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EUNAWE Presentation Germany

EUNAWE Presentation Germany






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    EUNAWE Presentation Germany EUNAWE Presentation Germany Presentation Transcript

    • EUNAWE GermanyDr. Cecilia Scorza , Natalie Fischer, Haus der Astronomie, Heidelberg, Germany Prof. Andreas Quirrenbach, Heidelberg University
    • 1. Main goal: EUNAWE Germany as a motor of cultural and social integration in German industrial citiesDisadvantaged children in GermanyGroup 1: children with immigrant background• feeling like a foreigner their whole lifes• emotionally closed, -unable to learn the german language -“bad“ at school -end up in the so-called „special schools“Group 2: children of unemployed people• They receive a very modest economical support from the goverment• Some parents are alcoholized, watch TV the whole day, their daily diet is VERY bad• Lack of perspectives
    • 2. Previous and current activities & experience since 2002Heidelberg Observatory, University of HeidelbergProf. Andreas Quirrenbach
    • 3. Expertice and skills that will be brought into the project (E)UNAWE Educational materials Throughout playful activities Learning by doing / listening stories Learning to share Learning to change perspectives Cognitive aspects Observational skills Spatial orientation Recognize & classify objects Prof. Sabina Pauen Developmental psychology Psychology Institute Heidelberg University Identification figures MP9 EVALUATION!!
    • Intensive work with the„multi-cultural Moon“ China Kenya Kongo „universal“
    • Handbook with many activities The moon
    • Expertice: UNAWE Project in Ludwigshafen with support of the BASF and the University of Heidelberg•790 pre-scholar teachers•27 teacher trainings in 3 years•500 Euros / Kindergarten Ludwigshafen Ludwigshafen Heidelberg Heidelberg Natalie Fischer Cecilia Scorza
    • A multi-task project… 80-90 % children with immigrant background!! UNAWE Training on astronomy Implementation UNAWE Training on Integration of the Mathematics parents & Natural Sciences, Language
    • Teacher training at the Heidelberg ObservatoryConstraints:Face-to-face programme (no computers, no internet facilities!)Teacher training: 2 days, 1 night, 1 supervision dayProgramm of the trainingCategorization of objects, scales, beauty of objectsIntroduction to the UNAWE idea (cultural and social aspects)Modul 1: The Moon-Sun-Earth as a system (Earth awareness, Earth-citizen-awareness)Modul 2: The Earth in the Solar SystemModul 3: The world of the constellations  Myths and storiesModul 4: Our place in the Milky Way and the families of galaxiesObservations (of the Moon, Sun, planets, constellations)
    • A lot of fears…
    • Self creativity in the implementation
    • “The World meets at the Kindergarten”
    • Intercultural or “interplanetary“ education with „Godo“ (our „E.T“) Godo comes „from abroad“ (exoplanet) He needs help, doesn´t speak a our language We can learn a lot from him… and he from us…Six months later…Alina came also „from abroad“ (Croatia)..
    • Work with the parents Parents with immigrant background: collect myths and stories around the sky
    • Success thanks to the pre-scholar teachers! Expert group (consultants),hotline, tips• 790 pre-escolar teachers working actively for UNAWE• Impact even after three years• Per year 9.800 children ages 3-6• In three years  30.000 children
    • Together with the parents..
    • 4. National project managers: Status of recruitment 5.1 A new home for EUNAWE at the House of Astronomy (Sept. 2011) EUNAWE endorsement of the German Astronomical Society (AG) EUNAWE room & office
    • 4. National project managers: Status of recruitment Natalie Fischer, Cecilia Scorza Physicist and educator Astronomer and educator Anita Bucur, developmental psychologist One special contribution to the EUNAWE project: Evaluation instrument (WP9) for EUNAWE The great challange: to evaluate a programme that not only estimulates the scientific mind but also has very strong social and (multi)cultural components
    • EUNAWE national committee
    • 5. Implementation plan according to the EUNAWE tasks WP7Tasks WP7 & WP9 6-18 months 18-30 months 1.7.2011 – 1.07.2012 1.07.2012 – 01.07.2013Select suitable resourcesTranslate resourcesDesign new resourcesDistribution of materialsStandard modulesOnline publicationsEvaluation instruments WP9Teacher trainings1x 2-day national level3x 1-day regional levelChildren
    • Another milestone: Implementation plan on national scale (2012)National programm:„The house of theyoung researcher“ Berlin Heidelberg
    • Thank you!