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Universe Awareness Presentation
Universe Awareness Presentation
Universe Awareness Presentation
Universe Awareness Presentation
Universe Awareness Presentation
Universe Awareness Presentation
Universe Awareness Presentation
Universe Awareness Presentation
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Universe Awareness Presentation


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"Universe Awareness Presentation" …

"Universe Awareness Presentation"
C. Odman

Presented at: 1st IYA2009 Meeting
ESO, Garching, Germany

March 2007

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. UNIVERSE AWARENESS UNAWECarolina Ödman odman@strw. leidenuniv. 2009, Garching, March 2 - 4, 2007 1
  • 2. GOALS of UNAWE• Expose very young (4 - 10) underprivileged children to inspirational aspects of astronomy. – Broaden their perspectives – Enhance their understanding of the world – Demonstrate the power of rational thought• By broadening children’s minds, UNAWE will help stimulate tolerance and internationalism GOALS of UNAWE 2
  • 3. Astronomy for Peace• Science • Multidisciplinary – Investigation, curiosity – The big questions – Ambassador for all • FUN! sciences – Beautiful images – Development of technology – Extreme conditions• Culture – Unreachable yet – History (past and in the available to all making*) – Cultural heritageAnniversaries (source: Wikipedia):1609 & 1619: Kepler publishes his two laws!1919: Eddington travels to Principe and demonstratesEinstein’s newly published relativity by observing a solareclipse1929: Hubble identifies Andormeda as a galaxy1929: Hubble discovers the expansion of the Universe1939: Hans Bethe proposes nuclear fusion as stellar combustionprocess1989: COBE launched1989: Hipparcos launched (Gaia 2011)History in the making:2009: NigeriaSAT2 launch 3
  • 4. MOTIVATION• Beauty and size of the Universe excite young children – Not only education programme!• Basic knowledge of the Universe is a birthright INGREDIENTS• Material Games, cartoons, songs, hands-on material • Entertaining and developed by professionals • Translated into various languages and cultures• Training • Dialogue, dissemination, feedback, evaluation • Tailored to each country and community• International Network • Communication between teachers and development professionals worldwide • Exchange of ideas, experience and materials • Coordination of independant initatives 4
  • 5. Development Philosophy• Bottom-up approach – Participatory• Diverse environments – Basic, intermediate, advanced – Europe (e.g. inner cities) and Emerging countries• Modular and flexible – Child development• Will foster ethnic heritage of astronomy – Intangible cultural heritage – Ownership Pilot Activities• Venezuela – UNESCO Schools network – Astronomy community – Ministry of Science and Education• Tunisia – Science City – Teacher training and travelling “Astro-Bus” – Ministries of Family Affairs and of Education 5
  • 6. TIMELINE 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 PREPARATION DEVELOPMENT IMPLEMENTATION IYA2009 EVALUATION Same timeline as IYA2009 Vision: Long-term sustainability Implementation• Present active UNAWE participation – Chile, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Venezuela – Participation in an international programme gives a high profile (Astronomy in non IAU countries)• Work with existing programmes – Foster experience and infrastructure to spread the UNAWE philosphy – Amateurs, etc. 6
  • 7. What can you do?• Involve your communities – astronomers, pro & amateurs, education, etc.• Full participation: – Identification of people & potential funding• Join the Network: – All material will be made available• Collection of available material for very young children• Collection of myths and legends Global 2009 activities• Count the stars• Tell stories• Sing a song about the sky• Astronomy and art• Online hook-ups (e.g. Eclipse tonight)• Class twinning• etc• Please stay in touch to know more! 7
  • 8. CONCLUSIONS• UNAWE combines social and educational aims• There is need for such a programme• Everyone can take part• Nationally driven efforts• AIM: Implement UNAWE in 2009 Contact me: Carolina Ödman 8