Museum Boerhaave: Fears, Friends, Future


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Leiden Science Communication Seminar by Dirk van Delft (Museum Boerhaave, Director)
November 2012


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Museum Boerhaave: Fears, Friends, Future

  1. 1. Museum Boerhaave: Fears, Friends, FutureLeiden ScienceCommunicationSeminars21 November 2012Dirk van DelftMuseum BoerhaaveLeiden University
  2. 2. Museum Boerhaave: National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine Founded in 1928 Present location: 1991Collection: 100,000 artefacts, books, paintings (2000 in the permanent exhibition)Staff: 35 FTEMission:Based on its unique, magnificent collection,Museum Boerhaave aspires to appeal to arich and varied audience, to excite andeducate them, in a way that is fun for them.In this regard, the museums constant aim isto dovetail with current events, never losingsight of the goal of creating support for sciencein society.
  3. 3. Museum Boerhaave shows five centuries of Dutch innovationHuygens pendulum Big electromagnetNarcose mask Auzoux model
  4. 4. Brill Botany in the Golden Age
  5. 5. Technolab
  6. 6. Prinsjesdag: € 19.006.512 budget for 2013-16
  7. 7. Pieterskerk, fundraising dinner, 15 December 2011
  8. 8. Save Boerhaave!Challenge June 2011: raise 700.000 euro extra own income, this year
  9. 9. November 2010: Zijlstra’s Museum Criterions1. Numbers of visitors2. Cultural entrepeneurship3. Education and youngster participation4. International renowed collection5. Decentralisation6. Innovation Recent acquisition: Land surveyor; Golden Age
  10. 10. Letter of Zijlstra to the Parliament, 10 June 2011Entry requirement museums for the new cultural infrastructure 2013 t/m 2016:Own income for 2010 and 2011 should be at least 17,5%!Failure: only money to take care of the collection and closure tot the publicLetter Januari 2010 from minister Plasterk: in 2012 standard must be met Oldest heliocentric planetarium
  11. 11. Lobby:- Museum Boerhaave is unique (medicine)- Expertise in collection management (restoration atelier)- International reputation- Programs in promoting science education (shortage)- Numbers of visitors are shooting up- Own income on the rise- Positive visitation report- No financial argumentEffect: 0 (zero) in spite of broad attention in the mediaReason: politicalConsequence: 700.000 euro EXTRA own income, to be raised in six months
  12. 12. Lobby at the Parliament
  13. 13. We are not pathetic!
  14. 14. Active attitude:invest in innovating projects and go after sponsorsProjects:- Treasure island Boerhaave- Water playground- Renewal permanent exhibition- Transformation Anatomical Theater- Collection research- Technolab hands on education
  15. 15. Who are those friends? Mathematical instruments
  16. 16. Lady D.donation of 100,000 euro! Ionica Smeets lecturing for Museum Kids University
  17. 17. NeighbourhoodPresentaton Boerhaaviaantje
  18. 18. Board of Govenorsnetwork Snellius quadrant
  19. 19. AmbassadorsHans Galjaard Henk van Houten Jeroen van der VeerRick van der Ploeg Ewine van Dishoeck Gerard ´t Hooft
  20. 20. Leiden Municipality - Leiden University Kamerlingh Onnes Building
  21. 21. Friends and benefactorsCaecilia Foundation: 1,000 new members! Masterclass painting
  22. 22. Adopt an instrument Helium liquefactor Heike Kamerlingh Onnes
  23. 23. Boulitte electrocardiograph
  24. 24. Science bodies – NWO, KNCV, LUMC, etc.Hall of fame Dutch Nobel Prize Winners
  25. 25. Cultural funding agenciesPrins Bernhard CultuurfondsFonds 1818SNS ReaalVSB FondsStichting DoenNoaber FoundationAMMODO Exhibition ‘My skin’
  26. 26. Business worldShell, Philips, DSM, ASML, Leica, Zorg en ZekerheidPhoto exhibit ‘Energy Future’; Leiden
  27. 27. PoliticiansAuction at the fundraising dinner, 15 December 2011
  28. 28. PressNew media:twitter!
  29. 29. Final result: one million euro!
  30. 30. Consequences for the Museum Boerhaave organization- solidarity, all hens on deck!- compliance, hospitality- flexibility- creativity, inventiveness- less attention for collection management- resilience- cooperation, openness- changes are permanent! Strip ‘Newton in the Netherlands’
  31. 31. Mixed feelings Zijlstra played a dirty trick on us Museum Boerhaave has taken advantage of the situation Never waste a good crisis!
  32. 32. Challenge 2013-16: Renewal of the permanent exhibitionFrom Chronological presentation of scientific instrumentsTo Telling thematic stories using, among other things, original artefactsThemes:Golden Age Enlightment Body & soulSpace & time Nobel Prize NL MedicineThe engineer Modern life The laboratory
  33. 33. Museum Night: Anatomical dissection
  34. 34. 20th century medical science
  35. 35. Body & soul
  36. 36. Museum Boerhaave new style:• It’s all about the real thing• Nothing can compete with the historical sensation• Don’t worship artefacts in isolation, but incorporate them into fascinating stories• Don’t concentrate on technical explanations but offer relevant contextsOther ingredients of these stories: Auzoux collection- Pictures- Film clips- Archive material- Interactive displays- Augmented reality- Models- Games
  37. 37. Focus on education: Treasure Island Boerhaave
  38. 38. Museum BoerhaaveCSI workshop:Who stoleAlbert Einstein’sfountain pen?THANK YOU!