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Newsletter Sept 2011

  1. 1. Sept 2011Volume 5, Issue 9 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Nominations for Inspiring Teacher Awards - 2011 This is a unique platform for appreciating your school and college teachers. This year we provide a broad framework for your nominations by defining four areas 1. Clarity and expertise in subject, organization and presentation in class, motivation and interaction in class (exam success)This month: 2. Interpersonal rapport with you as a student, concern and counseling outside classEncounter with Prof (support in your personal challenges, believing in you)Ratnalikar 3. Intellectual stimulation and motivation to go beyond syllabus (projects, applications,Uma Garimella.….2 innovation)Faculty of the Month- 4. Good nature and behavior towards a large section of students (role model)Dr Preeti Bajaj ….3 A new form is online with these details on our sitePicture caption ….4Biotech Adhyaapan – Teachers’ Mela – See last page for detailsBootcamp….....4Maths Blog - SanjayGulati …………4Interesting links …5Teaching Englishthrough comicstrips…………..5Garware BookReading Project-……..……..6
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 An encounter with Prof Ratnalikar – Uma Garimella He could manage to call Another interesting idea about ten principals of proposed by him which was engineering colleges and completely agreeing with the polytechnics for a meeting agenda of Teacher’s where Teacher’s Academy Academy was that of could present the offerings. Certification or Individual EEF has been bringing out a Accreditation of teachers. quarterly "Journal of The programs that we are Engineering Education" about to launch will exactly Lokhande, Uma, Prof Ratnalikar and Brig T Ramaiah Since 1986. The 100th issue is fit the idea of EEF – at AGPatil Institute’s Pune faciltiy for video conferencing. due now and there were 10 however we may have to They believe that in an special issues on various work for some kind of educational system, the faculty themes of relevance like recognition by NITTTR or is the key role player & any Autonomy of colleges, AICTE.“If there are problems – changes in the system can be Technological Universities Personally, neither Profit only means we have to brought about only by the etc. Ratnalikar nor I believe thatwork harder” faculty. Hence, staff & They have also arranged recognition will enhance the educational development must seminars, work-shops and quality of the certificate orProf Ratnalikar saidwhen some of the be given the top priority in any conferences at State and its implementation, but itprincipals in the meeting quality management system. National level on various might just bring thewere citing issues withfaculty training. The management should take topics. audience for the training!! steps to enable the faculty to Prof Ratnalikar feels that We were invited for another… cater to the needs become competent committed & forming Consortia of meeting at his home officeof the technical professionals by providing them Engineering Colleges is the and were treated to not justeducation system, some necessary facilities. They also way going forward. a cup of coffee and dhokla,likeminded individuals believe that it is possible that an Cooperation is the key to but lots of love andfrom both engineering Institute can be born with "a growth. Autonomy is the first enthusiasm. His house is aeducation system and Quality Spoon in the Mouth". step in bringing quality. library with lots of booksindustry have joined It was a pleasure to meet Prof Centres of Excellence are to and articles related tohands and formed a NV Ratnalikar, almost in his be formed in different cities pedagogy, university systemPublic Trust- eighties, excitedly talking about and through these TQM and education.Engineering Education what is the need of the hour and awareness must be spread. Prof Ratnalikar can beFoundation (EEF), Pune, how it can be done. Many of his Total Quality does not come reached at 25457001.dedicated to the cause of students are holding important by accident – but it has to be Cell: 9850 800 385,quality leading to positions in the technical part of the design at the time nratnalikar@hotmail.comexcellence in education departments and he of the birth of the institute. Education. quickly made some calls. And this is possible. ges/index1.html
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring Teachers Faculty of the month – Dr Preeti Bajaj, Innovative Grading Director, GHRC-Nagpur Policy research. We have also made evaluation of research work (from the internet) in such a way that post A professor stood before his graduate students cannot do class of twenty senior cut and paste which biology students, about to normally all students do. We hand out the final exam. "I Dr. Preeti R. Bajaj is the support them financially want to say that its been a Director, G .H. Raisoni College also. So nurturing and pleasure teaching you this of Engineering, Nagpur. With a creating teachers and semester. I know youve all PhD in Electronics and an identifying potential worked extremely hard and . MBA, Dr Preeti is active both in teachers is also done at many of you are off to Humour academics and administration, institute level. medical college after steering her college to What could be a Teacher: Abraham Lincoln exponential growth. summer. So that no one gets had a difficult childhood. He sustainable model to had to walk 7 miles to go to Read her full interview at improve the teaching their GPA messed up anyone his school. skills of existing faculty? who would like to opt out of Student: He should have got the final exam today will up early like others and got but here are some excerpts. into the school bus. Their institute is trying to Until and unless existing receive a B for the course." develop teaching skills in their faculty undergo massive There was much rejoicing in Entry in a child’s diary: I PG students. learning and practice model, the class as students got up figured out what I will be Preeti: Being director of an and get attached to some doing when I am old. and took the offer. As the Homework. autonomous Institute we tried knowledge partner it will be last taker left the room, the to incorporate many skills to very difficult to sustain this professor looked out over competition. Yes, first job TEACHER: An anonymous evaluate and also to enhance the handful of remaining person is one who doesnt teaching skills in our present they will get easily but they wish to be known. students and asked, "Anyone postgraduate programs. Those will not be able to retain it Student: What a stupid else? This is your last definition! are personality development, for long. T(angry): Who said that? chance." presentation skills, teaching We give personality S: An anonymous person. One final student left. The without any instrument/ development training to the faculty, carry out training professor closed the door blackboard so that he/she need analysis (TNA) and and took attendance of those should be able to explain the also carry out orientation. still remaining. "Im glad to idea in mind without any tool. We are carrying out special We have many knowledge see you believe in course on teaching partners in various yourselves," he said. "You all methodology and research disciplines for our teachers get As." methodology workshops so that which update their skill and there is focused and systematic capacity. ---Editor
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Free Biotech Boot camp As a part of its 5th anniversary celebrations, Indigenèse Biotechnologies (IB) announces a one-week Biotechnology Boot Camp for Class XII and BSc students in the twin cities. The bootcamp is being organized to introduce fundamental concepts and techniques in molecular life sciences through immersive and hands-on activities like DNA isolation, DNA fingerprinting, and genetic engineering. The main goal of the boot camp is to share Picture Caption the excitement of DNA science with students aspiring to pursue scientific research inDolly Sandhu simplemachines help you to do modern biomedical in a science lesson Interested students should submit their applications by 10 Sept 2011 . Fifteen studentsSatya Kiran: The real will be selected from the submitted applications.teachers have neverending work both in classand home :) – Sanjay GulatiShiva Krishna Not onlyclass work but also The Bloghomework is is a blog on K-12 mathematics for teachers, students, andimportant......!!!! math lovers. It is a place to explore mathematics. It is my humble contribution to the bodyMadhan Kumar: Your of knowledge on the internet. I am not an expert , but whatever little knowledge I have, IPotential; Our Passion am willing to share through my blog.Sumathi Mohan two sides The objectives of my blog are the following:of a coin ...we simply rollonnnnn! to provide a conceptual explanation of K-12 mathematics topics to Visualize various mathematics topicsRaheem Mohammed Tugof work!!! to suggest alternative ways of teaching and learning school mathematics to share useful and free resources on the internetCheparthi Durga PrasadTeacher and student.. to promote the integration of technology in teaching mathematicsBoth Carrying "Google" to provide a platform for students and math lovers to share their knowledge.Vishnu 50:50 About myself I am Sanjay Gulati and I work at a CBSE affiliated school in Bhilai (Chhattisgarh). I amSai Kumar Its time to shiftto digital content to avoid also involved in teacher training and education research. I am interested in the integrationunnecessary exercises of technology in teaching mathematics. I am a fan of GeoGebra, a free mathematicsRaj Balaka Jo Jeeta WohiSikandar ;) software for teaching and learning mathematics. I am a GeoGebra learner for last 3 years,Sounds like an AD for and I have developed lots of applets / worksheets on Middle, Secondary and Sr.Secondaryeither IPAD 2 or Amazon mathematics syllabus. Apart from learning GeoGebra, I love teaching MAT and VedicKindle :) Mathematics to NTSE students. I also write for the following blogs: GeoGebra Applet Central- a blog dedicated to posting GeoGebra applets. Besides math and blogging, I am a Badminton and Cricket lover. I also love listening songs of Kishore Kumar.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring TeachersTeaching English through Comic Strips --- Sofia StefanidouInterview with Sofia phrasal verb. whilethrough Facebook learners of English mastermessaging by Inspiring a number of phrasal verbsTeachers. and are able toIT: Why did you choose this understand them, theycomic strip medium to teach prefer to use one wordEnglish? verbs rather that a twoSofia:Comics are fun, they word or three word verb,can say what they want to that makes up a phrasalsay in minimum words and verb. I hope the blog willthey are accompanied by help students and teacherspictures that can be easily incorporate phrasal verbsunderstood. What is more, more in our speech and Icomics are the kind of stuff also hope I will find the Interesting Links – Dr PN Prasad, Dr Anil Kumar Challayou can gladly go back to, time to add new onesread them again and again regularly! 1. Explore for different formative assessments. Good forfrom time to time, unlike IT: Do you have a team? CBSE schoolsother examples of learning Sofia: I do it on my own. you gladly get rid of I draw the sketches and ssessment.htmlwhen you finish a course. then write some examples. 2. Lots of useful information on the following web linkIm glad you like them! regarding assessment IT: Your site is amazing tools and techniques.Phrasal verbs are actually for one person to be of the most difficult doing. When did you start of learning English. it? poor-kids-puneThis is proven by the fact Sofia: I started it in 3. Interactive Teaching for English – word bagsthat students avoid using March, this year, 2011. As a matter of fact, hannel_video_titleone of the factors that 4. World’s largest Montessori school in Lucknowdifferentiates native talk from that of Sofia works at Greek 5. Now fitness in schools!foreigners, apart from the Public School as an that strikes you first, English Teacher. She fitness-schoolsis the minimum use of studied at Aristotlephrasal verbs by foreigners University of cases that native speakers She lives in Kateríni,would normally use a Greece
  6. 6. Garware Book Reading Project – from their site Science is a human times a long and hard scientific journeys, and a Teacher’s Academy enterprise, evolving over intellectual journey of larger picture of science time under the influence of individuals, groups and itself through the socio-cultural pressures. communities involved with researchers eyes will be Hyderabad This perspective is rarely the practice of science. included in this project. exposed to students in the sciences. Most text books Knowledge of these science The outcome of this project, PHONE: used in schools and colleges processes has no better we hope, will: 97011 41118 are ill-equipped to provide sources to come in the • Help students to better students an enthusiastic and public domain than books understand science real time portrayal of written by and about the (biology). E-MAIL: science, ideas about researchers and scientists • Impart knowledge of scientific inquiry and/or the who worked (or working) on scientific enquiry, overall process of science. the ground. power of observations Understanding the The principal objective of and importance of PROCESS of science plays this project is to make scientific an important role in the students enthusiastic communication. development of a student followers of science as a • Encourage and help into not just a future process and philosophy. students in their quest scientist, researcher or of science processes. academician but also an The perspective on science, enlightened world citizen. the reasons that guided MES Abasaheb Garware Current science curricula individuals to their College provide only snapshots discoveries and theories, the Karve Road, Pune of turning point hardships and joys they experiments and discoverie experienced during their s, while the reality is often See us at: www.teachersacademy.coPlease send yourfeedback, articles and tipsto info@theprofessor.inYou can also submitcomments and interacton our blog like our Facebookpage