Beyond lead generation from landing page forms to email follow ups
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Beyond lead generation from landing page forms to email follow ups



What really converts your landing page visitors into customers? ...

What really converts your landing page visitors into customers?
That's right: Email, the longtime ROI workhorse.

Email marketing is about more than just lead generation. It's the best way to keep your audience engaged and converting over and over again.

Let's delve into tests and campaigns that produced double- and triple-digit conversion lifts.

You'll learn:

- Surprisingly simple ways to boost conversion & response rates
- Why it's time to rethink your marketing funnel
- A proven action plan for growing your customer base with email



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    Beyond lead generation from landing page forms to email follow ups Beyond lead generation from landing page forms to email follow ups Presentation Transcript

    • Hunter Boyle Sr Business Development Manager at AWeber Thank you for joining us! We’ll be starting in just a few minutes @unbounce @hunterboyle Ryan Engley Unbounce Director of Customer Success Beyond Lead Generation
    • Recording and slides will be emailed
 by the end of the week
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Ryan Engley Unbounce Director of Customer Success @ryan_engley
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Hunter Boyle Sr Business Development Manager at AWeber " @hunterboyle
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Ready For A Challenge?
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Why We Should Rethink The Funnel
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle The Funnel vs. Real Life I never woke up on a Monday and said, 
 ‘I want to be a lead in someone’s funnel!’ Dharmesh Shah, 
 Co-Founder/CTO, HubSpot
    • @hunterboyle Optimizing Your Email
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle provide average value 
 compared to other sources don’t listen closely to our audience keep “blasting” list names 
 on our own timelines produce crappy content Source: Velocity Partners TESTING ONLY GETS US SO FAR IF WE ... WARNING!
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Rule #1: Respect The Inbox
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Make Every Email A Gift Results:(( Email(list(now(over(700,000( Launched(new(business(lines(
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Stay Relevant And Useful
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Put Your Audience First
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle 1. INTERACT With Your Audience
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Invite (And Apply) Feedback #4.$Tell$me$a$little$about$yourself.$ What$type$of$business$do$you$run?$ What$company$do$you$work$for?$ What's$the$one$thing$you$think$I$ should$know$about$you?$ Results:(( Thousands(of(real(replies( drive(content,(copy,(offers( Over(3x(list(growth(in(2(yrs(
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle 2. REFINE Your Testing Strategy
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Methodologies & Resources ConversionXL" MarketingExperiments" WhichTestWon" MarketingOptimization.TV" WiderFunnel" GetElastic" CrazyEgg / QuickSprout" Conversion Conference" Content Verve" Bryan Eisenberg"
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle 3. OPTIMIZE Your Top Priority Areas
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Landing Pages, Site Pages & Forms Keys to entice more visitors to subscribe or buy: Proximity & Path: Placement of CTAs in your content Disruption: Content interruptions and overlays Incentive: Powerful offers, giveaways and bonuses
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Results:(( Immediate(sales(increase( Sold(out(all(three(events( Problems:** Lack*of*registrations* Page*wasn’t*converting* Version A Version B Distractions" Confusion" Friction" Flow" Clarity" Confidence"
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Opportunities Benefits" Real Results" Bonus Incentive" " Checkout Facelift" Results:(( 1,000(orders(on(day(one( 30,000+(sold(to(date( Leads(for(relevant(sales(
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Disruptor Formats
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Results:(( +1,375%(opt2ins(vs.(static(form( Launched(new(business(line( Case(study:(
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Emails & Automation Keys to build on momentum, initial impression: Welcome emails and series that build relationships Deliver actionable, high-value content consistently Stand out in a crowded field with value, voice, WIIFM
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Results:(( Drove(nearly(50%(of(first( week(software(sales( Drove(nearly(80%(of(sales( of(membership(product(( List(doubled(to(97,000(in( one(year(
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Clarity, Specificity, Call To Action & Personal Tone
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle Inactives & Cancels Keys to bring them back or improve your model: Alternatives: Frequency, format, content types Targeted re-engagement campaigns Analyze feedback and apply it to optimize further
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle GUT CHECKS & TAKEAWAYS
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle ENGAGEMENT GUT CHECK ✓ What’s my primary goal with this landing page/email? ✓ Will readers find it relevant, actionable and exceptional? ✓ What problem does it solve? Is the value/WIIFM clear?

    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle CONTENT GUT CHECK ✓ Relevance: Is the content/offer/topic compelling & timely? ✓ Copy: Appropriate voice, style, length? Personality? Spelling? ✓ Design: Does it look professional? Is it mobile-friendly?

    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle 5 KEY TAKEAWAYS 1. Rethink the Funnel 2. Respect the Inbox 3. Always Be Interacting 4. Ooze Value + Actionable WIIFM 5. Test Methodically
    • #unwebinar @unbounce @hunterboyle
    • Why use Unbounce 
 to build your landing pages?
    • Increase your conversion rates
 with targeted pages & A/B testing You’ll get better results 
 from your campaigns
    • Quit waiting weeks for your developers Building pages 
 with Unbounce is fast
    • Build, publish and optimize 
 without having to wait for developers or designers You maintain control 
 of your campaigns