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Superior history

  1. 1. Our HistoryIn the year 2000 when the world entered a new millennium, South Asian Educational Promotion Network wasmaking plans to develop educational facilities in Pakistan. SAEPN was in search of such leadership which couldcarry their aims with full responsibility and make that project a success in Pakistan. They found that leadershipspark in the personality of Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman, a young passionate educationist filled with lots ofenthusiasm to contribute big for his country and to bring a positive change in the society. The amalgamation oftwo purposeful giants proved fruitful and the first campus with the name of Superior College started working in 31-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. The ideal mix of team members was selected to run this passionateinstitution. It was the purity of purpose that in the very first year of its establishment Superior College secured anenrolment of 1,000 students. This was strong evidence that Superior had potential to stay distinguished in thesaturated market. Next year the number doubled and then rest is „History‟. Every year the name started to riseand grew more respected in the eyes of all academic circles. In 2003 Superior got NOC from the Govt. of thePunjab.Just after a year it was elevated to another level through the charter. Superior Group of Colleges was recognizedas a degree awarding institute. In 2007 Superior decided to expand and the search started for a project directorwho could fulfil this dream. As it is always taken as the primary inspiration in Superior that one has to run afterone‟s dreams to finally achieve them. This attitude was identified in the person with the best managerialpotential. The board of directors showed their full confidence on Mr. Rana Adeel Mumtaz, hence the journey toexplore new horizons begun with his leading efforts and colleges were opened in Faisalabad, Okara, Multan andRahim Yar Khan. These campuses also witnessed a phenomenal growth soon with their start.Amidst this fast growing tendency the year 2008 witnessed an absolutely outstanding success of two huge projectsincluding Sargodha College Campus and a large purpose built University campus at Raiwind Road, Lahore.Sialkot campus was opened in 2009 while a unique program of Superior Split Degree was also offered for thestudents willing to seek foreign education and international exposure. This program received great applause andresponse of the students. Like any success story, Superior‟s tale of miracles does not end here; it has beenrecognized as the first international standard institute of Pakistan and also holds the position of fastest growinginstitute of Pakistan owing to its Split Degree Program, 21 colleges in multiple cities and degree awarding status in50 programs.The journey is however yet going on with the same zeal and rigor with two other mega projects of “Ch.Muhammad Akram Teaching & Research Hospital” and “Azra Naheed Medical College” to be completed by August2011 InshaAllah.
  2. 2. Vision"Facilitating Superior Human Beings"MissionWe are committed to enhance the potentials of students, faculty, staff and all segments of the society by bringinga positive change in their personal and career lives, motivating them for self-enlightenment through QualityEducation, Personality Development, True Professionalism and Career Planning; thus, adding value to our nation,and ultimately to humanity.May ALLAH Almighty help us!Our Values Righteous Path Team Building Reward for Performance Growth Self RespectCore Objectives Quality Education Personality Development
  3. 3. True Professionalism Career PlanningChartered By The Govt of PunjabGetting charter by Government of the Punjab as degree awarding institute in four faculties is a badge ofdistinction and unique honor for Superior College. Several other institutions applied for the same status but arestruggling since long to get this rare feat. Superior infrastructure attracted and satisfied the Punjab GovernmentHigher Education Department as per their standards and requirements and ultimately achieved its target.As the history has it, Superior College was established in year 2000 under the supervision of (Late) Malik MerajKhalid (Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan). It is registered / affiliated with Education Department, Board of TechnicalEducation, B.I.S.E and University of the Punjab for Inter, B.Com, B.Sc (Honors) in Computer Science and LL.Bprograms.May 13, 2002 saw the institution applying for the Charter status after having fulfilled the necessary requirementsof the Education Department, Government of the Punjab. On January 25, 2003, the College got NOC for DegreeAwarding Status, showing tremendous growth in quality education, touching strength of students above 3000. Thisconsistent influx of the students forced the College administration to initiate its own purpose-built SuperiorEducational Complex on a land, spanning 92 Kanals and 14 Marlas. On August 13, 2003, the AccreditationCommittee visited the site, and on entire satisfaction recommended the institution for the Award of Charter infaculties of Business & Management Sciences, Computer Sciences & IT, Economics & Commerce, and Law.February 22, 2004 was a milestone in the history of „Superior‟, as the Punjab Cabinet approved the Grant ofCharter (Degree-Awarding Status) to Superior College in the private sector for providing Higher Education. The billwas tabled in the Punjab Assembly on February 23, 2004 for necessary approval, and consequently ProvincialAssembly of Punjab forwarded it to the Standing Committee and College got Charter by Govt. of the Punjab asdegree awarding institute after having passed Superior College Bill from the Punjab Provincial Assembly on May 31,2004.The thunderous successes achieved by Superior Group of Colleges is a living indicator of the fact that we alwaysbelieve in quality education and we are reaping it in the form of affirmative response not only from our studentsbut also from a large number of parents who repose trust to our consolidated system of education and ourdistinctive academic strength lies in focusing on quality education, personality development, true professionalismand career planning that help in overall growth of the Country.Academic PartnersTo make education qualitative we have got academic affiliations with universities and colleges at home andabroad. Superior Group of Colleges is affiliated with Lahore Board, Punjab Board of Technical Education andUniversity of the Punjab for, B.Sc (Computer Science), LL.B courses and with various internationally reputedinstitutions for different programs of study.
  4. 4. It has its educational affiliation status with British Computer Society (BCS) and enjoys collaborations with NationalEngineers for Telecommunication (NET) and Advanced Net Working Labs.Superior Group of Colleges has taken another initiative by exploring new horizons and joining hands with the topuniversities of the world by offering Split Degree Program at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level. This newventure will provide international exposure to students and enable them to obtain an internationally recognizedqualification of high standard. Superior Group of Colleges is collaborated with the University of Newcastle,Australia & Binary University, Malaysia.Split Degree ProgramOBJECTIVESuperior believes in no Limits. As limits are set in mind only, we prepare & train our students to think limitless &become exception to succeed in life. We believe that most valuable resource of Pakistan is our human resourceand we want to make it more productive and competitive in this period of globalization by offering qualityeducation. Keeping this fact in mind, we have established International linkages with our partner institutes, andwe are keen to continue expanding this relationship for mutual benefits at International Level.Following are the core objectives of Superior Split Degree Programmes:Providing International exposure to our home students.Imparting skills to meet global challenges.Producing Professionals to compete in the international markets.Improving the student‟s potential to succeed in Professional life.Enhancing the knowledge base of our faculty.“Be Superior and become part of First International Standard Institute of Pakistan”BENEFITSGuaranteed better academic performance over other overseas studentsCost effectiveTime EffectiveOption to study with world‟s top universities.Better Chances of Immigration after completing DegreeInternational Exposure of some of the world‟s developed economies.Free Visa Processing by SuperiorNo IELTS compulsionSecure future with Internationally recognized qualificationPARTNER INSTITUTESOur academic excellence, infrastructure, faculty and improved teaching methodologies have attracted some topinstitutions to become our partner institute to continue exploring mutual benefits. Keeping this fact in mind,Superior has signed MOU (Memorandums of Understanding) in the areas of student exchange, faculty exchange,research seminars and publications with the following.
  5. 5. 1. The University of Newcastle, Australia 2. Binary University College, Malaysia 3. York St John University, UK 4. Uppsala University, Sweden 5. Rouen Business School, France 6. University of Nicosia, CyprusStudent AwardsAwards are always a token of encouragement for the promising students. They motivate and uplift their morales asto achieve the desired results. Based on the performance, students are given full or partial tuition fee concession.They are offered special cash prizes. This inculcates in them a spirit of hard work that makes them a genuineprofessional to face the stark job responsibilities in the upcoming future.Annual Program AwardsEducation stands for personality development and is not just to acquire a degree, diploma or certificate. As a partof education, extra-curricular activities like sports, debates, music, dramas, and atheletics mould the students‟personalities.Special prize for monthly test topperSpecial prize to class topper of send up examsSpecial prize to overall topper of send up examinationSpecial prize to part I toppers in University /boardSpecial prize to part II toppers in board/universitySpecial prize for first position in board examsSpecial prize for first position in University examsDignifiedSemester Program AwardsGold,silver,and bronze medals for overall toppersCash prizes for first three position-holders in every semester.Best Attendance AwardsBest Behavior AwardsBest Personality AwardSpecial prizes/awards for toppers in workshops/presentations and projectsProfessional of the year Graduate of the year Life on Campus
  6. 6. A big part of your life as a student will be the people you meet and friendships you make. We know youwill be working hard, so its important that you spare some of your time to relax and socialize. Whateveryou are, you should be able to find a club or society to interest you. Our students form platforms that aredesigned to give you opportunities to get together, have fun, share experiences and meet new friends.Superior musical nights and concerts are cherished by students and their friends and fellows for theirlively entertainment and joy. Healthy sports competitions add to the glow of our university wherestudents participate in Superior sports as well as representing their institutes in Inter Universities SportsCompetitions.FESTIVAL:CAFÉ
  7. 7. TRANSPORT FACULTY:Pleasure TripsSeeking a meaningful pleasure is always natural to the human beings. This refreshes the mind, lessens the stress,dilutes the tension, and smoothes out worries. To this end, field tours to Murree, Swat and Kalam are arrangedthroughout the academic session that break the spell of academic monotony and give a sense of relief from theoppressive class work routine the students observe throughout the session. These excursion tours are greatlyapplauded by the parents.Sports DayThere is a broad spectrum of spectacular physical education in the form of indoor and outdoor sports activities.Opportunities for all staff and students are provided to take part in a range of multicolored sports at differentlevels of ability. The College Sports Network arranges various sports events on every Friday after the academicroutine comes to a standstill. Similarly, on every Sunday the “Superiors” are provided the opportunity toparticipate in various sports events. This whole day sporting routine helps them in wriggling out of tension riddendish culture that have permeated in our youth. The thunderous sports gala, representing all major sports events, isheld at WAPDA Sports Complex amid a tremendous gathering. Superior Group of Colleges boasts of its scintillatingdistinctions in the sports arena. It has achieved successes in the sports competitions organized by the Board,University and HEC. Also, it intends to provide scholarships and free education to the outstanding sportsmen whostrive for the glory of sports.
  8. 8. Cultural Festival An important milestone at the beginning of spring season is the Superior Cultural and Festival Show that provides perennial respi memorable event reflects the judicious blend of excitement and entertainment to the “Superiors.” The big event at WAPDA Cultu charged with varied programs of aesthetic and social interests, comprises splendid parade, stall-making, camel and hGalasStudents can cherish their moment by attending the special galas which are organized to appreciate growingabilities of students. For this, welcome and farewell functions are arranged, whereby students are encouraged todisplay their talent and show their artistry through well-conceived parodies, outclass skits, fabulous Mushaira,Qirat, Naat, Symposia and academic quizzes. Amid the company of parents, dignitaries, friends and well-wishers,“Superiors” celebrate the moments unforgettable.