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Function of Microsoft word

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Function of microsoft word

  1. 1. Function of Microsoft Word  Home  Insert  Page Layout  Reference  Mailing  HomeClipboard: Short key: Cut (Ctrl + X) Definition: Cut the selection from the documents and put it on the clipboard.Copy: Short key: Copy (Ctrl + C) Definition: Copy the selection and put it on the clipboard.Format printer Short key: Format printer (Ctrl +Shift + C) Definition: Copy formating from one place and apply it to another.Paste Short key: Paste(Ctrl + V)
  2. 2. Definition: Paste the contents of the clipboard. FontCalibri Short key: ( Ctrl + Shift +F) Definition: Change the font face.Font size Short key: (Ctrl + Shift + P) Definition: Change the font size.A (Grow font) Short key: (Ctrl +]) Definition: Increase the font size.A (Shrink font) Short key: (Ctrl = [) Definition: Decrease the font size.Clear formatting Definition: Clear all the formatting from the selection, leaving only the plain text.Bold Short key: (Ctrl +B) Definition: Make the selected text bold.
  3. 3. Italic Short key: (Ctrl +I) Definition: Italicize the selected text.Underline Short key: (Ctrl +U) Definition: Underline the selected text.Strike through Definition: Draw a line through the idle of the market.Subscript Short key: (Ctrl + =) Definition: Create small letters below the text.Super script Short key: (Ctrl + Shift ++) Definition: Create small letter above the line of text.Aa (Change case) Definition: Change all the selected text to upper case lower case or other commoncapitalizations.Text highlight colour Definition: Make text look like it was marked with a highlighter pen.Font color Definition: Change font colour.
  4. 4. ParagraphBullets Definition: Click the arrow to choose different bullet style.Numbering Definition: Start the number list.Multilevel list Definition: Start the multilevel list click the arrow to choose different multilevel liststyle.Decrease indent Definition: Decrease the indent level of the paragraph.Increase Indent Definition: Increase the indent level of the paragraph.Sort Definition: Alphabetize the selected text or sort numerical data.Π Show/hide Short key: (Ctrl +*) Definition: Show paragraph mark and other hidden formatting symbols .Align text left Short key: (Ctrl + L) Definition: Align text to the left.
  5. 5. Central Short key: (Ctrl + E) Definition: Center text.Align text right Short key: ( Ctrl + R) Definition: Align text to right.Justify Short key: (Ctrl + J) Definition: Align text to both left and right margins adding extra space b/w wordand necessary.Line spacing Definition: Change the spacing b/w lines of text.Shading Definition: Color the background behind the selected text.Bottom Border Font Styles Normal, No spacing, Heading1, Heading2.Change style Definition: Change the set of style, color and fonts used in documents.
  6. 6. EditingFind Short key: (Ctrl + F) Definition: Find text in the document.Replace Short key: (Ctrl + H) Definition: Replace text in the document.Select Definition: Select text or objects in the document.  Insert PagesCover page Definition: Insert a fully-formatted cover page.Blank page Definition: Insert a new blank page at the cursor position.Page Break Short key: (Ctrl + Return) Definition: Start the next page at the current position.
  7. 7. Table Definition: Insert and draw a table into the document. IllustrationsPicture Definition: Insert picture from file.Clip Art Definition: Insert clip art in the document.Shapes Definition: Insert ready made shapes in the document.Smart Art Definition: Insert smart art graphic to visually communicate information.Chart Definition: Insert a chart to illustrate and compare data. LinksHyperlink Short key: (Ctrl + K) Definition: Create a link to a web page a picture an E-Mail address, or aprogram.Bookmark Definition: Create a book mark to assign a name to a specific point in adocument.
  8. 8. Cross-Reference Definition: Cross-reference are automatically update if the content is moved toanother location. By default cross reference are insert as hyperlinks. Header & FooterHeader Definition: Edit the header of the document.Footer Definition: Edit the footer of the document.Page Number Definition: Insert page # into the document. TextText Box Definition: Insert preformatted text boxes.Quick part Definition: Insert reusable pieces of content.Word Art Definition: Insert decorative text in your document.Drop Cap Definition: Create a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph.
  9. 9. Signature Line Definition: Insert a signature line that specific the individual who must sign.Date&Time Definition: Insert the current date & time in current document.Object Definition: Insert an embedded object. SymbolsEquation Short key: (Alt+=) Definition: Insert mathematical equation.Symbol Definition: Insert symbol that are not on your keyboard.  Page Layout ThemesThemes Definition: Current office themes change the overall design of the entire document.Theme Color Definition: Change the color for the current theme.
  10. 10. Theme Effect Definition: Change the effect for the current theme. Page setupMargin Definition: Select the margin size for the entire document or the current selection.Page Orientation Definition: Switch the pages /w portrait and landscape layout.Page Size Definition: Choose a paper size for the current section.Columns Definition: Split text into two or more columns.Hyphenation Definition: Turn on hyphenation, which allows word to break lines b/w thesyllabus of words. Page BackgroundWater Mark Definition: Insert the ghosted text behind the content on the page.Page Color Definition: Choose a color for the background of the page.
  11. 11. Page BorderDefinition: Add or change the border around the page. ArrangeObject PositionDefinition: Position the selected object on the page.Bring To FrontDefinition: Bring the selected object in front of all other object.Send To BackDefinition: Send the selected object in behind of all other objects. Other ObjectsText WrappingDefinition: Change the way text wraps around the select objects.GroupDefinition: Group objects together so that they can be treated like a single object.AlignDefinition: Align the edges of multiple selected objects.RotateDefinition: Rotate or flip the selected objects.
  12. 12.  Reference Table of ContentTable of Content Definition: Add this table to document.Add Text Definition: Add the current paragraph as an entry in the table of content.Update Table Definition: Update the table of content so that all the entries refer to thecorrect page #. FootnotesInsert Footnote Short key: (Alt+Ctrl+F) Definition: Add a footnote to the document.Insert Endnote Short key: (Alt+Ctrl+D) Definition: Add an endnote to the document.Next Footnote Definition: Navigate to the next footnote in the document.
  13. 13. Show NotesDefinition: Scroll the document to show where the footnotes or endnotes or locate. Citations & BibliographyInsert Citation Definition: Cite a book, journal article as the source for piece of information in thedocument.Manage Sources Definition: View the list of all sources cited in the document.Bibliography Styles Definition: Choose the style of citation to use in the document.Bibliography Definition: Add a bibliography list all the sources cited in the document. CaptionInsert Cap Definition: Add a caption to a picture or a other image.Insert Table Figure Definition: Insert this figure to the document.Update Figure
  14. 14. Definition: Update the table of figure to include all of the entries in thedocument.Cross-Reference Definition: Refer to items such as heading is called cross-reference. IndexInsert Index Definition: Insert an index into document.Mark Entry Short key: (Alt+Shift+X) Definition: Include the selected text into the index of the document.Update Index Definition: Update the index so that all the entries refer to the correct page #. Table OF AuthoritiesMark Citation Short key: (Alt+Shift+I) Definition: Add the selected text as an entry in the table authorities.  Mailing
  15. 15. Start Mail MargeStart Mail Marge Definition: Start mail Marge to create a form letter which to intend to print or E-Mail multiple items, sending each copy to a different recipient. Select recipients Definition: Choose the list of people you intend to send the letter .Edit recipient list Definition: Make changes to the list of recipients and decide which of themshould receive your letter. Preview ResultFind recipient Definition: Find and preview a specific record in the recipient list by searching fortext.