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[Webinar] Multiply Your Landing Page Conversion Rates


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Chris Goward, Founder and CEO of WiderFunnel will show you how he's been testing and discovering new ideas for Iron Mountain, SAP, BuildDirect, Google and more—with surprising results. …

Chris Goward, Founder and CEO of WiderFunnel will show you how he's been testing and discovering new ideas for Iron Mountain, SAP, BuildDirect, Google and more—with surprising results.

Using real examples from WiderFunnel's three-year-long testing strategy with Iron Mountain, you'll see how they've gotten more than 400% lift in their key landing pages.

You'll learn:

Which "best practices" you can trust
How to improve your landing page's conversion rates by 200%
How to create a competition-dominating value proposition

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Thank you for joining us!We’ll be starting in just a few minutesAbout the HostsChris GowardWiderFunnel Founder & CEO. Developed CRO processes,including the LIFT Model™ & Kaizen.Has achieved conversion rate lift of 10% to 750% for everymulti-test client.New book by Wiley: “You Should Test That!”Ryan EngleyRyan is our Director of Customer Successwho along with his team, helps Unbouncecustomers boost their conversion rates. He isour resident webinar host and consummateoffice vegan.How To Multiply Your Landing Pages Conversion Rates
  • 2. Recording and slideswill be emailed to you this week
  • 3. About Unbounce
  • 4. Build, publish & A/B test landing pages without I.T.Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • 5. Stick around after the Unwebinarto see how Unbounce can helpyou build landing pages andimprove your conversion rates...without relying on developers!
  • 6. Multiply Your Landing PageConversion Rates(in a big way!)
  • 7. Director of Customer SuccessRyan EngleyUnbounce@ryan_engleyHow To Multiply Your Landing Pages Conversion RatesJoin our chat on Twitter
  • 8. Founder & CEOChris GowardWiderFunnel@chrisgoward and @widerfunnelHow To Multiply Your Landing Pages Conversion RatesJoin our chat on Twitter
  • 9. • Developed WiderFunnel’s processes, including the LIFTModel™ & Kaizen• Conversion rate lift of 10% to 750% for every multi-testclient• In demand as a speaker globally• New book by Wiley:“You Should Test That!”Get a free chapter at: YouShouldTestThat.comChris GowardFounder & CEOWiderFunnel@chrisgowardHow To Multiply Your Landing Pages Conversion Rates
  • 10. We partner with our clients to dramatically lifttheir profit with marketing optimization• Strategy, design, copywriting & testing• Every client has had 10% to 700%+ liftMore free tips at
  • 11. Content Slide10%20%30%40%50%2010 2011 2012Quite Dissatisfied Very DissatisfiedConversion RateDissatisfactionis GrowingSource: eConsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report 201236%41%How satisfied are you with your conversion rate?
  • 12. 0%25%50%75%100%2010 2011 201230% 35% 35%Yes NoSource: eConsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report 201230% 35%Conversion RateImprovementis Getting Harder70% 65%Has your conversion rate improved?
  • 13. Why all the misery?They’re doing it wrong.
  • 14. Average ConversionAverage Conversion Rate LiftEcommerce 23.1%Lead Gen 49.0%*WiderFunnel average results 2007-2012Conversion Optimization Works!
  • 15. 17,000 web pagesPlus landing pages!3-Year CRO Engagement
  • 16. ?!!
  • 17. ControlChallengerChallenger
  • 18. Var A: Concise Benefits Var B: Service DetailsWhich Variation Won?
  • 19. 49.9%Conversion Rate LiftControlled Test Result
  • 20. SituationHair restoration services, focused on direct responsePPC landing page tested & tuned – had hit a plateauThe GoalMore lead gen form fills
  • 21. Which Paid Search Landing Page Won?Var A: Emotive Images Var B: Static Text
  • 22. Controlled Test Result20%Conversion Rate Lift
  • 23. Truth: Sex Is DistractingSex Is Distracting
  • 24. You Should Test That!
  • 25. “Almost everything thatdistinguishes the modern worldfrom earlier centuries isattributable to science.”—Bertrand Russell
  • 26. But…How you test is critical
  • 27. 200%That’s what a structuredtesting process is worth.
  • 28. No YesLargeIncreaseInSalesSource: eConsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report 20112xDoes your organization have a structured approach to improving conversion rates?
  • 29. FunExDiscoveryOpportunities 1.1 Cluster1.2 Isolation1.3 IsolationLIFTPage 1FunEx2.1 Isolation2.2 Isolation2.3 ClusterLIFTPage 2FunEx3.1 Isolation3.2 IsolationLIFTPage 3FunEx4.1 Isolation4.2 Cluster4.3 IsolationLIFTPage 4Insight FlowPage 5, etc.Phase 1Marketing Optimization StrategyPhase 2LIFT™and TestingThe Structured Agile SystemHeuristicsWeb AnalyticsVoice of CustomerResearchPIE FrameworkKaizen Plan
  • 30. “The most serious mistakes are not being madeas a result of wrong answers.The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrongquestion.”—Peter Drucker
  • 31. These Frameworks Work in All Industries
  • 32. (Note: For more info, search “WiderFunnel Lift”)TMRelevanceClarityAnxietyDistractionUrgencyKnowing what to test: Using the LIFT™Model
  • 33. SituationHuge new game releaseNeeded to maximize launch window to hit signup targets3-step signup pathThe GoalMore free beta game signups
  • 34. Control PageClarity: Paragraphs are longDistraction: Navigation bar pullsusers from formClarity: Little content hierarchyClarity: Typeface is very smallClarity: Small, non-descript buttonRelevance: Testimonials notapplicable to transactional stepClarity: Steps look like links but notclickableClarity: ‘Signup’ vs. ‘Sign in’terminology is confusingClarity: ‘Create new account’ ishidden
  • 35. Variation A: Redesign
  • 36. Variation B: Progress Steps
  • 37. Variation C: Progress Steps & Horizontal Fields
  • 38. A: No StepsB: Progress StepsC: Steps & Horizontal FieldsWhich Signup Path Won?
  • 39. 12.8%SignupConversion Rate LiftControlled Test Result
  • 40. Persuasional Landing PagesInformational Interior PagesTransactional Conversion Pages
  • 41. YourFeaturesYour Points of Parity(POPs)Your Points of Difference(PODs)Your Point of Irrelevance(POIs)The “DIP” Value Proposition Framework
  • 42. SituationCompetitive search keywords “Human Growth Hormone”Competitors focused on product purityShoppers worried about product efficacy & FUDThe GoalMore e-commerce revenue
  • 43. A BWhich Landing Page Won?
  • 44. 49%Sales LiftControlled Test Result
  • 45. More Tests Run=Nothing Beats Testing Experience
  • 46. What are You Waiting For?
  • 47. Download a free chapter atwww.YouShouldTestThat.comFree Chapter!
  • 48. Find out if you qualify to work with WiderFunnelYou could join our conversion optimization system.To Find out if you Qualify:1. Tell us the URL & traffic volume of your website2. Email: Hello@widerfunnel.com3. Schedule the qualification interviewWant Results Like These?
  • 49. Recording and slideswill be emailed to you this week
  • 50. First Month is On Us
  • 51. How to Build & Test Landing Pageswith Unbounce
  • 52. Why Use Unbounce?
  • 53. Because you can’t get landingpages built fast enough
  • 54. Because you need more controlover your landing pages
  • 55. Because landing pagedevelopment is expensive
  • 56. Quickly & easily build and optimizetargeted landing pages foryour marketing campaigns(...without relying on developers or designers)
  • 57. First Month is On Us