The Heavier the Laptop Battery is, The Better Your Laptop is?


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This article provides you the reason why we can't judge the quality of laptop batteries from weight, which can be concluded to 6 reasons from different aspects. Read on to find the reason by yourself! Check more details in:

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The Heavier the Laptop Battery is, The Better Your Laptop is?

  1. 1. The Heavier the Laptop Battery is, The Better Your Laptop is?<br />It’s a stereotype opinion that weight of laptop battery equals to its property, which is the reason why major of customers are likely to judge the property of laptop battery ( ) from its power. To be honest, it’s really an efficient way to test laptop battery when we do not have any accessible measurement in hand. However, it’s not the most scientific way to make a judgment. <br />On the view of customers’ psychology, electronic suppliers should manage to increase purchasing value of customers, i.e., they should contribute customers to buy better quality products at lower price. Therefore, what electronic suppliers need to do is to update technology, under the stable condition of property, to enhance items’ intensity and cut cost by taking advantage of new materials as well as novel design theory.<br />Then, how to realize the above theology for laptop batteries? First of all, as one of the most important content of CCC Test, EMT electric circuit is the vital screen to reduce electromagnetic radiation for laptop batteries. Traditionally, in order to meeting CCC demands, EMI should set up two levels circuits with common-mode and different-mode circuits to achieve EMT filter. However, as the improvement of component property, it’s enough to achieve the requirements from CCC just by several parts of circuits, especially for laptop batteries with low power. <br />Additionally, PFC circuit is also an important part for laptop battery. Compared with the traditional metal racks, the newest material is made from ceramic and plastic, which are characterized by good insulation, light weight and low noise. <br />As the popularity of SMD (Surface Mount Device) Technology, some capacitors, resistors and diodes are smaller than eve, which are integrated in the back of PCB board. That’s the reason why it looks cleaner a lot in interior structure of laptop battery. At the same time, cleaner interior structure is more beneficial for shaping ventilation to dissipate heat. <br />Another important technology shouldn’t be ignored is the development of chip integration. For example, in the past design of HP hstnn-lb72 battery ( ), it’s a common design to plus PWM with comparator, while those two chips are integrated to one unit. What’s more, the peripheral accessories are decreased to some extent. <br />Meanwhile, the advancement in power devices and the acceleration in circuit design are good for enhancing power efficiency from 65% to 80%, which really can reduce the heat of laptop batteries. That’s the reason why thick heat sinks is thinner much more than ever. <br />All in all, coexisting with ever-changing, some components are still unchanged, such as large capacitor, transformer, switch, and rectifier. Because of the development of technology and science, the age of judging items’ quality from its weight has been pasted. <br />