Jobs Steps Down At Apple, What Electronic and Gadget Market Will Get


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Jobs Steps Down At Apple, What Electronic and Gadget Market Will Get

  1. 1. Jobs Steps Down At Apple, What Electronic and Gadget Market Will Get<br />-285751266825According to the big news from San Francisco, Steven P. Jobs, whose insistent vision that he knew what consumers wanted made Apple one of the world’s most valuable and influential companies, is stepping down as chief executive, the company announced late Wednesday (24 August, 2011), who will become chairman of the board. Apple named Tim Cook, its chief operating officer, to succeed Mr. Jobs as chief executive.<br />Rarely has a major company and industry been so dominated by a single individual, and so successful. His influence has gone far beyond PCs. In the last decade, Apple has redefined the music business through the iPod, the cellphone business through the iPhone and the entertainment and media world through the iPad. Again and again, Mr. Jobs has gambled that he knew what the customer would want, and again and again he has been right. That’s the reason why in after-hours trading, the stock of Apple fell 5 percent.<br />As the giant of electronics and gadgets, Apple has been granted much more complements than anyone else. The leader, Jobs, is deemed to be the legend. Then what the effect of this big change in Apple will make on electronic and gadget market?<br />First of all, credibility and popularity down<br />There are millions of thousands of Apple fans around the world and get increasing since the appearance of iphone, ipad and ipod, which raise the Market Value of Apple to the NO.1 advantages over Software. Those legends are brought by the super man Jobs, today his leaving declares an unknown future of Apple to his customers and partners.<br />Secondly, SMEs of electronics and gadgets benefits<br />With the development and popularity of Apple brand, in electronic and gadget ( )markets, iphone, ipad and ipod occupy much more parts than any other major suppliers like NOKIA, SUMSUNG and Sony, less say small and medium companies. The replacement of Apple’s chairman may bring more space and room for SMEs to shock smart phone and pad markets. MIUI phones take this chance to grasp much more pocket money from customers. can widen channels of electronics and gadgets to margin android market to some extent. <br />