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A selective overview of highlights from the amazing people who highjacked Twitter for a day to function as an autism awareness and advocacy tool, and the amazing experience that was Autism Twitter …

A selective overview of highlights from the amazing people who highjacked Twitter for a day to function as an autism awareness and advocacy tool, and the amazing experience that was Autism Twitter Day.

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  • 1. Autism Twitter Day, A Digital Scrapbook By PF Anderson, Emerging Technologies Librarian, UM Health Sciences Libraries, pfa@umich.edu
  • 2. Disclaimer
    • Autism Twitter Day was an amazing experience, but was almost too much to absorb. I suspect that each person to participate experienced the event quite differently. This collection represents only my personal experience and highlights from the event.
  • 3. Who Made Autism Twitter Day?
  • 4. Bonnie Sayers
    • BellaOnline: Autism Spectrum Disorders Site
      • Bonnie Sayers
      • @autismfamily
      • http://twitter.com/autismfamily/
  • 5. What is Twitter? Many people, overlapping communities, communicating in 140 characters or less
  • 6. How Did Autism Twitter Day Happen?
  • 7. Lots and Lots of Social Media Beforehand
    • Event Blogs
      • For marketing and promotions
    • Buttons
      • For branding & promotion
    • Twitter Groups
      • To gather the community
    • Friend’s Blogs
      • To “retweet” or distribute the message
    • Ning Network
      • To plan and organize
    • Prizes & Speaker Panels
      • To draw a crowd
  • 8. Lots of Twittering & Twitter Tools
    • Hashtags (#ASD)
      • A hashtag is word marked before with the hash mark or number sign to facilitate automatic tracking
    • Search tools to track the stream
      • Summize, a.k.a. http://search.twitter.com/
    • Friends to capture the stream
    • Around 5,000 tweets in 24 hours
    • We even made the top “trending topic” on Twitter! Twice!!
  • 9. Blogpost #1
    • December 1: http://autismfamily.tumblr.com
  • 10. Blogpost #2
    • Autism Family Adventures: http://autismfamily.blogspot.com/
  • 11. Twitter Group Tweet
    • Tweet @pfanderson
      • I just joined the autism Twitter Group http://tgr.me/g/autism and you can too.
  • 12. Twitter Groups
    • Twitter Group: Autism - Parents of Autistic Children
  • 13. List of People to Follow
    • Autism and Aspergers Twitter Connections
  • 14. Causecast
    • Tweet:
      • www.causecast.org does nice article about Autism Twitter Day #ASD http://tinyurl.com/6cncdt
  • 15. Causecast
    • Causecast: RSVP For Autism Twitter Day: http://www.causecast.org/news_items/7665-rsvp-for-autism-twitter-day
  • 16. Ning: Pecs Club: Group
    • Twitter Autism Day
  • 17. Prizes
    • Tweet @autismfamily
      • For the gluten free chips please name what therapy tool Temple Grandin created #ASD first tweet wins food should tast good good gift box USA
  • 18. Twitter Search #1
    • 26 more results since you started searching (10 minutes)
    • Tweets:
      • Follow #ASD to find out about Twiter Autism Day - Do you know the trusths about Autistic spectrum issues?
      • My wife was not surprised by the diagnosis. I was.
      • I find kids with sensory issues do better with my dog tags clicked to belt loop behind them
      • @codeman38 what are you in graduate school for? How is it going, any links to a website or blog to share for others?
      • And more …
  • 19. Twitter Search #2
    • 10 minutes after previous screenshot
    • Tweets:
      • In my work with kids on the autism spectrum I have met great kids: honest, hardworking, responsible, caring loving kids
      • I’m studying computer science, particularly with a focus on natural language processing
      • And more …
  • 20. Twitter Search Trending Topics
    • Trending topics:
      • #ASD, Adam Walksh, Xmas, Shorty Award, Santa, #tcot, AT&T, #SanFrancisco, iPhone, Bush
  • 21. Twitter: Trending Topics
    • Tweet @trendingtopics
      • New Topic: #ASD http://tinyurl.com/5gjwe9
      • 22 hours ago from twitterfeed
  • 22. Why
  • 23. Isolation vs. Community
    • Tweet @RainbowMum
      • Can you imagine how isolated parents of kids on spectrum felt prior to internet! Now we can celebrate/share eachs wisdom/support! #asd
  • 24. Traits
  • 25. Therapist’s Point of View
    • Tweet @susangiurleo
      • Kids with AS are creative, free spirits, funny, silly, artistic, and really just a joy to be with.
  • 26. Tweet: TannersDad
    • @pfanderson Tanner does not “Melt Down” He is the calmest happiest person on the face of the earth, no transition issues. Just wants another book.
  • 27. Tweet @johnnyA
    • Got here late & realize only an Aspie/ADHD could go back and read all the #ASD tweets in one sitting
  • 28. Shared Article
    • Tweet @lonestar818
      • Top 10 terrific traits of people with autism http://autism.about.com/od/inspirationideas/tp/besttraits.htm
  • 29.
    • 1. Rarely Lie
    • 2. Live in the Moment
    • 3. Rarely Judge
    • 4. Passionate
    • 5. Not Tied to Social Expectations
    • 6. Terrific Memories
    • 7. Less Materialistic
    • 8. Play Fewer Head Games
    • 9. Have Fewer Hidden Agendas
    • 10. Open New Doors for Neurotypicals
    About.com: Autism: Top 10 Terrific Traits Shared Article Screenshot
  • 30. Life With ASD
  • 31. Tweet @pfanderson
    • My son’s favorite video of what life is like for him is this one:: http://tinyurl.com/2fp9ho
  • 32. Retweeted by @sharon370
    • Retweets are when someone really liked what someone else said, and so they are sharing it with their friends and community
  • 33. YouTube: In My Mind
    • Video about life with Aspergers as a teen who likes himself pretty well.
  • 34. Tweet @rainbow_goddess
    • Classmates said it was because you can read facial expressions and mood when you make eye contact w/a person. I said “But I can’t!”
  • 35. Tweet @datafaucet
    • @gitchel My difficulty assimilating it is probably due to poor working memory huh?
  • 36. Tweet @gitchel
    • @TannersDad Just saw your msg. I was dx about 2 yrs ago. But I suspected for years because of my son. My dx was just to make it official.
  • 37. Tweet @petsaretalking
    • Any advice about helping an AS kid deal with bullies?
  • 38. Tweet @teenautism
    • For #ASD experiences with bullying: http://teenautism.com/category/bullying/
  • 39. Teen Autism: Bullying
    • http://teenautism.com/category/bullying/
  • 40. Tweet @KimDeanArt
    • @justthatgirl101 My Aspie used to get very emotional watching the Simpsons, he didn’t like the cruelty in the show, it disturbed him
  • 41. Tweet @rainbowmum
    • @MelinaTomson Day 2 after change of aide my son had a massive meltfown in lunchroom. All the convincing needed. HANG IN THERE!!
  • 42. Tweet @gitchel
    • NOT going into perfume store. My head would explode. Wife can go alone.
  • 43. Tweet @gitchel
    • @codeman38 I also stay out of the laundry soap section of the supermarket and Burlington Coat Factory
  • 44. Tweet @asdquefty
    • Why do OSes insist on defaulting to maximum brightness? It’s a computer, not a flashlight, and it hurts my eyes.
  • 45. Tweet @coop179
    • @jenrik06 be careful of the video games … learn from my mistake, that’s all my son does and talks about now
  • 46. Tweet @jenrik06
    • @coop179 I try to llimit his TV & game time - amazes me how he remembers all the gaming stuff but can’t put letters 2geter to read
  • 47. Tweet @gitchel
    • @datafaucet I’m trying to read - and THINK about - every tweet. It’s kind interesting how my brain just gets mushy and I fall asleep #ASD
  • 48. Tweet @TannersDad
    • What does everyone feel about restraints? I have gone to school a couple of times & Tanner has been tied to a chair?
  • 49. Tweet @autismfamily
    • Other topics for autism twitter day is bullying, rage issues, locker room problems, lunch at school, depression, sensory diet and fidgets #ASD
  • 50. Tweet @taless
    • The hardest question I have had to answer since my son started “talking” was “What did I do wrong that God made me Autistic?
  • 51. Divorce
  • 52. Tweet @diy_pam
    • Concepts of custody, timeshare, support don’t fit special needs of divorcing autism families http://is.gd/bWvX
  • 53. DIY Divorce
    • December 16, 2008; Florida Divorce & Special Needs Children - It’s Autism Month
  • 54. Tweet @autismfamily
    • @diy_pam we went with custody evaluation since I wanted supervised visits, long process but got it, court told Dad to shave beard
  • 55. Education
  • 56. Tweet @autismvox
    • My son likes the routine of going somewhere else to school and being with other kids -- homeschooling is not for him.
  • 57. Tweet @susangiurleo
    • Make a list of all the things that are right with your child. Put it into the folder along with all of his evaluations, report cards …
  • 58. Tweet @rainbowmum
    • It absolutely amazes me when my son’s school thanks for staying in close contact. They say that’s not the norm. UNREAL. Can’t imagine.
  • 59. Tweet @specialedsolved
    • @taless Don’t forget to tell the school, not only for cheeres, but to assure goals are moving forward too!
  • 60. Tweet @albruns
    • @MelinaTomson I think there is a fine line between consistent staff and dependency. It depends upon how teaching is delivered
  • 61. Tweet @pfanderson
    • @emptyenvelope What finally worked was getting him a Macintosh and letting him get involved w/ online social nets 2 practice engagement #ASD
  • 62. Tweet @specialedsolved
    • @pfanderson Aaahhh, learning with a purpose, just what I was working towards at a parent/client’s IEP meeting today!
  • 63. Tweet @pfanderson
    • @specialedsolved I’ve been saying this 4 decades. Used to teach women keyboarding by having them type fave recipes. Lrng w/ purpose=WIN
  • 64. Tweet @specialedsolved
    • @albruns teachers need more resources to collect data. It’s where the parent comes. Parents can ask for more than the teachers can.
  • 65. Tweet @bwwojci
    • Excel tool for teachers to chart and analyze data http://www.seat.ilstu.org/excel/
  • 66. Special Education Assistive Technology
    • http://www.seat.ilstu.org/excel/
  • 67. Tweet @autismfamily
    • ABCs = antecedent, behavior and consequences, telling parent kid had behavior issues is not enough, what transpired beforehand - need data
  • 68. Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • 69. Tweet @specialedsolved
    • Did you know that data is the key to your IEP?Want changes in your child’s program? Ask (in writing) for the data.
  • 70. Tweet @JillShaw
    • @MelinaTomson Have you asked for a parent advocat to be present at the IEP with you? They can be a great resource.
  • 71. Tweet @specialedsolved
    • Did you know that spending 5 minutes per week asking staff in writing about IEP progress gets amazing results? Rotate the staff
  • 72. Tweet @specialedsolved
    • @sensorynanny Many concepts are difficult to sell at the IEP. I definitely prefer selling concepts to staff 1:1 before meeting
  • 73. Other Tips
  • 74. Tweet @modelmekids
    • @susangiurleo What do you recommend for child who is tired at end of day and refuses to do homework?
  • 75. Tweet @ susangiurleo
    • @modelmekids truthfully, HW may need to be modified, or none at all. When the brain is tired it is tired. We can chat more if you want.
  • 76. Tweet @pfanderson
    • @TannersDad I like to tell them 1-How 2 spot meltdown coming, 2-what are the phases of meltdown, 3-what works at each stage
  • 77. Tweet @liz4cps
    • We love dogs; have a border collie, but son likes the cats better - almost ignores the dog! curious about dog therapy
  • 78. Tweet @mmiller20910
    • @liz4cps There are therapy dogs, guide dogs, and assistance dogs. Some simple definitions: http://www.canismajor.com/dog/helping.html
  • 79. Tweet @MyPreciousKid
    • @sensorynanny mine is a sensory seeker too - trampoline helps a lot
  • 80. Tweet @behaviorcounts
    • To all parents out there - be very aware of treatments that are not evidence-based. Do not be pulled in by a snake oil salesman
  • 81. Tweet @emptyenvelope
    • I would love to try a squeeze machine. I like to wrap up in heavy blankets, have the kids lay on my back, dog on my legs
  • 82. Tweet @tendrel
    • Squeeze machine directions - http://www.grandin.com/inc/intro-squeeze.html woot!
  • 83. Diet
  • 84. Tweet @autismfamily
    • @jennyhopkins have you searched twitter through www.summize.com and input gluten free, dairy free, many on twitter follow same diets
  • 85. Tweet @hellokittiemama
    • @ericasteller GFCF diet a HUGE hit in my house. Takes work but worth it. Its lunchtime someplace so I’ll space the vivid details!
  • 86. Tweet @ericasteller
    • @hellokittiemama Just now noticed your reply to my GFCF #ASD diet question. THANKS! Visiting www.bonbongazette.com now!
  • 87. The Bon Bon Gazette
    • Welcome to the Bon Bon Gazette - here I’ll share my thoughts, photos, vents and triumphs - of daily life adventures in autism, gfcf diet reviews, one gluten casein free autistic wonderkid and his neurotypical “going dairy-free” sibling.
  • 88. Tweet @pfanderson
    • @denipath4change My son, too. Cut food additives, esp dyes, and suddenly he came ALIVE mentally!
  • 89. Tweet @denipath4change
    • @navi I have to do high protein, low carb - no potatoes, rice, corn … not grains … and I do better. Carbs give me brain fog
  • 90. Success
  • 91. Tweet @KimDeanArt
    • “ For success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential” -- Hans Asperger
  • 92. Tweet @castewar
    • It’s been argued that Glenn Gould has/had Aspergers - if you’ve read about him, you’re probably inclined to agree.
  • 93. Tweet @denipath4change
    • Trying to make the point that asd in adults is not a new thing and didn’t stop many folks from being successful
  • 94. Tweet @castewar
    • Gary Neuman has Aspergers - think about that when listening to his lyrics.
  • 95. Tweet @casteware
    • Peter Tork of the Monkees has Asperger’s - not as overt in his music as Gary Numan.
  • 96. Tweet @TammiR
    • Well known person w/ autism: Temple Grandin, Darryl Hannah, Stephen Shore
  • 97. Tweet @dbrodbeck
    • @autismfamily Temple Grandin studies animal behaviour, and I study animal cognition, coincidence? Well, yeah, I guess so …
  • 98. Tweet @denipath4change
    • @castewar lots of famous folks, einstein, edison, gates, man silicon valley types, lots of those in academia
  • 99. Tweet @casteware
    • Dan Akroyd has made mention that he has Asperger’s, but it’s never been formally confirmed.
  • 100. Tweet @twitterbo
    • Famous People with Autism … http://twurl.nl/fvb6om
  • 101. List of Famous People with Autism
    • Love to Know: Autism: Famous People With Autism: http://autism.lovetoknow.com/Famous_People_with_Autism
  • 102. Books & Reading
  • 103. Tweet @mommysescape
    • @autismfamily the curious incident of the dog in the night time
  • 104. Tweet @mamacate
    • @TannersDad I’m reading Married With Special Needs Children -- worthwhile IMO http://tinyurl.com/61sfxp
  • 105. Tweet @shakingsystem
    • @navi Try reading Bock’s book. The connection between the A’s (autism, adhd, allergies, and asthma). http://shakingthesystem.blogspot.com/
  • 106. Tweet @albruns
    • Anyone read Autism’s False Prophets by Paul Offit?
  • 107. Tweet @hellokittiemama
    • @TammiR Have you read Born on a Blue day - author is AS and has kinesthesia. Excellent book.
  • 108. Tweet @queenuniquemvp
    • Read! “Autism and Race parents, Advocates Seek More Prompt Diagnoses of Minority Children“ http://tinyurl.com/57a9ck
  • 109. Resources
  • 110. Tweet @Dianne_
    • @MyPreciousKid #ASD diagn tool. http: //tinyurl .com/6cb8ag http://www.facs.gov.au/internet/facsinternet.nsf/disabilities/services-help_child_autism.htm
  • 111. Australian Government
    • Helping Children with Autism: http://www.facs.gov.au/internet/facsinternet.nsf/disabilities/services-help_child_autism.htm
  • 112. Tweet @TannersDad
    • Autismbites.com
  • 113. Autism Bites
    • & Rocks & Bounces & Yells
    • http://www.autismbites.com
  • 114. Tweet @AdonyaWong
    • “ Temple Grandin on Encouraging Kids With Autism” http://bit.ly/175jt
  • 115. Temple Grandin from Education Week
    • EdWeek: Temple Grandin on Encouraging Kids with Autism: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/speced/2008/12/temple_grandin_on_encouraging_1.html
    • “ Teachers tend to focus on the disability,” Grandin said.
  • 116. Tweet @mmiller20910
    • Insurance coverage for autism -- state by state http://tinyurl.com/6638qe
  • 117. Autism Votes
    • Autism Votes: State Initiatives (Insurance): http://www.autismvotes.org/site/c.frKNI3PCImE/b.3909861/k.B9DF/State_Initiatives.htm
  • 118. Tweet @lizditz
    • @TannersDad educate your local police/fire about your child -- most FD PD very receptive to education re special populations
  • 119. PA Premise Alert
    • Autism 101 for Police Officers: http://www.papremisealert.com/id70.html
  • 120. Tweet @autismfamily
    • @denipath4change http://aq.server8.org/ measure autistic traits in adults #ASD fun online test
  • 121. Newsweek - The Autism Spectrum Quotient
    • http://aq.server8.org/
  • 122. Tweet @twitterbo
    • Autism and Schizophrenia share common origin, review suggests … http://is.gd/bZJr
  • 123. ScienceDaily
    • Autism and Scizophrenia share common origin, Review suggests: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081216114746.htm
  • 124. Winding Down
  • 125. Tweet @doctorious
    • @autismfamily Just checking in on #ASD status -- looks liike it is still in full force? Any way to get traffic numbers from Twitter?
  • 126. Tweet @navi
    • Where are w coast @asd tweeters? Bed earlier than me, 2am in MI? Lol
  • 127. Tweet @TannersDad
    • Just finished a 45 minute interview. I told the world about how great it was to come together in a positive environment. I am tired.
  • 128. Links Mentioned
  • 129. Background Information
    • Autism Family: http://autismfamiily.blogspot.com/
    • Autism Family: http://autismfamily.tumblr.com/
    • BellaOnline: Autism Spectrum Disorders: http://autismspectrumdisorders.bellaonline.com /
    • Causecast: RSVP For Autism Twitter Day: http://www.causecast.org/news_items/7665-rsvp-for-autism-twitter-day
  • 130. Sources Mentioned
    • Australia: Services for Children with Autism: http://www.facs.gov.au/internet/facsinternet.nsf/disabilities/services-help_child_autism.htm
    • Autism Bites: http://autismbites.com/
    • Autism Quiz: http://aq.server8.org/
    • Autism Safety Products http://tinyurl.com/64l75f
    • Autism Votes: http://www.autismvotes.org/site/c.frKNI3PCImE/b.3909861/k.B9DF/State_Initiatives.htm
    • Behavioral Analyst Certification Board: http://www.bacb.com
    • Bonbon Gazette: www.bonbongazette.com
  • 131. Sources Mentioned
    • Child Development Partners: http://www.childdevelopmentpartners.com/
    • Crisis Prevention: http://www.crisisprevention.com/index.html
    • DIY Divorce: Autism: http://diydivorce.typepad.com/diy_divorce_in_florida/2008/12/divorce-takes-on-a-different-perspective-when-dealing-with-a-special-needs-child-as-josh-greenfeld-----wrote-about-his-chidl.html
    • EdWeek: Temple Grandin on Encouraging Kids with Autism: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/speced/2008/12/temple_grandin_on_encouraging_1.html
  • 132. Sources Mentioned
    • Future of Homeschooling: http://futureofhomeschooling.ning.com/
    • Grandin: Squeeze machine directions: http://www.grandin.com/inc/intro-squeeze.html
    • http://www.seat.ilstu.org/excel/
    • Mary's Gone Crackers: http://www.marysgonecrackers.com/ns/intro.php
    • Pennsylvania Premise Alert: Autism: http://www.papremisealert.com/id70.html
    • Science Daily: Autism and Schizophrenia: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081216114746.htm
  • 133. Sources Mentioned
    • Teen Autism: Puberty: http://teenautism.com/category/puberty/
    • Wired: Autism Test: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.12/aqtest.html
    • Youtube as a Repository for Autism and Asperger Videos: http://welkowitz.typepad.com/aspergers_conversations/2006/10/youtube_as_repo.html
    • Youtube: In My Mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbgUjmeC-4o