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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Strengthening Skills for Gender –responsive Law Making of Elected Women and Men
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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Strengthening Skills for Gender –responsive Law Making of Elected Women and Men


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Country case studies from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Presentation by Davorin Semenik – Secretary of the Gender Equality Commission at the Parliament and Samra Filipovic Hadziabdic- Director of the Agency …

Country case studies from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Presentation by Davorin Semenik – Secretary of the Gender Equality Commission at the Parliament and Samra Filipovic Hadziabdic- Director of the Agency for Gender Equality presented at UNDP Regional Forum on Equal participation in decision-making, Istanbul, 16 November, Session 7: Enhancing women’s participation trough Parliamentary Mechanisms

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  • 1. Strengthening skills for gender – responsive law making of elected women and man Samra Filipović-Hadžiabdić, director of the Agency for Gender Equality of B&H Davorin Semenik, secretary of the Commission for Gender Equality of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H22.11.2011 1
  • 2. Gender Equality Law Gender Equality Law of B&H was adopted in 2003 and it regulates all areas of public and private life. The Agency for Gender Equality prepared amendments on Gender Equality Law 2009. The Gender Equality Law provides in article 15 for an obligation to undertake positive measures in order to ensure that at least 40% of women are represented in all decision making positions, including delegations.22.11.2011 2
  • 3. Harmonization of Laws with GEL Law on radio - TV system, Law on radio -TV service, Law on comunications, Law on civil service in B&H institutions, Law on finansing of political parties.22.11.2011 3
  • 4. Election Law of B&H• The Election Law of B&H introduced election list quotas with a zipper system (art 4.19).• Non compliance with this article removes the list from ballot.• In 2010 a Working Group was established to prepare amendments on the Election law which aimed to create a system which could ensure participation of women in elected bodies over 30%• The Amendments were denied in two readings of the House of Representatives (lower house) 22.11.2011 4
  • 5. Implementation of the ProjectThe pilot project “Enhancing Women’s MeaningfulParticipation in Politics in B&H” was the firstsystematic gender mainstreaming capacity developmenteffort targeting Members of Parliament in B&H. It wasimplemented in cooperation with the Agency for GenderEquality of B&H .The Project contributed to raising awareness onimportance of gender equality and enhancing ofwomen’s participation in decision making processes.Efforts to enhance capacities of key policy makers tomainstream gender equality intolaws/policies/programmes in B&H have focused so far toa large extent on Governmental agents.22.11.2011 5
  • 6. Implementation of the Project Two seminars with representatives of gender equality commissions on state and entity level, Practical work on the harmonization of laws on police officers with Gender Equality Law, Public presentation „How to use Media in promotion of political participation of women“ in order to improve public presentation of women politicians and candidates.22.11.2011 6
  • 7. International framework1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights,1950 European Convention on Human Rights andFundamental Freedoms,1966 International Covenant on Civil and PoliticalRights,1966 International Covenant on Economic, Socialand Cultural Rights,1979 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms ofDiscrimination against Women (CEDAW),1995 Beijing Declaration and the Platform for ActionUNSCR 1325 „Women, Peace and Security“. 7
  • 8. B&H frameworkConstitutions od Bosnia and Herzegovina, entitiesand cantons,Gender Equality Law of B&H (2003, amended in2009),Entity laws on protection of domestic violence(2005)Election Law,Criminal codes,Family codes,Labor Laws 8
  • 9. Harmonization of Laws Gender Equality Law – harmonization of Laws with GEL – 40% of women on decision making positions, Positive measures, The Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“Official Gazette of B&H“ 23/01…37/08) The Law on Political Party Financing (“Official Gazette of B&H“ 102/09) 100 Laws on state and entity level were harmonized with Gender Equality Law (labour laws, laws on social protection).22.11.2011 9
  • 10. Gender Action Plan• Strategic, five-year document, adopted by the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 14th of September 2006.• Activities in 15 areas;- Harmonization of laws and bylaws- Adoption of strategies and action plans- Developing statistics and researches,- Activities (trainings, educations, cooperation with media, publishing, etc.)
  • 11. Action Plan for the implementation of UNSCR 1325• The Action Plan was adopted by the Council of Ministers in July 2010.• The first Action Plan for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 in the Region of South-East Europe,• Developed with full participation of institutions that are responsible for the implementation (participatory approach).22.11.2011 11
  • 12. B&H Parliamentary Assembly – House of Representatives22.11.2011 12
  • 13. B&H Parliamentaryy Assembly – House of Peoples22.11.2011 13
  • 14. Entity Parliaments22.11.2011 14
  • 15. Elected Ministers State level of governance22.11.2011 15
  • 16. Regional governance heads of executive22.11.2011 16
  • 17. Elected judges - State level22.11.2011 17
  • 18. B&H Constitutional Court22.11.2011 18
  • 19. Number of female representatives - growth 1987-2006* 30 Arab countries 25 Central and East Europe Central Asia 20 East Asia 15 South America 10 North america and West Europe North and West Asia 5 Africa 0 1987 1990 1995 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006*
  • 20. Elections 2010 State and entity Parliaments22.11.2011 20
  • 21. Politicans Media Education and Voters health of children services Women SocietyFamily Lost of secure Working place Political party Bodies Guilt? 22.11.2011 21
  • 22. Overall earnings Family NATALITY EDUCATION OF WORK CHILDREN PUBLIC SERVICES AND TRAFFICK HEALTH OF CHILDREN Reconciliation of professional and working life Loans/ HOUSING WOMEN EDUCATION FOR WORK morgages Development VOTING ON ELECTIONS FOOD/COOKING of politics WORK IN THIRD HEALTH CARE SECTOR SOCIAL SERVICESQuality of education Human potential 22
  • 23. The Agency for Gender Equality of B&H 00 387 33 209 76122.11.2011 23