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RMP plan presentation 2012



for more details kindly contact me at link4money.jpr@gmail.com

for more details kindly contact me at link4money.jpr@gmail.com



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  • RMP presentation have been provided by RMP itlself, IF u feel that it is giving wrong information, contact RMP and tell them about your views.
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  • U r giving wrong information dear there r many companies who crossed more than 10 yrs. before RMP n doing well.
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RMP plan presentation 2012 RMP plan presentation 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • “Sri Godiji Parsvanathaya Namaha” “Sri Ganeshaya Namaha” The perfectEntrepreneurship
  • A DREAM PLAN OF ANY DIRECT SELLING MARKETER A plan which is easy to understand and explain A plan as per the Kerala Government Guidelines A plan which gives the maximum benefit of promoting the products in a successful way A plan which explains clearly of product selling with “Free and Optional Business Opportunity” A plan which gives the team maximum profits A plan which gives dual income (Retail and Growth Income)
  • AS A HYBRID PLANWhat Does Hybrid Plan Mean? Hybrid Plan means it’s a Mixture of both Retail and Growth Income Plan. It explains you of Business Volume (BV) based Retail Income (comprising Level, Rank, Royalty) and Point Value (PV) based Growth Income, on purchase/selling of products.
  • WORLD COMPETITIVE PLAN This is the first time in the Direct Selling Industry where in one plan, you get the best of both Income Plans Retail Income Plan/Repurchase plan (BV based) which gives the unlimited income is the dream of all DIRECT SELLERS Growth Income Plan (PV based) is the best accepted plan majorly all over the world
  • PEOPLES FRANCHISEE - RETAILING SYSTEM In the normal retail market when you go to buy products you can purchase only product but you can’t make money out of that purchase. Here not only you make money from retailing but you can start a business without any investment, shop or any other investment. In normal franchising a franchisee cannot give franchisee to any one, that means he cannot become a franchisor, but here you are an Independent Franchisee Distributor.
  • Highlights Applicant/Customer can choose to purchase product only as “Consumer” or he/she can choose to become “Independent Distributor” by selecting Business Opportunity which is FREE and Optional. No separate joining product packages All Independent Distributor can purchase & sell any product, any quantity On any personal purchase, Independent Distributor will get income All products have MRP – Maximum Retail Price RSP – RMP Selling Price PV – Point Value BV – Business Volume
  • Highlights 30 days* time to cancel the purchase & return the product and to get money back as per the product return policy of the company. No pairing conditions for Independent Distributors, as the whole plan is based on BV and PV. Independent Distributor can get PV and BV, which will make him eligible to get Retail and Growth Income on the purchases made by him and also by his introduced distributor. Eligible to Build Distribution Network, wherein he can refer any number of customers directly from anywhere in India, those customers can enter website / franchisee refer the introducer name and id and purchase products according to their wish, which will help him to push up his overall sales. * Conditions apply & for certain products it is 30 days and certain products 7 days
  • Income Income works out on cumulative Business volume (BV) & Point Value (PV) Each & Every Purchase/Sale, of Independent Distributor / Direct Seller (Personal & Team), will attract Income in different ways.
  • Direct Seller’s Benefits Retail Profit Retail Income (BV based) on Monthly cut-off  a) Level income ( 1+15 )  b) Roll-up income  c) Rank income  d) Super rank income  e) Royalty bonus Growth Income (PV based) on Weekly cut-off Monthly Performance Bonus*All the Incomes are subject to the fulfillment of the plan eligibility, which defined by the company from time to time.
  • A organized retailing is just the Reverse, i.e. unlimited opportunityVacancy Vacancy Vacancy Vacancy Vacancy
  • Small occupations give a Mythical Sense of Education Security business Started a small Paid House Security Deposit Made a little money / business changed Got Married Worked Overtime / Got a better shop Bought House Wife starts working / You feel you Got security First Child is born / Wife stops working You work harder / Use up savings Buy Car / Pay for Children’s Education etc. Use up Savings / your children starts working And then you retire, with a low life style
  • Why should I do business? Orbe an ENTREPREUR  To Leverage Time  To Fulfill my dreams  To have better Security
  • How does a Business leverage time? By building a network Time compounding Examples  McDonalds – Network of Fast Food Joints  Ford – Network of Car Dealerships  Reliance Phone – Network of Phone Dealers  NIIT – Network of Computer Training Institutes
  • Isn’t Traditional Business Risky? Land / Labour / Capital / Risk / Expertise. Lots of money basically. Opportunity and Timing is important Management Capability is essential People skills, Visionary Insight etc., all required. Risk is for free
  • Food for your thought What is Direct Selling or Organized Retail Marketing Why Direct Selling or Organized Retail Marketing Direct Selling or Organized Retail Marketing-International Scenario Direct Selling or Organized Retail Marketing-Indian Scenario
  • DIRECT SELLING INDUSTRYOrganized Retail Marketing The Emerging Business of Emerging India
  • What is Direct selling or Marketing means to you CHANNEL PROFITS TO YOU DIRECT SELLING TRADITINAL SELLING  “Movement of a product or service from the 70% manufacturer to theMANUFACTURING OF COST IS EATEN UP BY THE MIDDLEMAN ultimate consumer NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR through a network of• BYPASS THE C & F AGENT Independent MIDDLEMAN Distributors.”• RECEIVE A SUPER STOCKIST GOOD PERCENTAGE STOCKIST OF THE PROFITS RETAILER Advertising CUSTOMER BYPASS THE MIDDLEMAN
  • A bout Direct SellingDirect Selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through IndependentSales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as IndependentDistributors, Associates, Business Owners or other titles. Today, the DirectSelling Industry spans the globe, practiced in more than 100 countries andgrowing. More than 53 million people participate worldwide resulting in$100+ billion in annual revenue. Entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet andcompanies like Virgin, Sara Lee and Time Warner are buying networkmarketing/direct selling companies. According to Buffet, “dollar for dollar,it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.” Fortune Magazine called theindustry, “the best kept secret in the business world.”
  • What the worldleaders are sayingabout DIRECT SELLING
  • “Your Direct sellingindustry promotes corevalues all around theglobe and gives peoplethe chance to make themost of their lives and,to me that is the heartof the Americandream” Bill Clinton – Former US President
  • Donald Trump #1 Real Estate Business Man in the World “A true direct selling business is the exact opposite of a traditional business model. The direct selling business is designed to bring you to the top, not keep you at the bottom. A true direct selling business does not succeed unless it brings people to the top.”
  • Robert Kiyosaki #1 Best Selling Author – Personal Wealth , Rich Dad Poor Dad• Is direct selling the best system for the average person? Kiyosaki says – “yes” and explains – “In the corporate world, if you don’t sell you are fired. In direct selling they will continue to work with you until you achieve
  • Direct selling- InternationalScenario Started in 1941 in USA and has evolved into an industry world over. Direct selling is well entrenched in over 120 countries. Many Direct selling companies exhibit rapid growth in Annual Turnover [20% to 300%]. Direct selling is a 100 bn. Dollar Industry Worldwide. 5000 Active Direct selling companies in 1995. The number expected to touch 30000 in 2010.
  • Direct selling World overCountry Population * People Involved in % of Total No. of Turnover * Network Marketing* Population* Companies*USA 270 million 10.3 million 3.8 500 $24.83 billionUK 56 million 424,000 0.75 100 1.8 billion EurosFrance 58 million 200,000 0.35 40 4.1 billion EurosGermany 83 million 455,000 0.54 150 4.2 billion EurosItaly 58 million 260,000 0.15 30 2.2 billion EurosAustralia 18.8 million 650,000 3.4 150 $1.2 billionCanada 31 million 1.3 million 4.19 200 $ 1.6 billionPortugal 9.9 million 26,000 0.26 20 72 million EurosSpain 40 million 114,000 0.285 30 1.15 billion EurosRussia 146 million 529,000 0.36 100 156 million eurosS Korea 45 million 1.6 million 3.55 100 $2.08 billionJapan 125 million 2.5 million 2 200 $30 billionIndonesia 216 million 3.9 million 1.8 unknown $250 million aprxMalaysia 22 million 2 million 9 600+ $1.2 billionSingapore 3.5 million 15000 11 $54 millionHong Kong 6.8 million 77000 1.1 7 $112 millionPhilippines 80 million 1 million 1.25 unknown $172 millionTaiwan 22 million 2.7 million 12.2 100+ $1.2 billionThailand 60 million 3 million 5 unknown $400 millionIndia 1.5 billion 12 million 0.7 10 $190 million* Figures may vary, as taken from third party info
  • Direct selling in India Started in 1995-96 Approved by Kerala government in 2011 Already successfully practiced in more than 120 countries Part of academic syllabus of more than 140 universities in India
  • Big retail movement in India As per Hindustan Times Aug 13, 2008 Retail business in India  2007-08: 15,000 Cr  2011 -12: 4,75,000 Cr Share of Network Marketing in above:  2007-08: 10%  2011-12: 15%
  •  More than 1000 companies are claiming their operation in India But very few are following the instructions of Govt. of kerala It is very difficult to identify a True Direct Selling network marketing company, from fraudulent companies
  • A CENTURY OF TRUSTCompany with the strongest foundationRMP Infotec Private Limited MAHAVIR METALS (INDIA) Iron and Metal Conglomerate, Chennai Estd:1982
  • Making its tall presence CORPORATE OFFICE, CHENNAI
  • The strongest Indian Direct selling company First Indian Direct selling Company crossed its 10 th successful year of operation
  • Vision, Mission & Values Vision: To provide basic system knowledge to one and all. To market “Quality products” and services at competitive prices. To provide lasting “Self Employment” opportunities. To create more and more employment opportunities. To create Brand awareness across India. To develop Income opportunities that improves economic status of India. Mission: To motivate everyone to realize and recognize their inner potential and turn in to an asset for personal growth and overall success. To develop and provide high quality products distributed internationally through direct selling, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our independent distributors, associates, and employees. Motto: “Grow With Us” Core Ethics: Besides dealing with the principles of honesty and integrity, we adhere to the International code of direct selling, updated by the commission on marketing and advertising of International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Why Direct Selling with RMP?1. Free Business Opportunity Plan: To start up with RMP Direct Selling business there areno upfront investment or inventory requirements. With every purchase of RMP Product you getan opportunity to be a part of our business plan, which is free and optional.2. Simple Compensation/Payout Plan: You need not have previous highly qualified salesexperience to be successful with RMP. Just a willingness to learn things and a passion to helpothers improve their lives is enough to build a successful network of Independent Distributors.3. Free Back Office/Business centre: RMP offers you the free back office or what we callBusiness centre, to manage and monitor your business round the clock. Your back office offersyou the real time view of sales in your organization along with various reports and businesstools.4. Worldwide Credibility: A member of various prestigious organizations like Ficci, Assochamand ICC, RMP is a solid Direct Selling Company that has attracted people of all genders andeducation levels across the globe.5. Experience: Founded in 2001, RMP has years of experience in perfecting not only productsthat set the standard in the industry, but also a duplicable home-based business model that isstable in a good economic climate or bad. Under the direction of RMP’s solid and experiencedmanagement team, the company is positioned for a future of continued growth and success.
  • ISO 9001:2008CertifiedCompany
  • The Indian Direct selling Co. which ismember of FICCI Federation of IndianChambers of Commerce & Industry(Estd. 1927)
  • The Direct selling company in Asia which ismember of World Trade Centre(U.S.A.)
  • Company to whom More than 7Million families have already given their Faith & Trust
  • Has already created manyCrorepatis, lakhs of Lakhpatis,Foreign trip & Car Achievers
  • Organized MegaInternational Events Thailand (Mar 08) No. of Distributors - 2512
  • Greatest Opportunity In your Life Time
  • How to become a Direct seller A Person can buy product either by choosing as a consumer or as an Independent Distributor upon completion of the signup details (Consists of name, contact details, identity proof details, etc., and confirmation/acceptance point of Terms and condition, code of conduct, etc.,) page. Upon completion of Signup details the Applicant/visitor, will be allotted a signup id by the company, through which he may login with the password created by him at the time of signup and start purchasing the product.
  • How to become a Direct seller Once you complete the formalities then you can select any products of your choice, exactly like you buy products form other shops. There is no compulsion at all of which products you have to purchase. It is once choice. Once you opt to become a Independent distributor you can have your own business centre.
  • How do I select the products? There is a chart on which you have the products and some values which will help you to purchase. Product Name, Details, MRP, RSP, PV, BVWhat do these value mean to you ? MRP - Maximum Retail Price RSP- RMP Selling Price after Taxes PV - Point Value BV - Business Volume COV- Cumulative Organizational Value
  • RMP Products (Cont.) MRP ,RSP, P.V AND B.V RMP SellingSL NoProduct MRP Price P.V B.V 1 Bio Energiser 1300 1300 7 271 Double Induction 2 Cooker 5490 4991 8 331 Electronic Energy/Power 3 Saver-Phase-I 2100 1200 4 161 4 Energy Saver (3 Phase) 4500 1700 6 247 5 Foce Saphire Watch 8990 4500 15 630 6 Foce Slim Pair Watch 4500 2200 6 249 Induction Cooker (Open 7 MicroWave Oven) 4500 2500 4 148 Morning Walker (Swing 8 Massager) 4100 3500 9 356
  • RMP Products (Cont.) MRP ,RSP, P.V AND B.V9 Ozone Water Purifier 2300 2200 2 96 Power Pack Solar Lamp10 (2 Lamps + 1 Panel) 4500 2500 3 13511 Vacuum Cleaner (2 Nos) 3990 2500 3 13412 Premium Suit Length 4990 4490 30 1217 Siyarams Suitings13 (3Shirts + 1Pant Bit) 6405 6390 33 136614 Premium J Hampstead 5690 5690 37 149915 Thyrocare Single voucher 2330 2330 16 60216 Thyrocare Three voucher 6990 6990 45 180617 rmp greencity 48000 48000 45 1846
  • RMP Products (Cont.) MRP ,RSP, P.V AND B.V On & On premium18 health drink 2500 2250 12 49819 Bladeless Fan 4850 4365 4 17620 Fitness Massager 20700 18630 48 195821 Gas Saver 3995 3196 16 64822 Magno Health Drink 1200 1000 4 15923 Siyarams Combo Pack 600 500 1 56 Combo Pack(1 shirting+24 1 Pant Bit) 600 500 2 7125 Titan Pair Watch 7395 6000 20 81226 HP Compaq Laptop 31000 26990 12 498 New wellness Nano27 Bracelet 2500 2000 9 347
  • RMP Products (Cont.) MRP ,RSP, P.V AND B.V 28 CLARET BODY BAR 85 77 0.0 12 29 CLARET BODY DUST 99 90 0.0 15 30 CLARET HAIR BATH 230 209 0.0 32 31 CLARET HAIR OIL 270 245 0.0 38 32 CLARET HAND WASH 220 200 0.0 29 33 CLARET TOOTH CLEANSE 99 90 0.0 9 34 CLARET BODY BAR(PACK OF 10) 850 770 3 119 35 CLARET BODY DUST (PACK OF 10) 990 900 4 151 36 CLARET HAIR BATH (PACK OF5) 1150 1045 4 158 37 CLARET HAIR OIL (PACK OF 5) 1350 1225 5 188 38 CLARET HAND WASH (PACK OF 5) 1100 1000 4 144 CLARET TOOTH CLEANSE(PACK OF 39 10) 990 900 2 93Terms and Conditions- Delivery Ex our franchisee & FMP unlimited outlets.- Handling Charges extra In case of Door Delivery.- Once product payment receipt generated, in case of exchange / return, product refund policy applies.- The products and spec, are subject to change, without any prior notice.
  • The various ways of making income from RMP business. Retail profit Personal purchase benefit Level income Growth income Performance bonus Roll up income Rank income Super rank income Royalty income
  • BenefitsWhat are the other benefits RMP Direct seller can getapart from growth income andperformance bonus from this PLAN ?
  • Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 1. Retail Profit – up to 20 % *In the Retail Profit method, the RMP direct seller iseligible to purchase Products up to 20% discount and eligible to earn Retail Profit ( Spot Commission ) onselling at MRP to Customers. * all calculations done on BV Value not on MRP
  • Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 2. Personal Purchase Benefit – up to 21 % *Any Direct sellers making higher personal purchase, he will be paidentire 21% BV commission, on the purchases made above 3times ofhis/her Minimum Purchasing level as per his rank qualification.Example if a Direct sellers ’s Minimum Eligibility Purchase is Rs 500Suppose i purchase for a sum of Rs 5000For Level Income Calculation, Only 3 Times of Personal Purchase as per my eligibilitycriteria i.e 1500 alone will be accounted for Level Commission. Rest 5000 - 1500 = 3500/- worth of BV Purchase will be paid asPersonal Purchase Benefit to me. NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD GIVES THIS TYPE OF COMISSION Except RMP INFOTEC PRIVATE LIMITED
  • AT THIS POINT YOU CAN START YOUR BUSINESSYou can build a network by bringing in your customer and distributors By starting the same then you are entitled to get Retail or distribution Income.
  • Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 3. Level Income – up to 21 % *In the Level Income method, the RMPdistributor is eligible to get a lucrativeincome on the repurchase of the directseller up to the 16 level depth includingHIM* * Conditions Apply
  • Some more examples of Growth Income While calculating the growth income we have taken into consideration the PV of two organization in your business . Organization 1 – Termed Org 1 Organization 2 – Termed Org 2
  • Growth Income How can your business start ? Some examples 1 You 50 Pv A 50 C 50 Pv Pv B 49 D 150 Pv PvIN THIS SCENARIO YOUR TOTAL PV IN BOTH YOUR ORGANIZATIONIS 299 PV AND FROM THAT 99 PV FROM Org 1 AND 200 PV FROMTHE Org 2 AND YOU QUALIFY TO GET PER WEEK 1000 COV. 49 pv+50pv= 99pv other side 150pv+50 pv=200 pv . To get commissionan equal of 50 pv from each side is taken and you get 1000 COV.Balance pv 49 pv and 150 pv will be carry forwarded to next weekfrom both sides
  • Growth Income How can your business start ? Some examples 2 You 50 Pv A 150 D 50 Pv Pv B250 C 10 Pv E 50 F 50 Pv Pv PvIN THIS SCENARIO YOUR TOTAL IN BOTH YOURORGANIZATION IS 560 PV ie 410 PV FROM Org 1 AND150 PV FROM TH Org 2 AND YOU QUALIFY TO GET PERWEEK 3000 COV .So from one organization which ishaving balance of 260 PV is carried forwarded to thenext week
  • Growth income How can your business start ? Some examples 3 You 150 Pv A 550 B 580 Pv Pv C 950 PvIN THIS SCENARIO YOUR TOTAL PV FROM BOTHYOUR ORGANIZATION IS 2080 PV ie 550 PV IN Org 1 AND 1530 PV FROM OTHER Org 2. IN THIS CASE YOUQUALIFY TO GET PER WEEK 11000 COV . Then afterqualification from 1530 PV-550 PV=980 PV Is carriedforwarded to the next week .
  • What does these illustrations show? These illustrations prove that your business is not of joining people into the business but the profits are derived on the turnover of your business Each of your organization should yield good turnover to produce results If people join and do nothing about their business then no profit, people should be helped to do purchase and sell of goods to have a turnover like in any other marketing business in India.
  • EXAMPLE NO. 1 YOU - 50 1000 COV PV A - 50 PV B - 50 PV C - 50 PVTotal : Org 1 - 100 pv & Org 2 - 50 pvCarry Forward : Org 1 - 50 pv & Org 2- 0 pv
  • EXAMPLE NO. 2 YOU - 50 PV 1000 COV A – 100 PV B - 50 PVTotal : 1st organization - 100 pv & 2nd organization - 50 pv Carry Forward : - Org 1 50 pv & Org 2 - 0 pv
  • EXAMPLE NO. 3 YOU - 20 NO COV PVJOINING WEEK – 20 PV A - 50 PV B - 50 PV Total : Org 1 - 100 pv & Org 2- 50 pv Carry Forward : Org 1 - 100 pv & Org 2 - 50 pv C - 50 PV Note: Both Side Carry Forward from login week to next 4 week (login week plus 4 week). But No COV .
  • EXAMPLE NO. 4 YOU - 50JOIN WEEK – 20 PV PV 1000 COVPLUS NEXT 4 WEEK– 30 PV A - 50 PV B - 50 PV C - 50 PV Total : Org 1 - 100 pv & - Org 2-50 pvCarry Forward : Org 1 - 50 pv & Org 1 - 0 pv
  • EXAMPLE NO. 5 YOU - 20 JOIN WEEK – 20 PV NO COVPLUS NEXT 4 WEEK – PV 0 PV A - 50 PV B - 50 PV Total Org 1 - 100 pv & Org 2 - 50 pv C - 50 PV Carry Forward : Org 1 - 100 pv & Org 2 - 0 pv Note: Weak Side Wash Out If Dist. Not able to complete 50 PV in Next 4 Week from Login week.
  • EXAMPLE NO. 6 YOU - 50 No COV PV A - 20 PV B - 50 PV Total : Org 1 -120 pv & Org 2 - 50 pv Carry Forward : Org 1 – 1 20 pv & - Org 2 50 pv C - 50 PV : Both Side Carry Forward But No COV Note Because Immediate Dist. (Org 1 or Org 2) (D - 50 Not Completed 50 PV Each. Solution : 1 ) A should Complete his 50 PV, PV OR 2) You should sponsor new distributor on left side with 50 pv. OR 3) Change the Referral after taking permission from A
  • EXAMPLE NO. 7 YOU - 50 PV 2000 COV A - 50 PV B - 50 PV D - 20 PV C - 30 PV E - 50 PVE - 60 PV Total : Org 1 -180 pv & Org 2 - 120 pv Carry Forward : Org 1 - 80 pv & Org 2 - 20 pvE - 40 PV Note: Both Side Carry Forward
  • EXAMPLE NO. 8 YOU - 50 PV 1,30,000 COVTotal- 6500 PV Total- 6500 PV Carry Forward : Org 1 - 0 pv & Org 1 - 0 pv
  • EXAMPLE NO. 9 YOU - 50 PV 1,30,000 COVTotal- 8500 PV Total- 6500 PV Carry Forward : Org 1 - 2000 pv & Org 1 - 0 pv
  • EXAMPLE NO. 10 YOU - 50 PV 1,30,000 COV Total- 8000 PV Total- 7500 PVOrg 1 - 8000 pv & Org 2 - 7500 pvOrg 1 - 7500 pv & Org 2 - 7500 pv Carry Forward : Org 1 - 500 pv & Org 1 - 0 pv
  • BenefitsIn one week if there is 6500 PV in one organization and 6500 PV on the other gives you a gross of CUMULATIVE ORGAIZATIONAL POINT (COV) The Maximum COV Of 130000 – Per WeekThe growth income will be calculated in INR (Rs)
  • Other Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 4. Rollup Income – reach beyond 16 LevelsThe Rollup Income is yet another rewarding bonus. When a Directseller buys a product, the Level income will be credited to the active16 level uplines. By this, withIn 16 level depth, if any non-active ( i.e..Who did not fulfill the eligibility conditions) down-line exist, then thenon-active direct sellers’s active down-line will be considered as theparticular level member. i.e. , the non active down-line’s level willrolled out to the first eligible down-line direct seller enabling topdirect sellers to get income from the further deep levels beyond 16levels. * all calculations done on BV Value not on MRP
  • Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 5. Rank Income - 1.5% to 15 %Starting from Executive to the Crown Distributor, the qualified rankdirect sellers are eligible to get the difference of percentage (gapcommission) between their level and the down-line level. Qualification % on B.V Executive Distributor 1.5% Silver Distributor 3% Pearl Distributor 4.5% Emerald Distributor 6% Gold Distributor 7.5% Platinum Distributor 9% Diamond Distributor 10.5% Blue Diamond Distributor 12% Royal Diamond Distributor 13.5% Crown Diamond Distributor 15% * all calculations done on BV Value not on MRP
  • Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 6. Super Rank Income (Plus Commission)IF any Rank holder has got same rank direct seller below him, thenplus commission will help him in getting commission from two levelof the same rank direct sellers in his down-line. Qualification % on B.V Executive Distributor 0.25% + 0.25% - 2 Active Levels Silver Distributor 0.25% + 0.25% - 2 Active Levels Pearl Distributor 0.25% + 0.25% - 2 Active Levels Emerald Distributor 0.25% + 0.25% - 2 Active Levels Gold Distributor 0.375% + 0.375% - 2 Active Levels Platinum Distributor 0.375% + 0.375% - 2 Active Levels Diamond Distributor 0.5% + 0.5% - 2 Active Levels Blue Diamond Distributor 0.5% + 0.5% - 2 Active Levels Royal Diamond Distributor 0.5% + 0.5% - 2 Active Levels Crown Diamond Distributor 0.2% each upto 10 Level of same rank * all calculations done on BV Value not on MRP
  • Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 6. Super rank Income-IF any Rank holder has got same rank distributors below him, then plus commissionwill help him in getting commission from two level of the same rank distributors inhis down-line. Silver Distributor (You) 0.25% Silver Distributor Executive Distributor 0.25% Silver Distributor Executive Distributor Silver Distributor 0.25% * all calculations done on BV Value not on MRP
  • Benefits from Hybrid plan through Retail Selling 7. Royalty Income-Royalty Bonus: 3% of the global repurchase business value will bereserved for Royalty Bonus. Royalty Bonus shall be distributed amongDiamond, Blue Diamond, Royal Diamond and Crown DiamondDistributors.3% of the total reserve in the Royalty Bonus account for the periodwill be divided into Diamond pool, Blue Diamond pool, Royal diamondpool and Crown diamond pool. The pool amount will be equallydistributed among all eligible qualified distributors. Example - Diamond Distributor X Blue Diamond Distributor 2X Royal Diamond Distributor 3X Crown Diamond Distributor 4x
  • PROMOTION YOU WILL GET AS YOU WORK IN COMPANY 100000 COV - Executive 250000 COV - Silver 500000 COV -Pearl 1000000 COV - Emerald 2500000 COV - Gold 5000000 COV - Platinum10000000 COV - Diamond20000000 COV - Blue Diamond30000000 COV - Royal Diamond
  • Direct Selling with RMP The advantages of this business is that there is no investment involved and all you need to do is purchase and refer products to others. The myth of having a shop, staff and many other things which is applicable in a traditional business is not there. Your business runs because of a network of people who work for themselves and you have to help them to work in selling more products.
  • Direct Selling with RMPFree and Optional Business Opportunity: Become a customertoday and get in to business opportunity as and when you feel it’s timeto get converted, as it is open to all at any time, which by confirmingjust by a click away from your Business centre login.Make a difference: Like working with people? Help improve thequality of people’s lives.Be part of a team: Work together toward a common vision and acommon goal. Meet new, lifelong friends.Be your own boss: Flexible and self-directed workweek. You set yourhours. You control your success.
  • Direct Selling with RMPWork at home: No commute or rush hour traffic. Live and workwherever you want; your business moves with you. Spend more timewith your family.Great income potential: You are paid what youre worth. You decidehow much you want to earn and accordingly invest your time with trueefforts.First start income: Earnings can come your first week with a realisticopportunity to earn an above-average income every week.Lasting income: You can build a successful income-generatingbusiness that can last a lifetime, when you put in your true efforts andbe active.
  • Direct Selling with RMPAvailable for everyone: No previous experience necessary. Training isprovided, allowing you to earn as you learn, regardless of age (butshould be 18years & above), sex, background, or education.Low start-up costs: No registration/admission fees, franchise fees orroyalties. Only minimal overheads and no need to rent an office or buyexpensive equipment.No employees: No employee-related hassles or paperwork. Youchoose who you want to work with.Freedom: Your life is on your schedule and based on your priorities.Work when and how much you want, part time or full time
  • Basic PrinciplesEvery Distributor as the owner of their RMP IndependentDistributorship agrees to conduct RMP business according to the laiddown Basic Principles of Code of Conduct• Work towards a TEAM – Together Everyone Achieve More.• Treat everyone equally with courtesy• Respect the Code of Conduct and abide by the same• Be Truthful and honest• Keep the standards of RMP always high and maintain their ownidentity• Always follow TRUST, EMPATHY and EFFICIENCY
  • How to qualify for Retail Income Plan Rank Active positionIndependent Distributor & Executive 500 Silver 500 Pearl 500 Emerald 1000 Gold 1000 Platinum 2500 Diamond 5000 Blue Diamond 5000 Royal Diamond 5000 Crown Diamond 5000
  • WEEKLY FMP DEDUCTIONGROWTH INCOME NEW % 1,000 TO 10,000 8% 10,001 TO 25,000 6% 25,001 TO 50,000 4%50,001 TO 1,30,000 2.5%
  • RMP Distribution System Factory C&F Franchisee Pickup RMP Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Inside MALLS
  • Start up Today,Change your Life & Grow With US
  • Jai HindJai RMP Thank You