Michael Ahrens - TIA - UNAA Business Integrity Seminar Presentation 27.03.2013


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Michael Ahrens (Executive Director, Transparency International Australia) - Presentation at the United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division) Corporate Sustainability Leadership Seminar ‘Building Business Integrity, Preventing Corruption’ held on Wednesday 27 February 2013, in partnership with ANZ.

The seminar explored some of the key issues facing Australian businesses operating in high-risk environments and provide examples of how different companies have addressed these challenges through anti-corruption programs and transparency mechanisms.

Guest Speakers included:
• Michael Ahrens (Executive Director, Transparency International Australia)
• Neville Tiffen (Global Head of Compliance, Rio Tinto)
• Mathew Bastianon (Manager, Anti-Money Laundering, Bribery and Corruption, ANZ)
• Dean Newlan (Partner, McgrathNicol and Former Chair of Standards Australia’s Fraud and Corruption Control Standard and Whistleblower Protection Standard Working Parties).
• Rachel Nicolson (Director, UN Global Compact Networks Australia and Senior Associate, Allens)

• Rosemary Sainty (Adviser, Corporate Engagement, Transparency International Australia and Former Head, Secretariat, UN Global Compact Network Australia)

The panel discussion addressed:
• Implementing corporate anti-corruption programs: challenges and opportunities;
• Key issues for the extractive industry, financial and professional services, and SMEs;
• Opportunities for collective action, sectoral initiatives and engaging suppliers and business partners;
• Beyond compliance: building business integrity and transparency;
• Transparency International’s Business Principles for Countering Bribery: revision and update, and 2012 report on Transparency in Corporate Reporting;
• UN Convention Against Corruption;
• UN Global Compact Principal 10 on Anti-Corruption; and the
• B20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-Corruption.

More information available at: http://www.unaavictoria.org.au/education-advocacy/masterclasses/building-business-integrity-preventing-corruption-seminar/

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Michael Ahrens - TIA - UNAA Business Integrity Seminar Presentation 27.03.2013

  1. 1. UNAA SEMINAR Melbourne 27 February 2013Michael C Ahrens, Executive Director
  2. 2. Transparency International• The world’s leading anti-corruption NGO• Founded 20 years ago- spin off from the World Bank• Chapters in 100 countries•• Key coalition is with the media•Freedom of Information-access to government-is a pillar of our society and vital to curbing corruption 2
  3. 3. Fraud and Corruption ConsequencesFor organisations and individuals:• Fines for organisation• Fines and prison for employees and officers• Incurring substantial legal and professional fees• Reputational damage with publicity over extended periodFor countries and communities:Lack of money for communities and on-going povertyDestruction of industryReduced Foreign Direct InvestmentLoss of faith in public officials and institutionsCivil unrest and political instability
  4. 4. http://www.transparency.org/researchhttp://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2012/in_detail/
  5. 5. This study analyses the transparency ofcorporate reporting on a range ofanticorruption measures among the 105largest publicly listed multinational companies.
  6. 6. TRAC• This study analyses the transparency of corporate reporting on a range of anticorruption measures among the 105 largest publicly listed multinational companies.• It includes and ranks BHP B, RIO and Australian Banks
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  9. 9. TI Six Step Process• Leadership• Risk Assessment• Standards and Controls• Training and Communications• Monitoring, Auditing and Response• Hotline• Supply Chain