1st Close Wave of Electronic Gadget Company in China, Hootoo Outlives


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1st Close Wave of Electronic Gadget Company in China, Hootoo Outlives

  1. 1. 1st Close Wave of Electronic Gadget Company in China, Hootoo Outlives<br />According to the date providing from Shenzhen E-commerce Industry Association, by the end of last year, there are over 3,700 electronic and gadget webshops registered in Shenzhen, China, while near 500 e-commerce companies bankrupted or restructured last year, in which Hootoo.com survives. <br />The general Secretary of Shenzhen e-commerce industry association, Miss Gao said there is only 20% e-commerce companies can survive in face of this closing wave recently years, that’s the case with the traditional business. Specifically, 30% e-commerce company closed within one year after registered, while 60% would die within three years, in which Hootoo.com (http://www.hootoo.com/electronics-gadgets-c-193.html ), who is one of the professional suppliers of retail electronics, survives. <br />The reason of this closing wave results from traditional businesses which are increasing to strengthen the capability of operating internet business. Shen Ren, who is the Godfather of Chinese Internet Marketing, said China has turn to scale application stage from basic construction of network, platform and tools and reputation accumulation. Who should apply, who should benefit first. From 2009 to 2013, small and medium enterprises have the best chance to open the e-commerce windows to strengthen them. While as long as some giants who occupy advantageous brands, capitals, talents and channels dive into the river of internet business, the chance windows of SMEs would close one by one. Therefore, if the traditional businesses still remain the present situation in this emergency gateway to operate network transformation, it’s doomed to be defeated by emerging network enterprises. The core of global business competition lies in network not office in the future ten years, which are the most important symbol and capital for global enterprises. <br />There are at least three problems need to solve first for SMEs to survive from this closing wave.<br />First of all, Extreme Lack of Talents <br />It’s rare for some comprehensive university to get rid of the recruitment of Business English Major Students nowadays. While there are rare talents both mastering business and electronics. How to calculate suitable talents to meet the demand of e-commerce development becomes a vital issue. Take the Hootoo.com for instance. As one of medium enterprises, who emphasizes in electronics and gadgets since 2001, in order to avoid this closing wave, the Human Resource Department expands to attract much more excellent talents to strengthen the Hootoo sales team, which is composed of 20-30 year-old dynamic and talent team leader by Janice, the Director of Sale Department. What’s more, undergraduate degree is the minimum.<br />Secondly, Stereotype Attitude to SEO and SEM<br />In the past time, it’s really possible for some SMEs to raise page rank to operate e-commerce business as long as post some ads in search engine like Baidu.com or Google.com. While once the results are unexpected, they would back to traditional market negatively. In order to solve this problem, like hootoo.com, SMEs can pay more attention to develop third-part and systematic E-training system which is direct to Entrepreneurs and marketing director to seize the commanding heights of third-party training.<br />Thirdly, Move the Internet “Middle Men” <br />As the irresistible trend of RMA appreciation and raising cost of human resource in China, it’s necessary for domestic enterprises to move the internet middle men to communicate with foreign customers directly, build self own internet sales platform like hootoo.com to make favorable profits. <br />