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Copywriting for Conversion Webinar with Joanna Wiebe
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Copywriting for Conversion Webinar with Joanna Wiebe


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Joanna Wiebe, Founder and CEO of Copy Hackers & Ryan Engley, Director of Customer Success at Unbounce hosted a lively Unwebinar about writing copy that demands action. Use their pro tips to increase …

Joanna Wiebe, Founder and CEO of Copy Hackers & Ryan Engley, Director of Customer Success at Unbounce hosted a lively Unwebinar about writing copy that demands action. Use their pro tips to increase the impact of your landing pages and drive inbound leads.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Thank you for joining us!We’ll be starting in just a few minutes.Ryan EngleyRyan is our Director of Customer Successwho along with his team, helps Unbouncecustomers boost their conversion rates. He isour resident webinar host and consummateoffice vegan.Joanna WiebeJoanna is a conversion-focused copywriter and thefounder of Copy Hackers, where startups learn towrite copy. As well as maintaining her ownnewsletter, she is a contributor to the Unbounceblog. She once tried to be a vegan; that lasted 19 hrs.About the Hosts
  • 2. Ryan EngleyDirector of Customer SuccessUnbounce@ryan_engleyJoin our chaton Twitter
  • 3. Joanna WiebeFounder & our chaton Twitter
  • 4. Recording and SlidesWill Be Emailed This WeekJoin our chaton Twitter
  • 5. We’ll Talk About…• 4 copywriting tips you should implement IMMEDIATELY• Why your brain is your enemy• How to avoid sounding like a used car salesman… whilestill selling like one• The headline test you should run today
  • 6. Increase your Marketing ROIBuild, Publish, and Test targeted landing pages
  • 7. Get 50% Ofyour first 3 months
  • 9. 20-Sec Tip #1:Gain Isn’t as Powerful as LossATTENTIONGeneratemore leadsStop losingleads
  • 10. 20-Sec Tip #2:Don’t Summarize Benefits – Be SpecificINTEREST24/7 Availability!Our virtual assistantswork when you do24/7 Availability!You start work at 6am,your VA stars work at 6am
  • 11. 20-Sec Tip #3:“Free” = “No Value”DESIREFree Shipping We’ll Pay YourShipping
  • 12. 20-Sec Tip #4:Make Calls to Action Seem EfortlessACTIONBuySign UpSubmitGet
  • 13. 20-Sec Tip #4:Make Calls to Action Seem EfortlessACTIONBuySign UpSubmitYes, Give Me AccessBonus
  • 14. = EVIL
  • 15. 453% Lift
  • 16. Your messages don’t come from you, your CEO, theproduct marketing team or a writer. They come from…Visitor Surveys Customer Surveys Interviews Any UGC• Amazon book reviews• Blog comments• YouTube, Facebookcomments• App Store app reviews• Forum posts
  • 17. Swiping “VOC data” give(s) you• Natural, un-marketing phrases• Access to the vernacular of your prospect• Non-cliché analogies and similes• Pain and delighter messages• Keyword-rich copy• Sticky, memorable phrases
  • 18. = EVILNB: Selling usually feels uncomfortable –but that doesn’t mean it’s “skeezy”
  • 19. Avoid Raising Flags about Claims (in Short Copy)51%paid lift
  • 20. Cushion Claims“Could this be the best way to solve yourbiggest HR challenges?”vs“This is the best way to solve your biggest HRchallenges”{ }
  • 21. = GOOD
  • 22. Your Value Proposition or USP:What’s unique + highly desirable aboutyour ofering, brand or org?
  • 23. A/B Testing(always be testing)40% lift in clickthrough
  • 24. Unique Highly Desirable Specific Succinct MemorableThe milkchocolate melts inyour mouth, not inyour handsX X X X XInvestors earnbetter returns,borrowers paybetter ratesX X X X XThe fastest way togreat customersupportX X X X XM&MsLendingClubZendesk
  • 25. “But there’s nothing diferent about us”Product designProduct featureBusiness point of viewEmployee personalitiesApproach to solving X problemTypes of usersPoint of originationCustomer focusProductionInnovation
  • 26. Final Words of WisdomStop trying to impress yourself or your high schoolEnglish teacherFocus 100% of your messages on THEMRaw words are better than polishedIf it feels hard, you’re doing it right 
  • 27. Q&AWriting for B2B Short vs Long CopyHeadlines Emails
  • 28. How does copywriting diferin B2B vs B2C situations?Writing for B2B
  • 29. Is professionalism in writing copymore important than making itfun/quirky/personality-driven?Writing for B2B
  • 30. What’s your take on the age-olddiscussion of long vs shor copy?Are long sales pages really thehighest converting?Long vs Short Copy
  • 31. How much is too much?Long vs Short Copy
  • 32. Should working keywords intoyour landing page be a priority?Headlines
  • 33. I’ve heard numbers in headlinestent to attract interest,what say you?Headlines
  • 34. I get the most unsubscribes whenI ofer an email with value,why is this?Emails
  • 35. Can you give tips and tricks onemail subject lines too?Emails
  • 36. How do I “seduce” customers intoopening my emails?Emails
  • 37. Visit in the next 5days to get exclusive freebies + save 25%Learn the essentials ofwriting CRO copy forshort landing pagesReady to write a long-form landing page? Getthis ebook!
  • 38. Get 50% Of Your First 3 Months