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Summer 2010 Underwear News Briefs Swimwear guide! Find some of the hottest swimwear for summer

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  1. 1. UNBSWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 1
  2. 2. Swimwear Guide 2010 UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 The Hottest Swimwear for the Season We bring you some of the hottest swimwear of the season! It has been a long process to bring you this guide. It started at the Magic show in Las Vegas in February. It was a great show that featured many of the great swimwear that was coming out! The guides are a labor of love for me. I love to plan them out but when the time comes to produce them I wish I could be on vacation! The online version takes roughly 8 hours to set up. This includes the identifying of pictures, background information and the layout! Once it gets going it really goes by fast. This guide will be a little more time intensive but will still be fun to produce! As always I have to thank Gary over at NorCalBodz and all his models. He goes out all and works as hard if not harder then I do! This guide had 70 pairs of swimwear, from numerous companies. The logistics of getting it to him, making sure it’s shot and then back to me by the due date is quite daunting! But Gary never lets me down and does some really great work. We are going to redo our schedule for guides. After attending Magic, I realized some of our guide dates were hitting right when Magic was happening and new lines weren’t to be out until a month or more late. The next guide we will produce will be the Holiday Guide, it will be shot by NorCalBodz and be a regular guide. The Valentines Guide will be using stock photography from the participating brands. Then we will have a Spring/May Swimwear and then a Summer Underwear Guide. Stay tuned for more guides and fun on the site. Make sure you join us on Facebook http:// www.facebook.com/underwearnewsbriefs for some really exciting and fun things, including Facebook only contests! Thanks again! Tim Editor-In-Chief Models for the edition: From Left to right: Logan Swieck-- Taylor Andrew Campbell Jani Kokki John Kerstein 2
  3. 3. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Andrew Christian Andrew Christian is not just about underwear, he has been producing contemporary collections of urban inspired menswear, swimwear, edgy tees, and accessories since its inception in 1997. However, it was Andrew's innovative underwear designs that established the company as a force in the fashion world. Top Row: Logan is wearing the Andrew Christian Show-It-Trunk in White/Navy Bottom Row: (Left to right) Logan is wearing the Palms Pouch Low cut, Andrew is wearing the Shock Jock trunk in Black, Andrew is wearing the Flashback Basic Trunk in Black, Andrew is wearing the Retro Swim Short in white! These can all be purchased from the Andrew Christian Site! 3
  4. 4. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Cocksox Cocksox® does for men what the pushup bra does for women. Extensive development, testing & research has resulted in superior products with a visually enhancing design, room for your member and supreme comfort & support for everyday wear. Top Row: Logan is wearing the Cocksox Able Seaman White Swim Brief Bottom Row: (left) Andrew is wearing the Able Seaman Swim Trunk (right) Logan is wearing the Able Seaman Stripes These can all be purchased from the Cocksox Site! 4
  5. 5. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 RF/Lifeizpantz panTz make you feel good & look It's not just designer underwear and stunning – BE hot in the bedroom, sexy beachwear. It's not just modern luxury or at the pool & breath-taking on the beach refined living. It's the fashion attitude versatile – top or bottom panTz are that blends European sex appeal with underwear, swimwear, beachwear, that relaxed Australian lifestyle. Welcome funwear, gymwear, clubwear, dancewear, abroad. This is the RM lifestyle scuba-diving wear etc – anywhere revolution. (left) Logan is wearing the St. Tropez Stripe in Navy/White ,These can be bought from the Ristefsky Macheda website! Andrew is wearing Lifeizpantz. They come in various colors but the same style. You can Purchase Lifeizpantz from their site! 5
  6. 6. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Boy Rio BoyRio® is a company dedicated to provide men’s swimwear and activewear made from the highest quality materials reflecting style and sophistication. Our collection embodies the youthful spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro , and our swimwear is proudly made near the shores of Rio’s famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Top Row: Andrew is wearing the Santos suit Bottom Row: (left) Logan is wearing the Tropez Red/White, (Right) Andrew is wearing the Bandeiro suit, These can all be bought through the BoyRio Site 6
  7. 7. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Mundo Unico Mundo Unico develops products that meet the needs of masculine intimacy for different usage occasions, accompanying the man in all times of day to night. Moments of rest, sports, work and to celebrate, protecting it with special care of our lines: clothes off, gowns, shorts and bathrobes, underwear in different shapes, undershirts and our new lines to celebrate and PREMIUM SPA personal care. Top Row: Pantaloneta Playa Oasis 01J292116 Bottom Row: These can all be bought through the Unico site! Logan is wearing (Left): Pantaloneta Laya Grunta 01H292103, (Middle), Pantaloneta Playa Ola 01H292180, (Right) 7
  8. 8. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Clever Our Feelings about fashion and new trends makes us a part of a culture with the ability to innovate based on our creative spirits. Our designs Encourage freedom and respect for masculine Feelings. Top Row: (Left) Andrew is wearing the Swimsuit Brief Jidji, (Right) Logan is wearing the 0524 Sporty Square swimsuit Bottom Row: (Left to Right) Logan is wearing the Sporty Swimsuit Brief in Red, Logan is wearing the 0532 Tavarua Swimsuit in Green, Andrew is wearing the St. Martin Swimsuit Brief, Logan is wearing the 0516 Swimsuit Brief Matrinica To find out more about the suits visit the Clever website 8
  9. 9. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Jocko Let's face it.It's a time of change. It's true about so much around us.JOCKO is also undergoing a renaissance, of sorts.and this change is good - very good. with revolutionary new styles & exciting products, a fresh, useful, comprehensive new website, a new corporate mission new partnerships to complement how you live your life, new advertising and PR, a revitalized willingness to solicit and incorporate your feedback, and, frankly, a reborn sense of whimsy and fun We're sure you'll agree that at JOCKO, this change is very good. Top Row: Jani is wearing the Rex in Red/White Bottom Row: (left) Jani is wearing the Johnnie in Black/White, (Right) Jani is wearing the Ron in Navy and White To get these suits visit the Jocko Site 9
  10. 10. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Timoteo Timoteo Ocampo is an American designer based in Los Angeles, California. He studied at California State University, Los Angeles and received a Bachelor’s degree in Art with an option in Fashion Design. During his studies he interned at such places as Richard Tyler, Moda Cad, Lori London Millinery. After graduating from school he began designing the XOXO Knit sportswear line. Following that he worked closely with Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons as Head Designer to create the Baby Phat line. At Baby Phat he developed a full contemporary collection of knit, woven, denim, and leather. Top Row: Jani is wearing the Super Low Seafoam Stripe brief. Bottom Row: Jani is wearing the Speedster CM1168 in Asphalt/Black, Jani is wearing the Wave Swim CM1182 in Turquoise You can find these on the Timoteo Site! 10
  11. 11. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 aussieBum aussieBum is recognized around the world for consistently pushing the boundaries of what the fashion world sees as 'acceptable" - revolutionizing the men's underwear market with every new range. Recently the company was announced as the 2009 Australian Exporter of the Year - in the manufacturing category, validating their position in the global fashion market. The Young company now proudly boasts sales in over 90 countries around the world and they are only just beginning. (Left) Jani is wearing the Inspire Wonder Jock - Desire in Green/Navy (Right) Jani is wearing the 70's Zirconia These suits can be purchased through the aussieBum Site 11
  12. 12. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 N2N Bodywear Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, N2N Bodywear’s Andrew Makay creates more than great swimwear and underwear; his vision launched an apparel revolution for the gay traveler and adventurous metro- sexual. Whether you are a homosexual or straight-man, N2N will have something to make you feel special, unique and super- appealing to your partner. So many of us spend hours and hours in the gym but we tend to hide behind unappealing and sometimes baggy clothing. N2N is not your typical underwear and swimwear company; it truly embraces the male physique and takes him to the next level of true sex appeal. Top Row: John is wearing the SD1 Bullet Bikini Silver, John is wearing the NS Orbiter Black, John is wearing the Wild Sport Zebra, Jani is wearing the VC1 LA Vintage suit Bottom Row: Jani is wearing the SD Bullet Trunk Silver, Jani is wearing the P52 Catalina Sport Purple, Jani is wearing the NS4 N2N Splash Hot Pink, John is wearing the P50 Checker Sport Grey/Black, Jani is  wearing the Z15 Maverick Chartreuse 12
  13. 13. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Gregg Homme/3G Actualwear Founded in 2007, 3G ACTUALWEAR is a Canadian Founded in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a brand of Fashionable Underwear and swimwear with Canadian brand of audacious and ground- a  twist of active wear.Design is fundamental in the breaking men’s underwear, swimwear and 3G ACTUALWEAR values, aiming to meet the perfect clubwear. Through years of innovations and balance between comfort, quality and innovation; daring creations, GREGG HOMME has with the use of the most performing materials and the built an outstanding reputation for fabulous latest technologies, 3G ACTUALWEAR brings to men quality, exceptional design, and astonishing the perfect equilibrium between functionality and fit. aesthetics Top Row: Jani is wearing the Gregg Homme Jab Swimwear 85845 Red, (the rest are 3G) Jani is wearing the Cargo 65845, John is wearing the Rookie Swim 85635 Black, Bottom Row: John is wearing the Matelot Swimmer 77125 Green, Jani is wearing the Fiction 77235 Red/Black To find out more about these suits go to the Gregg Homme or 3G Actualwear sites 13
  14. 14. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Gigo & Marc Ouest Gigo is a comfortable line with a lot of Marc Ouest is known for its super sexy fashion and a large range of graphics styles. That includes underwear, and prints, which truly distinguish it from swimwear and active wear. They have other labels. Materials: *Cotton - never been shy to show off all parts of a Spandex, with a composition of 93% man. They have very skimpy and cotton and 7% Spandex / *Nylon – revealing cuts for the guy not afraid to Spandex, with a composition of 78% - show off what he has! Nylon 22% Spandex Clockwise from the Middle: John is wearing the Marine Blue Swim from Gigo, Jani is wearing the 8LV bikini from Marc Ouest, John is wearing the MFS5 swim brief, Jani is wearing the Lines Black & White Swim brief from Gigo You can get these suits from the Underwear Station and Marc Ouest Websites. 14
  15. 15. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Koala Swim & ES Collection At Koala, we offer the finest custom- quality men’s swimwear in the world. No ES Collection Swimwear & Underwear is matter what your personal mens manufactured to the highest European swimsuit choices may be, we can help standards on location in stylish Barcelona, you find the design and style that reflects Spain and has taken Europe by storm. ES your sense of enjoyment. Our top-quality Collection has created leading edge, high mens swimwear is made in the USA. quality, maximum comfort, body defining styles From thongs to bikinis, g-strings, erotic that have effortlessly redefined the men of wear and extreme Lycra shorts, our Europe. ES Collection will additionally blend men’s swimsuit choices range from sexy unique custom made products for our region to daring. into the already extensive portfolio, a FIRST for an exclusive International brand. Jani is wearing: (Left) 1001 Slip Deport Logos, ES Royal/Amarillo C/108,John is wearing the (Right) Polyanormous brief You can get these suits from the ES Collection and Koala Swim sites! 15
  16. 16. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Skmpeez SKMPEEZ was launched by two best friends in the summer of 2008. One, a designer, the other a businessman both with a love for fun in the sun and traveling. In preparation for a trip down south, the two searched high and low for the perfect swimsuit that not only made a statement but was still classy and fit well. After hours of searching store after store and then online, only one came home with a less than perfect suit. Following their trip, the two decided that with their skills they could design and produce their own swimsuits that were unique, fun, stylish and sexy. SKMPEEZ was born! Top Row: Jani is wearing Candezez suit Bottom Row: Splatz Euro Cut CMYK, Joez suit, Splatz Euro Cut, Palms trunks You can get these suits from the Skmpeez Website 16
  17. 17. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Baskit We strive to provide a hip, comfortable alternative for modern men who want underwear that fits their lifestyles and their bodies. We make gear that fits well and has a bit of style so it is pleasing to both body and eye. Top Row: Janis is wearing the Playas Trunk in Noir Bottom Row: Playas Trunk in silver, Dots Bikinis in White, Lucky 10 Box Cut Trunk in White You can get these suits on the Baskit website 17
  18. 18. UNB SWIMWEAR GUIDE Summer, 2010 Go Softwear Go Softwear™ ushered in a new era of men's undergarments in 1996 with the introduction of men's padded underwear. Before the word metrosexual was in vogue Go Softwear undergarments were becoming a favorite among young, image and body conscious males. Since then Go Softwear has introduced a range of underwear, workout wear and swimwear “with an edge. The most popular style of underwear is the introduction of the “low rise brief,” inspired by the popularity of the lo-rise jean trend. The contour European fit with bold comic book colors and playfulness have become a favorite choice in men's fashion underwear. Top Row: Jani is wearing, John is wearing the Sean Brief Swim Royal/Yellow Bottom Row: Jani is wearing (Left) Raymond Brief Hawaii, Alan Square Cut - Charcoal, John is wearing the C Ring Bikini Royal You can get these suits on GO Softwear ‘s website 18
  19. 19. Swimwear Guide 2010 Participating Sites Summer, 2010 Andrew Christian - http://www.andrewchristian.com Cocksox - http://www.cocksox.com Ristefsky Macheda - http://www.ristefskymacheda.com Life Iz Pantz - http://www.lifeizpantz.com Boy Rio - http://www.boyrio.com Mundo Unico - http://mundounicostore.com Clever Moda - http://www.clevermoda.com Jocko - http://www.jocko.com Timoteo - http://www.timoteo.net aussieBum - http://www.aussiebum.com N2N Bodywear - http://www.n2nbodywear.com Gregg Homme - http://www.gregg.ca 3G Actualwear - http://www.3gactualwear.com Gigo/Underwear Station - http://www.underwearstation.com Marc Ouest - http://www.marcouset.com Koala Swim - http://www.koalaswim.com Skmpeez - http://www.skmpeez.com ES Collection - http://www.escollection.es Baskit - http://www.baskitwear.com Go Softwear - http://www.gosfotwear.com Find us at: http://www.norcalbodz.com http://underwearnewsbriefs.com (C) 2010 Underwear News Briefs and NorCalBodz.