Rio+20 security information


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Rio+20 security information

  1. 1. PERSONAL SECURITY AWARENESS ADVICE FOR UNCSD PARTICIPANTSSecurity SituationRio de Janeiro is a very pleasant place to visit and the Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood,home of Riocentro, is normally safe with a relatively low crime rate, in relation to the restof the city. However, personal security awareness needs to be exercised there and in otherparts of the city.As in other large urban metropolises, street crime can be a problem in Rio. With theUnited Nations Conference on Sustainable Development expected to attract thousands ofparticipants, it is imperative to maintain the requisite level of security awareness at alltimes and follow security precautions while visiting Rio.Iconic Tourist Sites/Places of InterestWhen visiting locations be mindful that although there is a significant police presence at“Pão de Açúcar” (Sugar Loaf), “Corcovado” (Christ the Redeemer) and other touristsites, street crime, such as purse snatching and pick pocketing is a concern. Airports,hotels and bus stations are other places where such activity can occur, and pickpocketscan be of either sex. Remember, that although you are a visitor, looking and acting like atourist will attract unwanted attention. Stay with a group of people as much as possibleand limit the times you venture out alone. Avoid isolated areas on the beach or in therainforest. Always let someone know where you are going.Expensive electronic items such as iPhones, cameras and jewelry should be useddiscreetly and, if possible, avoided. iPhones in particular are items of great interest andvalue to robbers, be careful when you use it and where you keep it on your person.Instead of hanging your camera around your neck, keep it in your pocket. You may wishto refrain from wearing expensive jewelry or expensive looking watches, anything thatcontains gold, silver, precious stones or diamonds. High value watches such as Rolex,Cartier etc. are especially attractive; wearing more jewelry than a simple gold weddingband will raise your profile.Hotel SafetyVerify who is at your door before you open the door and verify with the front desk. Uponcheck-in, study the fire evacuation routes and know the location of the nearest fire alarmand fire extinguishers. In case of fire, do not use the elevator; follow the emergencyescape route displayed on the emergency card and evacuation signs, leave yourbelongings. In case of emergency, remain calm and follow the security staff instructions.ATM Machine UsageUse the ATMs inside shopping malls, airport, hotels or inside a bank; avoid those locatedon the street. Try to do so in a group and be weary of anyone around you.Be extra careful with your personal identification number (PIN), check the ATM machinecarefully, especially if the place to insert your card is loose or damaged. If the ATMlooks suspicious, look for another one. Check your bank statement regularly to check forany inaccuracies. There are ATMs inside Riocentro.
  2. 2. DosAlways carry emergency contact information with you. (see below)Stay near people/populated areas as much as possible. If you feel uncomfortable for anyreason, immediately seek safe haven in a building with people.Avoid walking the streets at night – take a taxi to your desired location, and return in ataxi as well. Public buses should be used with extreme caution at nightCarry only small amounts of cash and only the debit or credit cards you may need.Unsecured, bulging wallets and loosely carried purses will attract a criminal’s attention.Return to the hotel if you make purchases and secure the items in your hotel instead ofwalking on the street with the items you bought.Use a money belt or a concealed money pouch for passports, cash and other valuables.Use only registered or radio taxis, ask in your hotel. Keep doors locked, windows closedand valuables out of sight. A common trick for a thief is to reach through a window, graba watch from a person’s wrist, or a purse/package from the seat while the vehicle isdriving slowly or stopped in traffic.Always let someone know where you are going. Keep a separate photocopy of yourpassport in your hotel room; you will need to contact your nearest embassy or consulateif you lose it. You may wish to carry a photocopy of the main page of your passport.Do Not’sVisits to the disadvantaged neighbourhoods, known as “favelas”, are not recommended.Never accept a ride from someone you have just met, even if they seem helpful/friendly.Do not accept a drink from strangers or leave your drink unattended while in lounges.Do not take anyone you do not know to the place where you are staying.Never swim in the ocean alone.Lastly, if confronted by an armed criminal, stay calm and simply hand over yourvaluables. Do not resist, your life is more valuable than any material possession. Manyassailants have weapons, may be under the effects of a controlled substance, and will nothesitate to harm you if you resist.Try to follow these security and safety tips, raise your personal security awareness bybeing vigilant, in other words be streetwise, be safe and enjoy your stay!IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CONTACT:POLICE: 190POLICE UNIT FOR TOURISM: (+) 55 2332 2924FIRE SERVICE: 193AMBULANCE SERVICE: 192