How effective is the COMBINATION of your main product and ancillary task?


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A Level Media, evaluation question 2 answer.
"How effective is the COMBINATION of your main product and ancillary task?"
For music video.

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How effective is the COMBINATION of your main product and ancillary task?

  1. 1. How effective is the COMBINATION of your main product and ancillary task?
  2. 2. Aim O The aim of this task to create 3 products that worked together to create a good promotion platform for our artist. O The 3 items were: a music video, digipak and a magazine advert. Through doing audience research, we were able to identify who would buy the album and would watch the video if it was real. This helped us plan and make the decisions we needed to enabling the products to look legit and believable for the genre. O We tried to make a link throughout 3 and use the music video we created to develop ideas for the other products. Creating a sense of unity between them all. I think my group and I manage this as there is a resemblance between them all.
  3. 3. The Products For the actual CD, it took some time to get this right. In the end, we decided on a swirl full of colours with the bands name being prominent throughout in a mixture of different sizes and positions. We chose these colours due to the band being called ‘Cold Fire’ the blues and the purples connote cold whilst the orange and the red are in contrast as they represent the fire of the name. For the back of the CD, we chose to have a photo that was taken of a gathering of trees which was edited and made into polaroid. This was chosen as it has a cold feel to it, again connoting the bands name. Also, nothing much is suggest from the photo, making it look quite mysterious and arty. As a group, we believe that is what we wanted our Digipak to look like and also think it represents our artist well.
  4. 4. The Products For the front cover, we used a photo of a pair shoes hanging from a tree in the countryside. As the album is called ‘Be Somebody’ we thought this fit in well with having a constant theme throughout which would be a little bit mysterious and unclear. For inside the digipak, we chose to have an image of the unknown mouth from the video and underneath the image there is a quote from the lyrics of the song. Again, the unknown mouth connotes a little bit of mystery which is what we aimed for. We chose to have this photo on the pane so it united the 3 products we had made. The lyrics on the page was added, again to show unity between the print texts and music video.
  5. 5. The Products O Polariods feature heavily between the print products. This decision was done due to the genre and how individual my group and I felt the band would be and felt this design choice would connote the feel of the band. The scattered placement of the photos is done to not make the advert look over thought but to look original. To make it look real and believable we added where the album could be purchase for to promote the band the best we could. The mouth from the video is added into a polaroid and features on the advert. This is done to show the link between the 3. The dark background represents the rock side of the band, but it was also done to enhance the photos to make them stand out more and really emphasise the polaroids.
  6. 6. Media Language O Facial Expression: An example of where we used a facial expression to show how the character was feeling was during the dance routine where the actor falls to floor and feels like giving up. O Body Language: Body language is shown when the actor in the video is having her interview, the way she is playing with her nails connotes that she’s nervous. O Object Connotation: At the beginning of the video, the actor is shown screwing paper and throwing it. This shows that the actor doesn’t agree and is upset with outcome of reading it. O Use of Lighting: Throughout the video, a mouth appears singing the lyrics to the song. This has a black and white effect on it and also uses an effect called Raster, this also carries on throughout the entire piece. We chose to have it back and white to keep the mysterious feel flowing through the three products.
  7. 7. Media Language O Length of Shot: We tried to keep the length of shots appropriate for the speed of the music. For example, when the music sped up the length of shots decreased. This showed the link between the visuals and the music cutting to the beat. O Camera Angle: We chose to use a selection of camera angles through the piece. These included: Close ups, extreme close ups, over the shoulder, low and high angles. O Focus: The focus of the products was to promote the artist ‘Cold Fire’ by creating them in way to show them in a positive light but also to show what genre of music the band are representing without O GraphicsO Layout: The layout of the 2 print products are set around polaroids being placed in a messy layout. By doing this, as a group we felt it connoted the genre the best we could. O Logo: We chose not to have a logo for the band, but just to use the name in the same font on all 3, allowing people to remember it and link the 3 together.
  8. 8. Media Language Mise-en-Scene: O Set/Location: We chose to film in a middle class street of houses and a dance studio, again this O Costume/Clothing: We made sure the two girls that feature in the video had a positive representation so we made sure the clothing they wore was appropriate and didn’t agree with Goodwin’s thought about women in music videos. O Lighting: The lighting of the video is quite bright, this is due to the positive meaning of the lyrics. As the genre is Alt Rock, it isn’t expected for the lighting to be very dark which is a convention of rock videos. O Framing/Size, and Positioning of characters within the frame: On the magazine advert, the photos that contain 3 people in the shot are directly in the middle. EG the photo where they are leaning again the trees, it is centred. This allows them to become the centre of attention and the first thing that people see. Also, in the video, the mouth scenes are done so that the framing is just the mouth and nothing else. We decided this after trying the shot in full, but felt that having other facial features took away from what we were trying to achieve.
  9. 9. Representation/ Image O One a whole, we wanted to make sure the representation that was shown in the video and on the print products was positive and didn’t connote anything else. We made sure the people in the video where dressed appropriately EG, wearing full clothing, not showing their bodies in a sexualised way through a lack of clothing. O As for the image of the 3 products, we wanted to make sure when people sure them, they knew exactly what genre they belonged to, which is Alt Rock. Also, we wanted to make sure there was a continuous feel of mysterious and unknown. Giving the feeling that the song/band isn’t just aimed at one specific audience.