Everything You Want to Know About Google AdWords Webinar


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Slides from the 'Everything You Want to Know About Google AdWords' UnWebinar Webinar. Get the recoding here: http://vimeo.com/unbounce/review/60041732/67fdd64ea6?utm_source=Unbounce+Conversion+Learning&utm_campaign=369911cfdb-Unwebinar_AdWords_Attendees2_20_2013

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Everything You Want to Know About Google AdWords Webinar

  1. 1. Thank you for joining us! We’ll be starting in just a few minutes. About the Hosts Oli Gardner Anna Sawyer Oli is our resident landing page expert. Olis Anna runs content marketing for Trada, and iswriting on the subjects of conversion centered the in-house AdWords educator, developing design and landing page optimization can be and hosting over 50 live webinars on paid found on the Unbounce conversion blog and search. She also writes a viral blog and likes to he has been featured on top marketing blogs ride her bike down hills. including SEOmoz
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  4. 4. Oli GardnerCo-founder, Creative DirectorUnbounce@oligardner Join our chat on Twitter
  5. 5. Anna SawyerSocial Media & Marketing ManagerContent QueenTrada@annafsawyer Join our chat on Twitter
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  7. 7. Whats more important for quality score: bid price, ad copy or landing page?
  8. 8. If you were Google, which elements would be the most important?
  9. 9. How does Google score a landing page?
  10. 10. Two types of scores for landing pagesLanding page content Landing page design/development All standard content relevance Landing page The only factor of your factors are in place. quality is used as a landing page that can penalty only. You impact your quality don’t “get points” score is the load time. Landing page copy or boost your must be relevant to Quality Score by Landing page keywords within an having a great aesthetics are not a ad group and the landing page. factor. ad’s text. It is meant to police serious offenders, like phishing sites, doorway pages, pages of just ads, etc.
  11. 11. How can I optimize my landingpage for quality score but also have it be optimized for conversion?
  12. 12. Two basic rules for PPC and conversion:Fulfill the promise in the ad.Make it easy to complete the action.
  13. 13. Where PPCand conversion fight: Keyword density vs. conversion-centric design.
  14. 14. My quality scores are really low (like 3-4) How can I get them higher? Should I open a new account?
  15. 15. o re y Sc lit ua gQ Fi x in Restructure ad groups, Increase bid Build newDelete “bad” move prices landingkeywords poorly- (temporarily pages withand ads performing or more keywords to permanently) relevant new ad content groups
  16. 16. I want to start advertising on mobile. How should I set up my account?
  17. 17. Powerful tools for the multi-device worldAbility to easily manage your bids across locations, time anddevices—all within a single campaign Key features Bid adjustments and reporting by: AdWords Time Location Device Enhanced Multiple bid adjustments Campaigns
  18. 18. Q&A(Presubmitted Questions)
  19. 19. Live Q&A
  20. 20. Let’s talk about Trada!
  21. 21. Did you know?You need a team of experts.Applying diverse strategies and constant A/B testing is theonly way to mitigate risk in paid search and move the needle. 50% increase in concern about hiring and retainingIf you have an in-house person doing PPC, their approach will the right talent in PPC, 2012*be limited to their training and experience - which in turnlimits YOUR reach.You need visibility and control.To ensure that paid search is on-brand and efficient, youneed to work with a company that gives you true visibility into 47% Search marketers who don’t understandthe actual work being done. How much visibility does your how their own search practices areagency give you? affecting the bottom line, 2012**Your business objectives should be addresseddirectly by your paid search provider.Agencies are paid according to how much of your money they can spend. What if the relationship with yourpaid search provider was based on goal alignment and hinged on achieving those goals?*SEMPO state of search 2012 **Forrester Wave: Search Marketing Agencies, Q4 2012
  22. 22. The Trada Marketplace You have a team of highly specialized experts running PPC strategy and execution. Our model give you a team of highly specialized experts—Optimizers—creating and testing strategies throughout the lifetime of your campaign. Proprietary features, like the ability to measure return from each network and balance spend, mean you know your money is being spent efficiently. Your data and results are entirely in your control. Your in-house team will be able to direct how the Optimizers spend their time and ensure that their content and strategy are on-brand and efficient. We provide you with no-nonsense custom reporting on your schedule. Trada is performance based: you set goals, the experts work to beat them. Our unique method of goal alignment is not just a feature - it is the driving force in our marketplace. You set goals, your Trada team works to beat them, and they are compensated for their success.
  23. 23. As a next step!With read-only access to yourAdWords and Bing campaigns, aTrada Marketplace Expert will identify ALYS IS EE ANareas of opportunity and present aplan to improve results using Trada. FRtrada.com | 877-871-1835