Volume 2, Issue 20 of Rio+20: Making it Happen


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The newsletter highlights excerpts of world leaders' remarks during the General Debate of the General Assembly's 66th session, which focused on Rio+20 and sustainable development.

Among related events and issues, the newsletter also reports on a 26 October 2011, "Means of Implementation for Sustainable Development" panel discussion event, which was part of the Special Events of the Second Committee of the General Assembly's 66th session. It also announces a special consultation between Conference Secretary-General Sha Zukang and key organizing partners from the nine major groups for Rio+20, on 3 November 2011.

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Volume 2, Issue 20 of Rio+20: Making it Happen

  1. 1. Rio+20: Making it HappenNewsletter of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development31 October 2011, Volume 2, Issue 20 World Leaders Reflect on Rio+20 In this Issue UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon O f the 196 world leaders who took the “As I see it, we have UN/Mark Garten - World Leaders Reflect on Rio+20 five imperatives.... The floor during the General Debate at the Page 1 66th session of the General Assembly, many first and greatest of focused on global issues including, sustainable these is sustainable - Means of Implementation Event development, the Arab spring, the impact of development — the - Major Groups’ Update imperative of the 21st the global economic and financial crisis, and - Regional Preparatory Meetings climate change. We bring you excerpts from century. Saving our planet, lifting people - Upcoming Events their remarks, which addressed sustainable out of poverty, advancing economic growth Page 2 development and Rio+20 specifically. Due to — these are one and the same fight. We limited space, we are only able to post a select must connect the dots between climate Quote few of these remarks in this edition. However, change, water scarcity, energy shortages, “I believe that we will bring you more of these remarks under global health, food security and women’s expanding the MDGs into Sustainable “Quote” on the left-side corner of this page in empowerment. Solutions to one problem Development Goals around the year future editions as Rio+20 approaches. must be solutions for all. Rio+20 must suc- 2015 could help the ceed.” world community to continue its fight President of the 66th Session Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser UN/Eskinder Debebe against poverty and enhance sustain- “And regarding sustainable development and global prosperity, as the world able development.” -President of population reaches 7 billion next month, our efforts in this area will be ever- FINLAND Tarja Halonen more pressing. This year there will be a number of major global conferences related to sustainable development….I urge you, leaders of the world, to find consensus and take strong and urgent action to ensure fruitful outcomes at these important Rio+20 website meetings.” President of BRAZIL Dilma Rousseff UN/Rick Bajornas “We will have the honor of hosting the United Nations Conference on Sus- tainable Development – Rio + 20 – in June of 2012. Along with Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon, I reiterate the invitation to all Heads of State and Gov- ernment to attend.” Deputy Prime Minister of ETHIOPIA Hailemariam Desalegn UN/Paulo Filgueiras “What is even more crucial in the Horn of Africa is sustainable development. Our youth need to have their hope for the future not frustrated; and the con- dition of our women and children require much greater attention. Poverty, on top of denying people their human rights, is also not a solid foundation on which peace and security can be built. “ www.uncsd2012.org President of KAZAKHSTAN Nursultan Nazarbayev “Kazakhstan has called for the adoption of a Global Energy and Environment UN/Marco Castro Strategy and has put forward an ambitious "Green Bridge" environmental initiative. We plan to bring these ideas to ... Rio de Janeiro next year.” Follow Rio+20 Prime Minister of MONTENEGRO Igor Lukšić UN/Evan Schneider Visit us on Facebook and Twitter “The UN Conference on Sustainable Development, represents an important opportunity to promote international cooperation in the area of sustainable development, and an opportunity to make a comprehensive evaluation of the progress made in the past two decades.” UN/ Mark Garten Prime Minister of SWEDEN Fredrik Reinfeldt “I believe that sustainable development requires global solutions. In this respect, Send us feedback next years Rio+20 meeting in Brazil will be very important. I am really hoping for a strong renewed political commitment for sustainable development.” uncsd2012@un.org 1
  2. 2. Means of Implementation for Sustainable Development Upcoming Events25 October 2011, UN Headquarters, NewYork - More than 220 people participated in Seventh Meeting of the Intergovern-a panel discussion on Means of Implementa- mental Forum on Mining, Minerals,tion for Sustainable Development. The event, Metals and Sustainable Developmentorganized by UN-DESA, was part of the Spe- 1 - 3 November 2011cial Events of the Second Committee at the Geneva, SwitzerlandGeneral Assembly’s 66th session. [more information]Chaired and moderated by Mr. Abulkalam G20 SummitAbdul Momen, the Permanent Representa- Mr. Maurice Strong addressing participants. UN-DESA/Bill Bly 4 - 5 November 2011tive of Bangladesh to the UN and Chair of the Second Committee of the General Assembly, it Cannes, Francebrought together experts on Means of Implementation for Sustainable Development. They re- [more information]viewed progress on financing and technology transfer, and explored innovative solutions formeeting today’s sustainable development challenges, including those of Small Island Developing Congress Responsibility and Reciproc-States. ity – Social Values for a SustainableMr. Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the Stockholm Conference and the Rio Earth Summit, Economydelivered the keynote speech with a set of proposals for Rio+20. The panel of experts shared 4 - 5 November 2011ideas and their experiences on integrating sustainability into mainstream finance with Green Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilBonds, the legality of technology transfer, the challenges facing Small Island Developing States, [more information]and the importance of developing partnerships for the successful implementation of sustainable 2nd Expert Meeting on Trade Implica-development strategies. For further information please contact Ms. Meng Li at li39@un.org. tions of the Green Economy, UNCTAD 8 - 10 November 2011Major Groups Update Regional Preparatory Meetings Geneva, Switzerland Strengthening Rio+20 Within the past few months, [more information] through Major Groups Regional Preparatory Meet- ings were held in Santiago, Making Marginalized Voices Heard in Participation Chile; Cairo, Egypt; Seoul, the UN Processes 3 November 2011, UN Republic of Korea and Addis 11 - 12 November 2011Headquarters, New York - Rio+20 Secretary- Ababa, Ethiopia. Rovaniemi, FinlandGeneral Sha Zukang will consult with key orga- [more information] Currently, a UNDP and UN-DESA joint projectnizing partners from the nine major groups to assist developing countries, particularly(MG). The meeting’s purpose is to take stock of ADB Urban Forum 2011: Financing LDCs, in their national preparations is being Future CitiesRio+20 preparations and to evaluate progress rolled out. The joint project aims at supportingtoward raising awareness and renewing politi- 15 - 17 November 2011 a total of 60 countries, through the holding of Manila, Philippinescal commitment for sustainable development. multi-stakeholder consultations that will feed [more information]This marks the second in a series of meetings into their national inputs, shape their nationalbetween Mr. Sha and the major groups orga- positions and frame the basis for post Rio+20 Bonn2011 Conference: The Water,nizing partners that establishes a basis for follow-up. A series of regional-based work- Energy and Food Security Nexus– Solu-close collaboration and information sharing shops in the context of national preparations tions for the Green Economybetween UN and its’ major groups partners. have also been held at the margins of the Re- 16 - 18 November 2011The partners will undertake significant efforts gional Preparatory Meetings in ESCAP, ECA and Bonn, Germanyto mobilize practitioners and policy experts ESCWA. [more information]from across the identified nine sectors of soci- Meetings on Rio+20 themes were also held inety in the run-up to Rio+20. Tokyo Green Industry Conference Solo, Indonesia; Beijing, China; New Delhi, In- 2011Underscoring the global reach of major groups, dia; Warsaw, Poland; Oslo, Norway; Tel Aviv, 16 - 18 November 2011the organizing partners will be linked via video Israel and Copenhagen, Denmark. Future Tokyo, Japanteleconference with Mr. Sha from various loca- meetings will be held in other locations includ- [more information]tions around the world. With that, the poten- ing, Geneva, Switzerland; Bonn, Germany; andtial of virtual remote consultations, which in- Palo Alto, California. UNEP High-Level International Forumtegrates a diversity of views and perspectives on Ecosystem Management and Green All the PrepComs, and inter-sessionals at thein the Rio+20 process will be facilitated. Economy global level including the regional preparatoryAs stakeholders officially recognized in Agenda meetings have served multiple purposes. 18 November 201121, major groups play an important consulta- Beijing, China On the path to Rio+20, these meetings are [more information]tive role in the intergovernmental process for deepening the understanding of the key issuesRio+20. They also coordinate a structure for involved; are revealing the different ap- Complete listing of meetings andbroad and inclusive participation from social, proaches to sustainable development imple- events available ateconomic and scientific sectors in sustainable mentation; are heightening appreciation of the www.uncsd2012.orgdevelopment. More information on major challenges involved; and are helping to formu-groups available at www.uncsd2012/ late inputs for the compilation document.majorgroups 2