Two Latest iPad Cases Released In On April 20, 2011


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This article displys a news about two newest iPad cases released last week and make a clear statement of their descriptions.

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Two Latest iPad Cases Released In On April 20, 2011

  1. 1. Two Latest iPad Cases ReleasedIn On April20, 2011 Last week, Limited added two latest iPad cases- TPU and hard back iPad cases to theircustomers, which draw much attention by gadgetfans.The sales manager of NearbyExpress.comLimited( ), Judy Tang said, “This must be agood news for all the people who are looking formost practical and wonderful gifts for theirfriends”.Because of the diverse colors and creative design,those durable and practical iPad cases can even
  2. 2. satisfy all levels customers.The iPad cases released lastweek is the additional iPadaccessories afterNearbyExpress released iPadstylus pens and screenprotectors two weeks ago.Here let’s take a short tour ofthe main features of those two newest iPad cases.Start from TPU Ipad cases. TPU Skin Case ClipOn Cover for Apple iPad2 (Clear)-Protect your Apple iPad 2 while giving it adistinctive look.-Specifically designed for the Apple iPad2, this SoftGel Case is simple to put on and take off.- The Ultra-Low Profile design makes sure that thiscase does not interfere with the screen or anybuttons of the Apple iPad2.- Soft Gel TPU allows you to have more grip onyour iPad2, lessening the chances of accidentallydropping it as it slips out of your hands
  3. 3. Then let’s move to hard back cases.Hard Back Case for Apple Ipad 2 (Black)- Specifically and perfectly designed for the AppleiPad2-Smooth texture- One piece case will fit your iPad2 like a glove-Precisely cut openings to fit the iPad2 so that youcan enjoy all of the iPad2s functions while the caseis installed-The hard back case to protect your iPad2 againstdust, fingerprints, and mechanical damage-The case is made of durable hard material- Vibrant coloring to catch the eyeball of peopleand make your iPad2 pop and stand out. Once ownit, you will be the most fashionable star aroundyour friends-Color: blackWhen you have bought a new iPad,what will you do next? Of course, you
  4. 4. can buy a suitable case cover for decoration andprotection of your iPad. Therefore, buy a iPad casefor your friends must be a very practical andfavorable decision!