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March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events
March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events
March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events
March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events
March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events
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March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1.                                                    INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS ON ZERO DRAFT OF UNCSD OUTCOME DOCUMENT 19-23 MARCH 2012 THIRD INTERSESSIONAL MEETING OF UNCSD PREPCOM 26-27 MARCH 2012         PROGRAMME OF SIDE EVENTS     Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Brazilian Government – Ministry of Social Development 1:15-2:45 Eco Socio-Environmental Protection Floor and Fight against Hunger (MDS) 20 Years of the Rio Conventions: Opportunities and Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity 19 March 2012 1:15-2:45 B Challenges for Synergies (CBD) The Role of Technology in the “Green Economy” Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration 6:15-7:45 B and the need for Technology Assessment / Rio+20 – (ETC Group), Academic Council on the United Nations A Global Innovation Summit? System (ACUNS) Creating a more effective system of environmental Association of World Citizens and the World Alliance to 6:15-7:45 A and sustainable development governance Transform the UN (WATUN)
  • 2. Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  1:15‐2:45  Eco The Sustainable and Just City Ford Foundation The Role of Civil Society/Major Groups in the future CIVICUS 1:15‐2:45  B IFSD 20 March 2012  Achieving Green Societies through Education for UNESCO (on behalf of the UN Inter-Agency Committee 1:15‐2:45  7 Sustainable Development (ESD) for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (IAC/DESD) Tebtebba (Indigenous Peoples International Centre for 6:15‐7:45  B Key Messages of Indigenous Peoples for Rio +20 Policy Research and Education) The International Council for Science (ICSU), UN 6:15‐7:45  7 Science messages for Rio+20 Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationDate  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  The Future we want with ICTs and Innovation International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 1:15‐2:45  Eco  21 March 2012  Bringing Rio Principles back to Sustainable Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) in 1:15‐2:45  B  Development Agenda at Rio+20 collaboration with PAIRVI Associates & CECOEDECON Food Sovereignty and Agroecology – A New La Via Campesina 1:15‐2:45  A  paradigm for Development
  • 3. Rights for Sustainability and Sustainable IBON International and Both ENDS 6:15‐7:45  B  Development Governance Sustainable Development Goals and MDG post 2015; Organized by UN-Women, Switzerland, Women’s Major 6:15‐7:45  7  the gender dimension  Group  Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  UN Country-level experience in supporting Rio+20 UNDG Task Team on Environmental Sustainability, 1:15‐2:45  Eco  themes Climate Change and Rio+20 A Roadmap for Ocean Sustainability Pew Environment Group on behalf of the High Seas 22 March 2012  1:15‐2:45  7  Alliance Agriculture at Rio+20: What should be decided – and Biovision, Millennium Institute, and the More and Better what kind of agriculture should be promoted? Network 6:15‐7:45  7      Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable UNEP, UNDP, DESA 6:15‐7:45  Eco  Development and Poverty Eradication: Sharing National Experiences on Frameworks for ActionDate  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Towards the peoples Summit at Rio+20: Alternative UN-NGLS & Social Watch 23 March 2012  1:15‐2:45  Eco  civil society perspectives on the zero draft  Planetary and social boundaries: a framework for Oxfam, Sustainlabour, Vitae Civilis 1:15‐2:45  B  Rio+20 and Sustainable Development Goals?
  • 4.  Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Dialogue of Executive Coordinators with Major Office of the Executive Coordinators   8:15‐9:30  7  Groups  Panel Discussion on Integrated Water Resources Permanent Mission of Thailand to the UN   1:15‐2:45  E  Management in the Context of Rio+20   Sustainable Transport and Mobility: Essential Inter-American Development Bank 1:15‐2:45  7  Building Blocks for Global Sustainable Development   Why sustainable energy and equity matter: Lessons UNDP & UNECE 1:15‐2:45  Eco  from the field  Combat Desertification and Sustainable Development China’s State Forestry Admin, National Development & in Inner Mongolia of China - Maowusu Biomass Reform Commission of China, and Maowusu Biomass 1:15‐2:45  B  26 March 2012  Thermoelectric Project  Thermoelectric Company (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China) Private sector activities related to Rio+20 & views on Permanent Mission of Netherlands to UN   1:15‐2:45  1  the zero draft - briefing by Business Action for Sustainable Development   Special Event on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform: New Zealand Mission on behalf of) Friends of Fossil Fuel 1:15‐2:45  6  Building Momentum at Rio and Beyond  Subsidy Reform and International Institute for Sustainable Development-Global Subsidies Initiative Ombudspersons for Future Generations: a proposal World Future Council, UNEP & Rio+twenties   6:15‐7:45  E  for Rio+20  Five projects and 20 proposals from the Social Rencontres du Mont-Blanc (RMB) - International Forum 6:15‐7:45  B  Economy leaders to change the model with RIO+20 of social Economy Leaders   Oceans at Rio+20: Highlighting Oceans Issues in the International Coastal and Ocean Organization Rio+20 Outcome Document; 6:15‐7:45  Eco  Moving the Ocean Agenda at and beyond Rio  Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO   Moving to Safety - migration, emergencies and International Organization for Migration (IOM)   6:15‐7:45  7  adaptation strategies 
  • 5.              Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Green Jobs for Youth International Labour Organization (ILO), UNEP 8:15‐9:30  7  Nation Proposal of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan to the UN 1:15‐2:45  E  Rio+20 "Time for Radical Strategic Decisions"  Inter-agency Assessment of Sustainable Economic Commission for Latin America and the Development in Latin America: Progress, gaps and Caribbean (ECLAC) 1:15‐2:45  7  strategic guidelines 20 years on from the Earth Summit  27 March 2012  Womens Critical Perspectives on the "Green Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) 1:15‐2:45  Eco  Economy" Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) Private and public solutions for ensuring Sustainable The Nordic countries 1:15‐2:45  B  Energy for All Meeting the Challenge of Communicating Rio+20: NRDC, EMA, GCCA, Global Green and DPI 1:15‐2:45  1  Engaging the Global Public in the Transformation to a Sustainable Future Special Event on The Trade Dimension of Rio+20: UNCTAD, UNDESA and ECLAC 1:15‐2:45  6  Key Issues for the Outcome Document A Global Call to End Plastic Pollution  Natural Resources Defense Council, Aspen Catto Fellows, 6:15‐7:45  Eco  Plastic Pollution Coalition   Dialogue on a convention for social responsibility Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future 6:15‐7:45  E  and accountability