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    Portfolio of mierza miranti Portfolio of mierza miranti Document Transcript

    • PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY HIGHLIGHT Mierza Miranti 081369372335 k l a s t u l i s t i w a . c o m
    • EDUCATIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS PERSONAL INFORMATION & EDUCATIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT Educational Accomplishment Bachelor of Art – Majoring in English Literature – accomplished within 3,5 years (2000-2004) with GPA of 3.28 from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia. o Scholarships obtained: UPI-Performance Improvement Scholarship – 2003, UPI Student Financial Aid Scholarship – 2000 to 2002 o Activities and Achievements: Tobucil Learning Club in a session entitled “Psychoanalysis for Dummies”- 2003, “Bahasa Dalam Wacana Publik” Seminar – 2003, Member of English Literature Forum – 2002 to 2003, The Best Actress in UPI English Zone Drama Contest – 2000, Secretary of Maestro Conversation Club, Bandung – 2001, Member of Bandung Conversation Club – 2001 Attended Radio Announcer Training at IRA Communication – 2001 o Activities and Achievements: Tobucil Learning Club in a session entitled “Psychoanalysis for Dummies”- 2003, “Bahasa Dalam Wacana Publik” Seminar – 2003, Member of English Literature Forum – 2002 to 2003, The Best Actress in UPI English Zone Drama Contest – 2000, Secretary of Maestro Conversation Club, Bandung – 2001, Member of Bandung Conversation Club – 2001 Attended Radio Announcer Training at IRA Communication – 2001 Possessing the certificate of Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test from University of Cambridge ESOL Exam with Band 4, 3, and 3 out of 4. On her own expenditure arrangement, she is now still pursuing the Master of Management degree at the Open University, Jakarta commencing in 2012 and expected to be completed by 2014. 1
    • CURRENT ACTIVITY AL TAQWA COLLEGE, INDONESIA, 2013 – PRESENT o ENGLISH AND SOSE TEACHER   Teaching Cambridge Checkpoint English subject for Year 9.  Teaching SOSE (History, Geography, and Economics) Subject for Year 7 – 9.  Integrating the lessons with Islamic values inline with the Qur’an and Hadeeths.  Using and encouraging the use of technology in the classroom and workspace.  o Teaching Cambridge A-Level English and Literature Class subject for of Year 11. Coaching and training teaching staffs in required fields along with managing the training sessions. ASSISTANT TO DEPUTY PRINCIPAL  Assisting the Deputy Principal (Indonesia) and Principal (Australia) in doing strategic and operational managerial tasks.  Being involved in decisions taken in the Committee or School Management.  Responsible with the quality of human resources  Responsible to conduct annual performance appraisal  Overseeing the overall policy and make necessary changes for betterment  Responsible to coach and guide every event PIC to do their tasks  Giving and holding professional development sessions for related parties  Designing, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the staffs’ professional development progress.  Conducting administrative tasks using the required software(s).  Designing multi-rater (360-degree) performance appraisal system to give feedback. Being part in the marketing process, especially using the virtual space. o Akhwat – Student Representative Council (SRC) Coordinator  Responsible to manage and create a system for better SRC  Responsible to nurture the SRC member in reaching their full potential as leaders  Mobilizing the SRC members to create better school environment 2
    • PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Sugar Group Schools and Polytechnic, Lampung (2009 – 2012) o English, Integrated Studies, and Homeroom Teacher for Secondary 10 and 12 with Indonesia national – KTSP – curriculum to be integrated with the character education building program of the school. o Professional Development Manager – as the roles are to identify, serve, and evaluate the needs of professional development of the teaching staff. The projects that have been done are:  General Professional Development Program arranged for every beginning of the semester by arranging the events and inviting proposed speakers and facilitators.  Professional Development Annual Training Matrix which is delegated to the Professional Development Coordinator in every units.  We Share We Care Program in 2011-2012 in which the goal is to empower the teaching staffs by sharing their knowledge in teaching and any other skills to their peers.  Reflective Professional Development Program that records and documents the teacher professional learning growth throughout the year. This program is meant be part of the appraisal tools to assess on of their future mind competencies.  Being part of the recruitment team to assess the competencies of teacher candidates.  Being part of the Curriculum Development team to ensure the quality of the curriculum as well as to support any program set by the operational and strategic managers. o Person in Charge of Schools Events such as Induction Day, Earth Day, Social Work, Literacy Day, and Graduation as well as supporting other events held by the school. 3
    • Sekolah Tunas Muda International Baccalaureate World School, Jakarta (July 2008-June 2009) o Primary 5 Classroom Teacher – responsible to teach IB and KTSP based lessons such as Social Studies , Values Education, Creative Art, PLBJ, and PPKN o Primary 6 Classroom Teacher – responsible to prepare students for the national exam for Bahasa Indonesia and IPA subjects, along with IB subjects such as Creative Art and Values Education. RIEC, Jakarta (July 2007 – January 2008) Academic Group Head – responsible to analyze, serve, and evaluate the needs of clients for incompany training as well as center programs of tailor-made English SMP Al-Izhar Pondok Labu, Jakarta (July 2005 – June 2007) o Middle School English, Extra Curricular, and Homeroom Teacher – responsible to teach English, English Club, to students of 7 and 8 grade from the paperwork to setting and achieving the educational goals. o Middle School Drama Teacher – responsible to prepare students to perform their theatrical performance starting from preparing the modules, training students, to arranging the event. Miscellaneous (July 2003 – July 2005) o EFL Trainer. Fun English Center, Jakarta. December 2004 – July 2005. o English Teacher, Lembaga Pendidikan & Pelatihan Cinta Buana, SMART Center, Center for English Learning & PSC Learning Consultant, Bandung. July 2003 – December 2004 (during her undergraduate study) 4
    • PUBLISHED WORKS & ACHIEVEMENTS Presented her writing, Integrating Business Skills into KTSP-Based ELT at the National Education Conference held by Putera Sampoerna School of Business, Mien R. Uno Foundation, and the World Bank on December 1 and 12, 2013 which was covered by Kompas.com – a leading Indonesian newspaper. Abstract – Entrepreneurship education has been widely discussed in terms of its chances of being integrated into a curriculum, even as the basis of it. As for KTSP (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan) or literally translated to Learning-Unit Based Curriculum, the currently applied curriculum in Indonesia, it seems that the issue does not take a considerable portion. However, the possibility of integrating the values, topic, business skills, and even projects is opened in the field of English Language Teaching or ELT that has flexible nature in the curriculum. Thus, in this paper, the integration of business skills is further discussed from the planning to possible practices applied in secondary 12 ELT process. It is ended with evaluation and further example of integration that can be done in ELT for the other levels. Keywords: business skills, integration, ELT, KTSP 5
    • The 2nd Winner of Instructional Video Design Competition held by Sampoerna School of Education and Microsoft Partner for Learning with her video titled Review Monolog Skimming Activity: Identifying Rhetorical Stages on March 8, 2012. The 1st winner of Sayembara Menulis Qultum Media (2012) as the work Ketika Istiqomah Berhijab Itu Diuji was published in a book titled Sungguh, Hanya Karena Engkau Aku Berhijab! Published by QultumMedia ISBN 979-017-234-6 / (13) 978-979-017-2434-0. Presented her writing, Promoting Character Education by Utilizing Poverty Issue in ELT, on 8-9 November 2011 at the International Conference on Character Education – Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta – and documented in the proceeding with ISBN 979-26-1909-7. ABSTRACT The character education based curriculum launched by Depdiknas through a regulation No 20/2003 about the National Education System. Thus, schools, as the subject mentioned in the regulation, is demanded to be able to apply it. The system, however, generates some very basic questions especially in the classroom to the school management level. In the scope of school management, the issue emerged is on the integration of the formula into the school system. As for the classroom level, the questions dealt mostly with the lesson planning. This paper, however, focuses on the analysis of the application in English Language Teaching (ELT) which still uses KTSP (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan or literally translated to Curriculum of Independent Education Unit). It integrates the expanded values taken from DIKNAS marked as the Sugar Group Schools’ Pillars of Characters. It discusses, at a glance, a thorough school system of character education that is established at the school as well as a thinking foundation. The integrated lesson plan is to be taught to the classes of grade twelve students. It starts on the planning in which the teacher should carefully find meaningful activities in line with the issue discussed, i.e. poverty, as well as the integrated character. Each activity will expectantly evoke the students’ affective aspects since the exposures given to the students are factual and distinctive i.e. by using creative writing to help students exposing their sense on the experience in which goes beyond the curriculum of language teaching. They are taken from what the students see everyday, but might not pay attention to. It also reports on the flows of activities conducted in the classroom. Finally, it is continued with the teacher’s reflection and concluded by suggestions for further research. Hopefully, the stages from the design to practice will encourage students to go beyond what is taught: better character. Keywords: character education, ELT, poverty, Sugar Group Schools’ Pillars of Characters Presented her writing, Incorporating the Global Warming Issues in KTSP Based ELT. 57th TEFLIN Int’l Conference – UPI, Bandung. (1-3 November 2010) and chosen to be The TEFLIN-Alwasilah Award for The Best Paper and Presentation Abstract - Teaching English based on KTSP can be made to be more meaningful by integrating issues that hopefully will make students having more than the knowledge about it but also an awareness on what happens worldwide. This paper, therefore, describes the steps of integrating the issue of global warming into the lesson by not only taking one side but both sides, i.e. ones believing that global warming is coming and the others who believe that the global warming cannot be proven scientifically. The students, who belong to science major, will take a stand after having themselves exposed to a lot of research and literatures that will support them to support their opinion and argue others in a debate using the expressions learnt. It is expected that they will also develop their critical mind since the activities are selected to encourage students to discover, explore, extend, and communicate their own values, adjustments, opinions, and even arguments, while listening to other people’s point of view as a practice of respect. Finally, a teaching reflection is put at the end of the paper to be considered for the next teaching practice. Keyword: Global Warming issues, KTSP, ELT 6
    • Written her article Pendidikan Karakter, Siapkah? Published by Lampung Post on 26 July 2011 Written Why Parents Opt for International School published by The Jakarta Post on 6 September 2008. 7
    • Written The Magic of Theater-A Collection of Play for Performance as the guideline for drama teachers and students of Al Izhar, Pondok Labu. It also compiles the plays written by the students to be performed (2007) Written her article Why Parents Opt for Homeschooling published by The Jakarta Post on November 23, 2006. Accepted but not presented paper abstracts: Sensing the Global Poverty through Creative Writing. UKSW, Salatiga, and Promoting the Awareness of Global Warming Issues through CALL. GloCALL, Kinabalu, Malaysia,, and National University of Singapore. 8
    • Honors & Activities Membership & Participation: Ikatan Guru Indonesia as a member, 2011 – present. Asian Creative Writers Community as a writer and expected presenter, 2009-present. 1st Winner of Sayembara Menulis Qultum Media in 2012, 2nd Winner of Sampoerna School of Education & Microsoft’s Contest of Instructional Video Design in 2011, Winning The TEFLIN-Alwasilah Award for The Best Paper in TEFLIN Int’l Conference in UPI Bandung on 1-3 November 2011. The Global Lives Project as a translator and volunteer, 2010-present. IELTS Teaching. The British Institute, Jakarta. 2005. Leadership Training. The Leaders Club, Jakarta. 2005. International Seminar of Education UPI-Rahayasa 2009, Creative Writing Workshop with Seamolec/Seameo 2009, ANPS Seminar and Workshop 2008, participated in United Conversation Club 2004-2006, English Literature Forum 2000-now, Tobucil Learning Club in a session entitled “Psychoanalysis for Dummies” 2003, in “Bahasa Dalam Wacana Publik” Seminar 2003, member of English Forum 2002-2003, The Best Actress in English Zone Drama Contest 2003, Secretary of Maestro Conversation Club 2001, member of Bandung Conversation Club 2001, attended Radio Announcer Training at IRA Communication 2001, and French Course Level Vrai-Debutant at Le Parisien, Bandung, 3rd winner of English Day News Reading Contest 2000, 2nd winner of The Annual English Speech Competition 1997, and Chief of PASKIBRA of SLTPN 10 Bandung 1995-1996. Other Competences: Writing, Managing Reading Clubs and High School Newspaper, Teaching theater, Computing and Networking. Scholarships: UPI-Performance Improvement Scholarship (2003), UPIStudent Financial Aid Scholarship (2000-2002), Soedarpo Group - PASIM Technology Scholarship (2000), Rajawali Bimbel Scholarship (1997). Reference Asdina Ratnawati Otong Jaelani Former Supervisor at FEC Former Principal of SMPI Al-Izhar 02172794869 Phone: 021-7506128 Joko M. Nur (Principal) Arif Nurcahya (Curriculum Development Manager) of Sugar Group Schools – School Phone: (0725) 563017 Frances Haszle ( Present Principal) Massy Sitompul (Former IB PYP Coordinator) of Tunas Muda IB World School) School Phone: 021-5870329 Alan Maley (Present Leader of Asian Creative Writers Group) Website: flexiblelearning.aucklank.ac.nz/cw/13.html 9