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Having a Wonderful Second Life - Wish You Were Here
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Having a Wonderful Second Life - Wish You Were Here


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Having a Wonderful Second Life - Wish You Were Here Barbara Z. Johnson (aka Christien Suntzu)
    • 2. What Is Second Life?
      • Fun Introductory Promo Video (v)
      Company created world User created world Pre-determined rules, roles, score Users make own rules and roles Second Life Most video games and MMOGs (3-D) social networking Original Star Wars Galaxies EVE Online, Ultima Online, Lineage … Customizable MUDs
    • 3. Second Life Details …
      • 1.3 + million active users globally
      • Virtual currency legally exchangeable for US dollars
      • Content creators retain intellectual property rights
      • Two “grids” - one adult and one teen
      • Largely user created
    • 4. Users Create Most of the Content
      • Watch the World(s) (v)
      • Most residents build something
      • Everything composed of simple geometric shapes that are combined, sometimes distorted, and colored
      • Objects can interactive and/or animated
    • 5. Education in Second Life
      • New Media Consortium's Campus Overview (w)
      • Second Life Education Wiki (w)
      • Second Life in Education (w)
      • - Several in-world groups for educators and researchers as well as list-servs
    • 6. Courses - Online or TEL
      • Global Science (NYC) (HS)
      • Various (Florida Virtual School) (HS)
      • Chemistry (U of AZ) (Undergrad)
      • Economics course (Cornell) (Grad)
      • Printmaking (UW-Madison) (Grad)
      • 3 D Multiuser Learning Environments (San Diego State U) (Grad)
      • Educational Gaming (Boise State) (Grad)
      • SL and Entrepreneurship (Babson) (Grad)
      • E-Learning (Sevilla U, Spain) (Grad)
    • 7. Why Use a Virtual World?
      • Circumvent Physical Limitations/Scale
      • Minimize Distances
      • Study Emerging Technologies and Their Impact
      • Student Research Projects/Modeling
      • Increase Access to Your Class or Lesson
    • 8. Circumvent Physical Limits
      • Science Introduction (v)
      • The Saturn V Rocket (v)
      • Global Science Course (high school) (w)
      • Organic Chemistry (w)
    • 9. Minimize Distances
      • Totally Wired Forum (Howard Gardner spoke at the end) (v)
      • Virtual Bali - United Nations Climate Change Conference (v)
    • 10. Virtual Morocco
    • 11. Renaissance Island
    • 12. Sistine Chapel (Vassar)
    • 13. To Study Impact of New Technologies
      • Ethnographic research projects at Bradley (v)
      • Note: voice chat is now incorporated into Second Life
      • See AoIR website for guidance in conducting such research either for class or publication
    • 14. Student Projects
      • Montgomery College’s Environmental Simulation (v)
      • Tech Savvy Girls Island (Teen Second Life)
      • Campus: Second Life
    • 15. Tech Savvy Girls
    • 16. Campus: Second Life
    • 17. Increase Access to Class or Lesson
      • Ohio State’s Nutrition Game (v)
      • Well’s Fargo’s Stagecoach Island (w)
      • VITAL Lab at Ohio State (w)
      • NOAA’s Meteroa (w)
    • 18. Educational Organizations
      • Sloan - C
      • ISTE
      • TechSoup
      • Global Kids
      • New Media Consortium
    • 19. Who Uses SL?
    • 20. Other Virtual Worlds
      • Whyville (v)
      • Active Worlds (v)
      • There (v)
      • Entropia Universe (v)
      • Kaneva (v)
      • Club Penguin (v)
      • Furcadia (v)
    • 21. For More Information …
        • Second Life as a Virtual Learning Environment (w)
        • Introduction Machinema (v)
        • 101 Uses for Second Life in the College Classroom (w)
        • See the Making of Suzanne Vega ’ s Guitar (v)
        • Educational Technology Bridge (w)
        • Education Arcade 2005 Gender and Diversity (v)
        • MUVEing Education Forward Unconference (w)
        • Virtual Reality and Education (w)