Office 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0


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3rd section of the invited speaker session with David Rothman at MLA 08

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Office 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0

  1. 1. Office 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 PF Anderson, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Health Sciences Libraries, University of Michigan, © 2008 Regents of the University of Michigan. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Provocative Trends? What if … we didn’t need hard drive space or server space for applications? our organizations did not need to spend money on software for us to use? we did not need to pay for local storage of our documents and files? all we really need to do our work is an internet connection?
  3. 3. Office, Original What did people do Create documents Track funds & expenses & data Store, organize & access files & records Create images, graphs, charts, diagrams What tools did people use Typewriters & carbon paper Ledgers Filing cabinets Card catalogs Sketchpads, graph paper, blueprints, drafting tools & templates Collaboration Letters & meetings & phones
  4. 4. Office 1.0 What did people do Create documents Track funds & expenses & data Store, organize & access files & records Create images, graphs, charts, diagrams What did people use Word processing software (eg. MS Word, WordPerfect) Spreadsheet software (eg. Lotus, Excel) Databases (eg. Access) Paint, draw/vector, photo manipulation software (Adobe Photoshop, Creative Studios, Illustrator, Superpaint) Collaboration Email & teleconferencing & phones
  5. 5. Office 2.0 “The way we work is changing rapidly, offering an enormous competitive advantage to those who embrace the new tools that enable contextual, agile and simplified information exchange and collaboration to distributed workforces and networks of partners and customers.” < enterprise2.0.php>
  6. 6. Office 2.0 What do people do COLLABORATE & SHARE Writing Numbers Images Media Store, organize & access files & records Polls, surveys Marketing & publicity Interviews & presentations How do they do it Archive & access online Share / publish Collaborate “Cast” or present interactively Virtual meetings (ie. In Virtual worlds and online chatrooms)
  7. 7. Archive, access, share, publish online
  8. 8. Archive, access, share, publish online – List of Medical Wikis
  9. 9. Collaborate Google Docs:
  10. 10. Collaborate Google Docs: David Rothman & Patricia Anderson plan this session
  11. 11. More collaboration tools - Zoho Zoho Suite:
  12. 12. Zoho Office Broad range of typical office applications made available as online tools Very similar to familiar interfaces NOTE: Zoho Sheets is first online spreadsheet to recognize macros
  13. 13. Zoho Enterprise Changing how we work Notice recruitment and interviewing tools Project management Database creation AND database reports
  14. 14. Zoho Extras Surveys & polls Hiring decisionmaking tool Facebook integration iPhone integration
  15. 15. Freebase
  16. 16. Thinkfree
  17. 17. Want more? Online presentation tools Online visualization and organization tools nceslibraries/
  18. 18. Aviary
  19. 19. Want more? Office 2.0 Database
  20. 20. Want more? Open source applications
  21. 21. Want more? Open source applications Type of applications
  22. 22. Want more? Open source applications Example applications & trends
  23. 23. Links Slideshare: Google Docs: Zoho Suite: Freebase: Thinkfree: Aviary:
  24. 24. Want More? Office 2.0 Database: Open Source Alternatives: Online Presentation Tools: braries/online-presentation-tools Online Visualization and Organization Tools: braries/online-visualization-and-organization- tools/