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Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
Shooting panoramas Made simple
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Shooting panoramas Made simple


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Intro to Shooting panoramas

Intro to Shooting panoramas

Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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  • The Pancam began shooting component images of this panorama during Spirit's sol 814 (April 18, 2006) and completed the part shown here on sol 932 (Aug. 17, 2006). The panorama was acquired using all 13 of the Pancam's color filters, using lossless compression for the red and blue stereo filters, and only modest levels of compression on the remaining filters. The overall panorama consists of 1,449 Pancam images and represents a raw data volume of nearly 500 megabytes. It is thus the largest, highest-fidelity view of Mars acquired from either rover. Additional photo coverage of the parts of the rover deck not shown here was completed on sol 980 (Oct. 5 , 2006). The team is completing the processing and mosaicking of those final pieces of the panorama, and that image will be released on the Web shortly to augment this McMurdo panorama view.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Shooting Panoramas MADE SIMPLE By uncle Stan, 2009 INTRO For DUMMIES
    • 2. Contents
      • What is a panorama
      • Where it can help you
      • Myths about panoramic shooting
      • Keeping it simple: hardware & software
      • References
    • 3. What is a panorama?
      • Definition:
        • a panorama (from Greek <πανοραμα>) is any wide-angle view of a physical space
        • wide-angle representation of such a view—whether in painting, drawing, photography, film/video, etc.
        • composition of overlapping images using various projection types
      • Used in:
        • Art, Space missions, Maps
        • Google Streetview, virtual tours
        • Realty websites, educational media – interiors
    • 4. A picture is worth a thousand words You don’t take a photograph, you make it. Ansel Adams
    • 5. What’s in it for you?
      • Fun and new impressions
      • Save wide shots even with narrow lense
      • Shoot scenery and interiors when needed
      • Print and share online
    • 6. Myths about panoramas
      • Special cameras / lenses (e.g. fisheye, or even 360 ° )
      • Special hardware / mounts
      • Scientific software
      • Deep knowledge of maths and spatial geometry
      ...are NOT necessary!
    • 7. Keeping simple: hardware
      • Camera
        • just any: DSLR, compact, even mobile
      • Computer
        • Any modern laptop or desktop will do
      • Scenery / Objects
        • keep cam in one point & rotate around it
        • composition rules apply
        • overlap shots by 30-50%
      • Tripod
        • buy if: you wanna shoot real big OR your hands are shaky OR shoot in low light/night
      • Panoramic head
        • buy if you plan to shoot professionally
    • 8. Keeping simple: software
      • Modern panoramic software is very smart:
      • Autodetection of image groups
      • Seamless stitching & smart blending (even moving objects)
      • Shooting errors correction (exp., color…)
      • Using various projections (planar, spheric, cylinder…)
      • Quality output (jpg, tiff)
    • 9. Keeping simple: software Functionality, more features Ease to use, easier Canon PhotoStitch  Autopano PT Gui Hugin  Panorama Factory Realviz Stitcher   Output quality (1..3) RECOMMENDED!
    • 10. Never stop!
      • Experiment:
        • Small planets, 360 °
        • Night panoramas, HDR
        • Virtual tours, video…
      • Share:
        • Any photohost – picasa, flickr, photofile
        • Specialized: Panoramio, , viewAt
        • LJ Community - photopanorama
    • 12. References
      • Title: Sony HX1, by SONY Corp.
      • Slide 3: Wikipedia,
      • Slide 4 images
        • Mars image by Spirit Rover, - JPL,
        • Borodino battle panorama,
        • Golden Gate by hernan.badino,
      • Slide 6
        • Math comic by Wulffmorgenthaler,
        • Gigapan Epic Imager,
      • Slide 8: Autopano illustration from http://