Differences and Commonalities in Africa


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A presentation about Environmental Differences and Commonalities in Africa given by Olayinka Fagbemiro during the 2012 Astronomy to Inspire and Educate Young Children: EU Universe Awareness Workshop.

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Differences and Commonalities in Africa

  1. 1. ENVIRONMENTAL DIFFERENCESAND COMMONALITIES IN AFRICA Olayinka Fagbemiro National Space Research and Development Agency, Abuja. Nigeria.
  2. 2. Nigeria in Africa
  3. 3. The Universe: Our Common Heritage! * The contrast in our environment * Our commonalities * Challenges faced by rural, less privileged kids
  4. 4. A Typical School in rural Africa Shepherd Nursery and Primary School is located in a rural community known as Owoeye in Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
  5. 5. This community lacks basic infrastructure such as water, constant electricity and good roads.
  6. 6.  Shepherd Nursery and Primary School is a modest elementary school with about 121 pupils and 14 teachers situated in the heart of this rural community.
  7. 7. Shepherd School Compound
  8. 8. . Shepherd School Space Club  In spite of the abject poverty of the environment, the school has a vibrant space club of about 50 members. Members with invited pupils from schools in the neighbouring Communities.
  9. 9. Achievements of Shepherd School Space Club Members of the space club educate the community through novel means such as poems, playlets and rhymes.
  10. 10. The students have greatly impacted thecommunity by creating awareness aboutspace science and technology.
  11. 11. Space MuseumThe space club has a museum showcasing locally fabricated models of the solar system, rockets, satellites and astronauts.
  12. 12. Locally Fabricated Space Mock-UpsLocally fabricated model of Rocket and aeroplane
  13. 13. Locally fabricated model of waterRocket
  14. 14. Space Club members demonstrating an EVA walk
  15. 15. CSSTE staff taking students througha presentation on Astronauts inspace Space Club members watching the presentation with rapt attention.
  16. 16. We love Space!
  17. 17. Space Club membersparticipating in acolouring competition.
  18. 18. Space Club Executiveswith the School proprietor
  19. 19. Colour an Astronaut Competition
  20. 20. Welcome to ourSpace ClubAnniversary!
  21. 21. Hands-on activities on the solar system
  22. 22. Training Workshop for Space Science Education Contact Teachers
  23. 23. Excursions to the Space Museum
  24. 24. Inspiring rural kids and teachers by an Astronaut visit! Jean-Jacque Favier with kids
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