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Planning a Strategic Lineup for the Delivery of Effective Reference Services
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Planning a Strategic Lineup for the Delivery of Effective Reference Services


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  • 1. Planning a Strategic Lineup for the Delivery of Effective Reference Services Erin Kerby, MSI; Nadia J. Lalla, MLIS; Deborah Lauseng, AMLS University of Michigan (UM), Ann Arbor, MI Reference Transaction TriageIntroduction Conclusions The purpose of the study was to Original Service Model Trends in usage and peak servicedetermine trends in the provision of times: Frontline = Information Desk Backline = Backup Staff Liaison Librariansall forms of reference services by  were as expectedlibrarians and other staff at the • Handle circulation issues • Immediately available for ready • Available by appointment for:  supported initial changes tolibrary from July 2010 – June 2011. • Permanent staff: reference and hardware/software - expert instruction service points and staffing in troubleshooting The Taubman Health Sciences Mon – Fri, 8am – 4pm 2011 – 2012 - in depth research andLibrary serves professional schools • Permanent staff & School • Temporary undergrad students: literature searches Changes made in data collection toof medicine, public health, nursing, of Information students: Evenings and weekends provide more detail about the Mon – Fri, 10am – 4pm - systematic reviewsdentistry, pharmacy and the UM purpose of contact:Health System; it is also open to  supplementary data collectionthe public. Data Collection survey was implementedMethods Information Desk and Backup Trends in Usage of Service Points Peak Service Times StaffData was collected from: Information Desk Backup Staff Purpose of Contact 800 Information Desk 800 Liaison Librarians Information Desk Backup Staff Currently evaluating optimal means  service management software 3600 3200 Backup Staff 600 of collecting specific details about 600 Liaison Librarians (Footprints) 2800 liaison activities: 2400  statistical management 400 2000 400  extended research 1600 software (Desk Tracker) 1200 consultations 200 200A trend analysis addressed potential 800 400  involvement in systematiccorrelations in the data for: 0 0 reviews 0  service points 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm 2am  activity by academic or clinical  length of reference transactions July 2010 – June 2011 department  peak service times Note: This data was not collected for Liaison Librarians due to reporting The study has been extended for a  staffing levels Data Analysis inconsistencies. year to evaluate the data collection changes and to determine ifFor each service point, frequency additional staffing changes areand percentage were calculated for necessary.the predefined categories of: Insufficient Data Collection New Service Model  question length Restrictions on data collection imposed by the parent Simultaneous Uniform Single Service Point Acknowledgements  reference contact type institution created a lack of detail in the data for: We would like to thank Bethany • Staffing  purpose of contact/visit Harris, MSI, for her initial • Purpose of contact - reference staff at Information Desk collection and analysis of theThe analysis also addressed trends • Length of transaction service management software data. - circulation backupspecific to particular service points,such as: Brief = 5 min or less Extended = more than 5 min • Requires a higher skill set: For More Information  frequency of transactions - more expertise Please contact: Having more detailed data would impact staffing  types of transactions within a levels and tracking Liaison Librarian activity. - greater knowledge of resources PDF: http://equestrianlibrarian. given time period