Marketing plans


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A set of slides addressing the development of a marketing plan for an independent school

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Marketing plans

  1. 1. One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who only have an interest - John Stuart MillUnconsultancy
  2. 2. Marketing Identifying, anticipating & satisfying customer needs, profitably The act of connecting customers to products & servicesUnconsultancy
  3. 3. Market Research – a danger Create a school that has something for everyone (but not special for anyone) Averages Insights Unconsultancy
  4. 4. Marketing Plan Components Environment School Marketing Mix Market Segments Segment Segment Segment SegmentUnconsultancy
  5. 5. A Process A. Ethos, credo, aims The Marketing Plan B. Where are we now? C. Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there? D. What resources do we need? How will we measure success? But not as linear as this suggests! Unconsultancy
  6. 6. The Bigger Picture Corporate Plan Unconsultancy
  7. 7. Segmentation You can’t be all things to all people Focusing on definable groups with similar characteristics makes life easierUnconsultancy
  8. 8. Approach to Segments Product Segment Price Place Segment The School’s Promotion Offering(s) People Segment Process Segment Physical EvidenceUnconsultancy
  9. 9. Developing a Marketing Plan Measurable Results Programme Marketing Objectives & Assumptions Strategies SWOT Analysis Marketing Audit Unconsultancy
  10. 10. Customers & Consumers Customer Consumer (& consumer) (& influences customer)
  11. 11. Segments & Attractiveness Define market segments Evaluate market Understand segment value required attractiveness by customers Understand competitor value proposition Unconsultancy
  12. 12. Know your customers really well THINK & FEEL What counts? Preoccupations? Worries? HEAR SEE Friends & influencers say? Friends, market offerings? SAY & DO Attitude, behaviour to others? PAIN GAIN Fears, frustrations, obstacles? How measure success? Wants & needs? Unconsultancy
  13. 13. Customer Value “Map” orUnconsultancy
  14. 14. What Different Markets Think Internal Staff Recruitment Referrers Customers Suppliers Influencers How influential? What’s important to them? What are their perceptions? How are we reaching them? Unconsultancy
  15. 15. Analysing the Environment Global Political / Legal Economic Socio-Cultural Technological Local National Unconsultancy
  16. 16. The Environment Hot Spots Black The Market & Cool Holes Adjacent Markets Places White SpacesUnconsultancy
  17. 17. Communications Plan Impersonal / Broad Personal • Advertising • Visits • “Promotions” • Admissions • Publications processes • PR • Tours • Exhibitions / • Capturing market Conferences feedback • Social Media • Etc • EtcUnconsultancy
  18. 18. “Branding” What do you do for people? Rational The Brand Emotional Comparative How do people How do you do feel about you? it differently?Unconsultancy
  19. 19. What Are We Trying to Achieve? Awareness Preference Satisfaction Loyalty Reputation or something else Unconsultancy
  20. 20. Guesses Towards Facts Thought Tests & Experiments Make Guesses Explicit Maybe do Because we How to this think increase confidence? Unconsultancy
  21. 21. The Plan Executive • A single page so that all readers can quickly grasp the main thrust Summary • Where are we at the moment, what is currently being achieved Situational Analysis • Opportunities, threats, strengths & weaknesses • Where do you want to be and when do you plan to get there Objectives • In broad terms what needs to be done to get to the objectives Strategy • Now in rather more detail, especially for the near future – what needs to be done Tactics & who is going to do it? • What is it going to cost? People implications (more / fewer / different skills etc) Budget Unconsultancy
  22. 22. A Framework For Marketing • Customer needs • Organisation capabilities Market Analysis • Competition & market changes • Define market segments • Select market segments Market Selection • Position your offering • The seven P’s of marketing Marketing Mix • Awareness • Interest Loyalty & Retention Acquire Pupils • Action Healthy school numbers & revenuesUnconsultancy
  23. 23. Visual Metaphor Most independent schools are variations on these XXXX is maybe more like this… Unconsultancy