Facebook for Health Organizations


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Learn the basics of Facebook Pages for your organization! Check out our fan page http://www.facebook.com/MLibraryHealthy

Society of Public Health Educators 2010 conference. East Lansing, MI

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Facebook for Health Organizations

  1. acebook<br />for<br />Health Organizations<br />Kate Saylor<br />Outreach Librarian<br />University of Michigan<br />Health Sciences Libraries<br />
  2. Session Overview<br />Why Facebook?<br />Personal Pages, Fan Pages or Groups<br />Sharing Content<br />Customization<br />Fans and Ads<br />Insights<br />
  3. Why Facebook?<br />Free (except ad campaigns)<br />One of the most popular social networking sites<br />More than 400 million users<br />3 million fan pages<br />Average user logged on 55 minutes daily<br />20 million people become page ‘fans’ daily <br />
  4. Why You?<br />
  5. Social Networking Service<br />X is a great organization!<br />Mike thinks X is great!<br />I hate X!<br />Thanks Mike!<br />I love cats!<br />
  6. Creating a Personal Account<br />
  7. Groups<br />Personal interaction<br />Limited size allows emails<br />Greater permission control<br />No applications<br />Pages<br />Corporate interaction<br />Allows only updates<br />Anyone can ‘fan’ a page<br />Pages are indexed by search engines<br />
  8. Creating a Fan Page<br />facebook.com/pages/create.php<br />OR<br />Search for “Facebook Pages” click on “Create Page”<br />After setting up your first page you will have an admin section that will allow youto access your page and create more<br />
  9. Admin Page<br />
  10. Sharing Content<br />1. Links<br />2. Photos<br />3. Events<br />*A once daily post rate <br />works best for our page.<br />
  11. Sharing Links<br />
  12. Editing Link Appearance<br />1. Thumbnail images<br />2. Link title<br />3. Link description<br />
  13. Uploading Photos<br />
  14. Creating Events<br />
  15. Customized Landing Page<br />
  16. Static FBML Application<br />
  17. Flickr image courtesy of Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi ~ back<br />
  18. Change Landing<br />
  19. Finding Fans<br />Invite current friends to become fans<br />Add a link on your website<br />Pay for an ad campaign<br />
  20. Creating an Ad Campaign<br />In 4 easy steps…<br />Design<br />Target<br />Campaigns and Pricing<br />Review Your Ad<br />
  21. 1. Design<br />
  22. 2. Target<br />
  23. 3. Campaigns and Pricing<br />
  24. Clicks<br />The number of times users have clicked on your<br />ad on the site.<br />Impressions<br />The number of times your ad has been shown<br />to users on the site.<br />
  25. 4. Review<br />
  26. Insights<br />Post Quality – Fan engagement score<br />Interactions- Comments, Wall posts and Likes<br />
  27. Questions?<br />
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