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  • 1. White Privilege Based on the work of Tim Wise Lecture 4
  • 2. “ White Treason”
    • Treason against whiteness should be differentiated against treason against people called White.
  • 3. The Languages of Race
    • The vocabulary of collaboration uses phrases like this:
    • “ Playing the race card”
    • “ That happened a long time ago”
    • “ Get over it”
    • “ I didn’t mean anything by it; it was just a joke”
    • “ You’re being hypersensitive”
    • “ I have black friends”
    • “ Stop making excuses; take personal responsibility”
    • “ This is the greatest country on earth”
    • “ My family came here with nothing and they made it; why can’t they ?”
    • The language of resistance is a language that…
    • Explores the relationship between past and present, rather than running from the relationship or denying it.
    • Prioritizes outcome and impact over intent (so that racism is no longer seen as just individual bigotry and is seen as institutionalized).
    • Stops asking what’s wrong with people of culture and their cultures and starts asking what’s wrong with the dominant culture and its norms.
  • 4. Misunderstandings about Racism
    • Racism is exemplified through prejudiced individuals and their individual hateful actions.
    • Racism is interpersonal, that’s what it means, “bad stuff between a few people.”
    • All people of all races are guilty of racism sometimes.
    • There IS institutionalized racism against whites, in reverse discrimination regarding jobs and EEO “quotas.”
  • 5. The “Success” Question
    • “ Oprah and Barack made it; why can’t they all make it without any extra consideration?”
    • “ I know this guy…” “I went to school with a girl who…” so why can’t they ?”
  • 6. The Historical Perspective
    • “ Don’t be too hard on Jefferson for his views toward African-Americans or Indians, and don’t judge Andrew Jackson so harshly for what he did to Native American people. They were both men of their time.”
  • 7. Where do dissenting Whites fit in?
    • The anachronistic argument says that everyone, especially white folks, agreed on how people of color were treated.
  • 8. How can we be both well-meaning and complicit in perpetuating racism?
    • Who buys most rap music?
  • 9. What’s Wrong with Racial Profiling?
    • There are two kinds of racial profiling:
      • 1. The over-application of an incident-specific criminal description in a way that results in the stopping and harassment of people based on skin color or other “ethnic” appearance.
      • 2. The disproportionate stopping, searching, frisking, and harassment of people of color in the hopes of uncovering a crime, even when there is no crime already in evidence for which a particular description might be available.
  • 10. Absurd Facts about Racial Profiling
    • Blacks are more likely than whites to be stopped by police, and much more likely to be searched on suspicion of possessing illegal drugs, guns, or other contraband.
    • General crime rates, which due to economic factors are higher for Blacks, are irrelevant to the profiling issue.
    • And don’t forget—there are a lot of middle-class African-American people. They don’t participate in any crime, but because they’re Black, they’re subject to profiling too.
  • 11. A Caveat about “Race”
    • Race is not a biological fact
  • 12. What is Race?
    • A social construct, sometimes based on physical appearance (sometimes not), useful in maintaining hegemony (power), keeping in mind that in a racist construct, “the white race” has historically been the “race” in power.
  • 13. Was there always a “white” race?
    • No!
      • The “white race” perfectly illustrates that race is a social construct .
  • 14. Why would power elites “invent” the white race?
    • To divide poor folks of European background from slaves and poor black people.
  • 15. And guess what? Those doggone power elites are still at it!
    • There are a lot of legal and illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico (don’t forget their skin color)…
    • Who are the white working class mad at?
    • The immigrants, or the corporate elite?
  • 16. English-Only
    • Why do you think a discussion of English-Only fits within the context of a discussion about white hegemony and institutionalized racism?
  • 17. Black Pride, Latino Pride, Native Pride
    • Why no White Pride?
    • And hey, “they’re” getting all the…scholarships, jobs, opportunities, and I’m being discriminated against.
  • 18. I’m white, and I’m mad at you
    • Or I feel guilty, or helpless…
    • And I hate this lecture…
  • 19. I Thought We Were Past All This
    • …… because of Obama!