Electronic & Gadget War for Apple, $250 Android3.1 Amazon Tablet, How?


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This article provides three main hiden reasons of the coming Amazon tablets in fall why it would be sold at $250 price.

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Electronic & Gadget War for Apple, $250 Android3.1 Amazon Tablet, How?

  1. 1. Electronic & Gadget War for Apple, $250 Android3.1 Amazon Tablet, How? <br />31146751981200As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling various electronics and gadget, apparel, furniture, food, and toys, who has established separated website around the world. Nowadays, a churning rumor is running in electronic and gadget market, A 7-inch Amazon tablet is coming this fall at $250, which would change the tablet situation status quo dominated by iPad, becoming the face-off arch-rival of Apple. <br />Have you ever been fighting for the $99 HP TouchPad to grasp this one-in-million chance because of the high-quality but low-price? Yes, iPad has been touting million gadget lovers at the $500 price, while lower-price competitor to Apple should be much more welcomed by users. What is this Amazon tablet comes in at $250 with a superior product? There will be a new upswing in electronic & gadget market.<br />While one question in the air is how to ensure the high-quality when the price is as low as $250? Here let’s unveil the secret behind this $250 Amazon Tablet. <br />First of all, as the up-and-coming tablet supplier, Amazon.com can take on former experiences from other major tablet makers as tablet market is increasing mature, both in product design and marketing strategy, which can save much time and money.<br />Secondly, based on Kindle E-books, which is one of the brisk sales in Amazon.com and 7-inch one-handed design that much smaller than iPad, Amazon Tablet starts from giants’ shoulder.<br />Last but the most important is Amazon Appstore for Honeycomb, the trump card for Amazon Tablet. The way Amazon gets to $250 is majorly by leveraging Amazon services, making tablet owners buy Amazon music and store files on Amazon Cloud Drive and hopefully sign up for Amazon Prime, in which thousands of millions of users pave the way. Fortunately for Amazon, Google's Android Market for Honeycomb is broken and hard to use. A well-run, Honeycomb-centric Amazon AppStore would not only supercharge Amazon's tablet, it could be a winner on other Android tablets as well.<br />I’m not a one to persuade customers to wait for some products especially for electronics and gadgets (http://www.hootoo.com/electronics-gadgets-c-193.html ) for we are often disappointed by the turn out. While this time, this $250 Amazon Table broke my rule because of the long-term reputation and expected sales measured by millions. If you are not that into this Amazon Tablets, you can hang on in hootoo.com who is one of the best suppliers of electronics and gadgets in the world to find some more interesting toys. <br />