SBB Colloquium: Universe in a Box


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Master colloquium presentation on internship with UNAWE. Project: Universe in a Box

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SBB Colloquium: Universe in a Box

  1. 1. SBB Internship with UniverseAwareness (UNAWE)Product /RP d t /Resource D l Development t
  2. 2. Inspiring every childwith our wonderful cosmos f
  3. 3. Vision Vi iUseU perspective, iinspiration and f of astronomy t ti i ti d fun f t to: - Introduce young children to the excitement of science, especially those from underexposed communities - Enhance children’s understanding of the world and broaden their minds - Stimulate a sense of global citizenship and cultural understanding
  4. 4. Modus Operandi p International Network Educational Teacher Material M t i l Training T i i
  5. 5. Network t rk41 C Countries i(6 EU-UNAWE)500+ Educators & Astronomers
  6. 6. Teacher Training• Teacher = strong multiplier Teacher  strong multiplier• Minimum of 2 teacher trainings per country per year
  7. 7. Educational material Games,  Games Fun and Cartoons, Books,  Offline & Online  Ineractive Activity Kits Activity Kits Easy to  Localizable Low Cost Reproduce
  8. 8. Educational Product: Universe in aBox
  9. 9. The Concept
  10. 10. House of Astronomy, Germany, 2009:
  11. 11. The Experience Experience…
  12. 12. Leiden, The Netherlands, 2011:
  13. 13. Aim Establish a framework for the  production and distribution of Universe in a Box
  14. 14. Product Development Flow Concept Idea Generation Idea Screening Development  and Testing and Testing Technical  Business  BusinessImplementation  Beta Testing Analysis Plan
  15. 15. Practical Features P ti l F t Resonates with UNAWE’s mission of   inquiry‐based, interdisciplinary, and  inquiry based interdisciplinary and cultural content Localizable Modular and Modular and Low cost  Low‐cost Easy to  Easy to with UNAWE Customizable Materials Reproduce Network
  16. 16. Potential Market A great tool | 40 Countries• Schools / Teachers • Playschools  • Primary Schools • Secondary Schools Secondary Schools• Educators • Amateur Astronomer Associations Amateur Astronomer Associations• Science and Activity Centers • S i Science Centre Workshops C t W kh • Visitor centers • Afterschool Activity Centers
  17. 17. Materials Cost Analysis (Not B lk)M t i l C t A l i (N t Bulk) Germany India Other  Oth €160 €20 countries?
  18. 18. Shipping Cost Analysis (Not Bulk)
  19. 19. Some ConclusionsRegional Production DIY Kits• Early 2013• Price region‐dependent• Weight within 3 kg g g • For Countries • For Schools / Centres
  20. 20. Ten days to go go… Concept  Concept Idea  Idea Screening Development and  TestingGeneration (February) (March) (M h) Technical  Business Implementation Implementation Beta Testing Beta Testing Plan Analysis l (May‐June) (May‐June) (April)
  21. 21. Astronomy in Timor-LesteTransit of Venus 2012
  22. 22. Children’s Day Activities
  23. 23. Teacher Training Workshop
  24. 24. University Exhibition on Astronomy
  25. 25. Followed by lots of talks…
  26. 26. …and demonstrations
  27. 27. UNAWE Program Coordinator, Timor-Leste
  28. 28. More children’s activities
  29. 29. Universe in a Box, in action
  30. 30. Transit day…
  31. 31. Transit passion…
  32. 32. Coming home with many learnings…
  33. 33. Thank you!Thank you!UNAWE International Office & Network, Leiden University, House of Astronomy (Germany), Friends, Family, Universe
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