How to Make a Real Tattoo at Home by Tattoo Machine from


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This article provides the detail steps of how to tattoo correctly at home.

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How to Make a Real Tattoo at Home by Tattoo Machine from

  1. 1. How to Make a Real Tattoo at Home by Tattoo Machine from It’s normal and common to find some cool and beautiful tattoos in other people’s hands or heels; it used to be regard as asignal of bad guy, that’s the reason why some many gangstersare fond of them. However, due to the increasing popularityand prosperity in entertainers, someone likes cool and fashionstuff moving his attention from other luxuries, especiallybecause of its mystery features. Take one of my favorite takeshow host- little S for instance, who is one of the super host inTaiwan TV talk shows, I love her not because her intelligenceand wisdom in the face of sudden situation in her programs,but also her humor and cool personality. The tattoo in her heeland hand makes deep impression in me. Another example canbe mentioned here is the homosexual movie- Tattoo, in which
  2. 2. the hosts imprint memory by tattoo. That can be love amonglovers or families. Tattoo isn’t only an action to create a tattoo,a permanent marking of the skin with indelible ink by ahand-held device- tattoo machine.Because of its special meaning, more and more people wouldlike to get a tattoo by themselves. Here I would like to sharewith you the detail steps of how to make a real tattoo. The following things you should be packed: Tattoo machine Design display Shaver Thermo-fax Stencil material Variety of needle shapes and sizes Inks Sterilizing pads and bandages Autoclave sterilizing machine LicenseNothing except tattoo machine is vital for a tattoo handler.There are two kinds of tattoo machines available in hootoo,
  3. 3. you can choose any one of them depending on differentsituation and various preference.Rotary tattoo machine: Rotary tattoo machines were theoriginal machines, based on rotary technology, which wasinvented by Samuel OReilly and improved by the tattoo artiststhrough the years. Rotary type machines use an electric motorto drive the needles. Some recent upgrades include using anarmature bar to increase efficiency: a characteristic of coilmachines. Recently there have been improvements to makethis type of machine pneumatic, in place of the electric motorused now.Coil tattoo machine: Coil tattoo machines use anelectromagnetic circuit to move the needle grouping. There aremany variations, from single-coiled machines to triple-coiledmachines. They can be made from many different materialsand in many different sizes and shapes. Dual-coiled machinesare considered to be standard.Though our title is persuading to tattoo at home, it’s nottattoo by yourself, if there is possible, it would better tosculpture by your friends. It’s really bloody to tattoo yourself.
  4. 4. First of all, buy some designed tattoo figures from some tattooshops or you can design by yourself or work with your friends,or the best option is to search some in the internet and thendownload them.Secondly, thermo-fax should be on stage, while if your figuresare sticky, this step will be unnecessary for you. It can transferthe figure onto a stencil, which is used to paste pattern to yourskin.Thirdly, before tattoo, wash and sterilize your skin isindispensable to avoid any possible dangers of infection. Wetthe limited skin with water and paste stencil should be the nextaction.Fourthly, full your ink can of tattoo machine gun with black inkfirst, which is used to outline the main pattern with a simple,circular needle. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your skin too much,though pains is inevitable.Fifthly, add the insoluble colors with thicker ink depending ondiverse effects you need after wash and sterilize your firsttattoo skin again with soap. This time you need to take anotherdifferent size needles, generally speaking, if you purchasetattoo machine needles from hootoo, they can offer you over
  5. 5. 14 kinds of needles. Flat needles are used for shading, andbigger ones for color fill.Sixthly, if it’s possible apply a sterilized bandage after clean thetattooed area third time. It may bleed lightly for a short timewhich can last from a few hours to a day. But the beautiful andcool tattoo pays.At last, place tattoo machine, tubes and needles in an autoclave,it takes heating, steaming and pressure to sterilize them.