged at all three statistical institutions for DevInfo development• First web-based DevInfo databases available online: – BHAS: – RSIS: – FoS:• 2-day WG workshop (September) – focus on municipal level development of DevInfo (UNICEF municipalities,UNDP ILDP and UNDP Srebrenica) with municipal representatives from 4 municipalities• BHAS expert extended until end of 2012; FoS and RSIS experts – requests for extension of services received from statistical institutions
    3. 3. Databases: Social Protection Data items 1892 Indicators 47 I-U-S 604 BiH in Numbers Data items 1812 Indicators 122 I-U-S 887
    4. 4. Databases: Social Protection Data items 5671 Indicators 56 I-U-S 1168 This is Republika Srpska Data items 5560 Indicators 139 I-U-S 953
    5. 5. Databases: Social Protection Data items 1324 Indicators 488 I-U-S 468 FBIH in Numbers 2010 Data items 1073 Indicators 434 I-U-S 15
    6. 6. Activities foreseen until mid 2012• BHAS DevInfo Expert – tasked to create UN DevInfo database to be hosted on UN web site and help with creation of new information products• Statistician and 2 methodologists engaged to produce final list of 50- 100 ‘core’ municipal socio-economic indicators that will be tracked and collected in all DevInfo municipalities• Development of databases at state and entities level for five agreed sectors (Demography, Education, Foreign trade, Social protection and Gender)• Introduction of DevInfo databases to end users – line ministries• Launch conference (2nd quarter of 2012)• Roll-out of DevInfo and ‘core’ indicators in pilot municipalities
    7. 7. Benefits using diMonitoring Forces users to be pragmatic, practical, concise, exact Ensures that development documents and plans are linked to measurable indicators Tool is straightforward and user friendly If used from the very start of the new UNDAF cycle, could be extremely beneficial Has a potential to be integrated as a standardised tool for UNDAF monitoring globally
    8. 8. Shortcomings of current version of diMonitoring Tool currently does not allow for qualitative/textual indicators to also be monitored – given the nature of UNDAFs, some space for this type of indicators (i.e. Policy developed, capacity increased, etc.) and way of assessing progress of them needs to be envisaged (have values such as completed, not completed, in process, etc.) No space for annual narrative reporting – would be useful if the tool, apart from monitoring, could also be used for reporting Current reporting options/formats poor – unformatted Excel sheets – it would be good to try to have report tables look as close as possible as the screen view in diMonitoring THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! 