Increase your landing page conversions with video


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Create videos that convert.

Wistia is creating the simplest, most effective educational videos on the web for their video hosting product. On January 21st, Wistia's marketing video experts, Kristen Craft and Dave Cole share their secrets.

Kristen and Dave will teach you how to best leverage video to drive conversions for your business.

In this month's Unwebinar, you'll learn:

- About A/B testing video thumbnails
- How video length affects engagement
- How to use video analytics to optimize your conversion rate
- Video creation and distribution best practices

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Increase your landing page conversions with video

  1. 1. Increase Your Landing Page Conversions with Video
  2. 2. Ryan Engley Director of Customer Success Unbounce @ryan_engley Join our chat on Twitter
  3. 3. Kristen Craft Guest Photo Dave Cole Marketing Wistia Customer Happiness Wistia @thecrafty Join our chat on Twitter Guest Photo @mrdavidjcole
  4. 4. Who is Wistia?
  5. 5. We are 24 people who love video marketing
  6. 6. Plus a few dogs.
  7. 7. Why Use Video?
  8. 8. Reason #1 People Love Videos
  9. 9. Reason #2 People Love People
  10. 10. Reason #2
  11. 11. Reason #3 Video lets you measure how people engage with your content.
  12. 12. Reason #4 Video helps you explain your product or service.
  13. 13. What We’ve Learned About Video at Wistia (Best Practices & Data Time!)
  14. 14. Data Point #1: Videos help landing pages perform better.
  15. 15. Data Point #2: Video Length Matters
  16. 16. Not only does length matter. ! The perception of length matters.
  17. 17. These trends hold true even when the content is identical!
  18. 18. Data Point #3: Emails With Videos Get Clicked
  19. 19. Click:open rate = 12% Click:open rate = 38% 300% increase!
  20. 20. How to Get Started with Video
  21. 21. Use the camera you have. (Hint: the iPhone is a great option!)
  22. 22. Use tools that make life easier
  23. 23. Get Advice:
  24. 24. Dive Right In!
  25. 25. How to Use the Data from Your Videos
  26. 26. A/B Test Video Thumbnails
  27. 27. How to A/B Test Video Thumbnails: Step 1: Upload a video and pick a thumbnail. Step 2: Copy the video and choose a new thumbnail. Step 3: Embed the videos in your A and B landing pages. Step 4: Check those stats!
  28. 28. How to Embed a video in Unbounce
  29. 29. CONVERSION!
  30. 30. Get in touch! ! Kristen Craft Guest Photo Dave Cole Marketing Wistia Customer Happiness Wistia @thecrafty Guest Photo @mrdavidjcole
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Why use Unbounce 
 to build your landing pages?
  33. 33. You’ll get better results 
 from your campaigns Increase your conversion rates
 with targeted pages & A/B testing
  34. 34. Building pages 
 with Unbounce is fast Quit waiting weeks for your developers
  35. 35. You maintain control 
 of your campaigns Build, publish and optimize 
 without having to wait for developers or designers