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Newsletter Nov 2011


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50th Issue of e-newsletter for school and college teachers

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Newsletter Nov 2011

  1. 1. Nov 2011Volume 5, Issue 11 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching A milestone reached…a long way ahead! It brings great joy to write this editorial for the 50th issue of our newsletter. It started as a humble html version in Oct 2007. With articles for personal success, tips for teaching, online resources and some classroom humour, I spend considerable time putting together every issue and sometimes wonder if people are reading it. There are some This month: regular contributors and on a few occasions I receive some feedback too. But overall, the Readers’ Views.….2 interaction can definitely be improved. To make it simple for you to send your comments, Chalkpiece – a tool from this month onwards, we will have the articles put up on the blog too and you can or a threat? Jayashree Dixit ….3 straightway comment upon it. Others can also see and comment. This month we have included some readers’ comments and also incorporated a change Readers’ views ….4 suggested by Mrs Indira Narayan and Mr Bhagirathi Behera – about labeling sections for Faculty of the month school, college etc. …5 Please continue to support our endeavour to create value for teaching community by sending us articles, feedback and most important by forwarding to your friends and Interesting Links ………….……..6 colleagues. Do ask them to subscribe, its FREE and will always remain so. --Uma Garimella List of writers since Oct 2007 1. Dr Divya Nalla, NMREC, Hyderabad 8. Mr Binay Pattanayak, Education 2. Mrs Indira Narayan, St Ann’s HS, Specialist, UNICEF, New Delhi Secunderabad 9. Education Mr Arnav Anjaria 3. Mr Bhagirathi Behera, Principal Green 10. Ms Jaye Lewis Valley International School, Malinagar, 11. Mr Sanjay Gulati, Maths Teacher, Bihar Bhilai 4. Dr Sridhar Chitta, Mahaveer Institute of 12. Ms Sushma Bhalkikar, GMR Technology Varalakshmi Foundation 5. Prof KV Jayakumar, Director, CWRDM 13. Ms Sofia Stefanidou, Greece 6. Prof PV Narasimham, Former Director, 14. Dr Uma Garimella AMSSOI, Hyderabad 15. Mr B Shantaram, AAI 7. Dr Anil Kumar Challa, Medical College, 16. Ms Jayashree Dixit, Karvy Wisconsin (USA) 17. Dr PN Prasad, CfBT-ES
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Readers’ views on newsletters I feel each and every faculty It is really great to know that Initially I was not fully should go through this TA’s newsletter has reached confident of doing that, still I newsletter provided they have to its 50th issue. I still thought of giving a try. passion and flair for teaching. remember in each issue there Instead of listing each As a whole I find it very useful, will be something fresh, incident one-by-one, I can research oriented, motivating informative content and simply state that today I am, and informative newsletter. I Madhan Kumar Srinivasan wish a grand success of this knowledge driven with real- a government school regional Infosys life examples. At one medium student, a part of academy in the coming days. junction, I started waiting for Education & Research Unit of the next issue thinking to see Infosys. I feel this make sense what else the Editor can add about the influence of these in the next issue, because of newsletters. Not only Dr Siddhartha Ghosh, GNITS, the fact that the previous communication, these Hyderabad issue would be with such a newsletters helps a person to rich & complete content. But adopt all the skills required Since 2010 I am following your as expected, I will have for a real teacher and a E-magazine "Inspiring teachers" something unpredictable in human! I wish all the readers and thanks for publishing few the next issue. All credit goes all success in their life and articles of mine in previous to Dr. Uma Garimella and career. issues. When I was a teacher I her thoughts to contribute followed your inspirational The Teachers Academy something to the educational newsletter is like a fresh air work and today as a principal world. also I am following. Especially to me. I just keep waitingMrs Indira Narayan, If I look at my past I cannot "faculty of the month" page is what new thing is going to beHM, St Ann’s HS, think of my present position very useful to educators like us. added to my knowledge baseSecunderabad without Teacher’s Academy I have one suggestion, kindly while reading every issue. and its workshops. In many keep a special page for school The editorial comments inThe newsletter is very aspects TA influenced my teachers and principals where every issue are an eye openeruseful – my suggestion is career towards success. I still for me. The faculty of the readers can read about theirto label sections/tips remember the day, when I successful journey. Keep month helps me to knowuseful to a specific met Dr. Garimella and asked working and best of luck. about friends of differentsegment of teachers so her to support in enhancing Bhagirathi Behera, Principal, educational organizations.that they can use the tips my English communication Green Valley International Reading about people whomore effectively. skills. Along with her typical School, Malinagar, BIHAR are trying to make a change guidance, she also told me to 8084125247 in the society, motivates me read the TA’s newsletters in my profession. The regularly. interesting reads and videos are always a gear up mechanism for any faculty.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring Teachers Common Tips Chalk piece – a tool or a threat? Jayashree Dixit Inspired by an article in a in, it falls on the clothes and and vacuum dusters in Marathi Newspaper, I share the body and hair. This dust the market. Ask your thought of wellness of teachers’ doesnt spare your eyes too. Institution to us these. community. Chalk contains calcium 2. Use a mask while Have you ever seen an ad "hand carbonate and is hazardous cleaning board. Advice lotion for Teachers"? for lungs. Such asthma is mask for the students You might have heard of called Occupation Asthma. . with asthmatic trouble. singers taking care of their Not just teachers, students are 3. If using contact lenses, What some throats but have you come teachers say also exposed to the dust. do not forget to use plain across a teacher taking care of glasses while cleaning of I had once a severe eye her throat? Have you ever infection (stye) due to chalk Symptoms and board. thought why teachers cough dust. Even now after a class all Prevention 4. Use wet/moist my clothes have white dust. very often? Usually trouble starts with the dusters/sponge to clean Well to reduce the dust we can Have you ever thought why a reduce it by using more sneezing, running nose, board which will prevent expensive chalk called as teacher gave up using contact "dustless chalks". Strictly irritation in the throat, dust from spreading lenses? speaking, it is a "less dust" breathing trouble and cough – around. chalk. Answers to these questions lie leading to asthmatic 5. Use wet chalk while Atul Negi, Professor of in our own attitude towards the Computer Science, disorders. Hands and facial writing on board. teaching profession. University of Hyderabad skin becomes dry and harder. 6. Clean board from top to Since ages the education I know a few of my relatives bottom, coming straight who were teachers and were industry and society What is more dangerous is down so that most of the advised by the doctor to quit has honored the alliance today’s fashion to attribute teaching because they were dust falls down. having respiratory problems – between the teacher and the any illness to pollution and like sore throat and cough. 7. Switch off fans while chalk. However, there is forget about it. The extent of damage also cleaning. another dangerous relationship depends on the subject one Some teachers have to leave 8. Wash hands and face teaches and how much the between chalk and teachers board is used. the profession only because of after the class. breathing troubles. Indira Narayan, HM, St Ann’s this trouble. If not, do they 9. Do not neglect your long It is sad that a teacher who HS, Secunderabad have to live with it - certainly time sneeze and cough. builds the students future is not. 10. Get your lungs checkup threatened by a small piece of (PFM test ) done at least chalk. Many teachers are now It’s time to revisit our own on yearly basis. facing breathing trouble due to teaching to students – So take care and continue to heavy exposure to chalk dust. “Prevention is better than enjoy teaching. Their voice is choked. cure". So let’s begin with Read and comment at taking care of ourselves and In most institutions, chalk- our students by following board is still the most dominant these small tips: /blog/guest-column/chalk- medium. Chalk dust is breathed 1. There are dust-free chalks piece-a-tool-or-a-threat/
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Readers’ views on newsletters I have come in touch with Dr Umas The quotes,news about various workshops and mission about 2 years ago, i.e., roughly at meetings, snippets from teachers, and so on; I the silver jubilee of the newsletter. As has bet the best part of the newsletter is a host of happened to me several times in several websites and other useful links. The recent occasions, my first interaction with Dr addition of another column - faculty of the Picture Caption Uma when I was a participant at a ESCIs month - is a jewel in the crown. It is certainlyTeachers come in all shapes workshop too has been totally different, not an exaggeration if every teacher aspires toand sizes… rather indifferent! Nevertheless, when I see his/her profile; we get to know aboutMy right hand is paining so I was back to my institute she sent me an teachers – both born and made - continuingwill write with my left hand – invitation to sign up for the newsletter and with their mission with aplomb.Annapurna Rachakonda------------------------------------------ now I am writing a few lines for the golden One suggestion I thought about is to make a jubilee issue!! The teaching community bigger HTML kind of a page, suitable for on- had its share of difficulties in the past, line reading; the current attachment you send compared to the present, but has been over email I print it out and read, and for constantly inspiring rest of the world. getting into the links alone I do it on-line; There were more cruel jokes on teachers; Instead, if it is with variable font sizes and as a however, communication among a larger and colourful HTML page (with a print cross-section of the community brought page option) it might be more attractive to new light. Today, we are able to interact even older (not so used to computers) more freely without prejudice, and we teachers. I do not think of any new column understand the hidden hierarchy. It is this to be added - too much of information may understanding that brings us even closer also make it boring; however, after a column and it is like a converging spiral. This very attains certain mature stage, you may replace purpose of bringing us together is it with another; all the columns are already accomplished by the inspiring-teachers available in the archives anyway. newsletter, and the growing patronage of Another suggestion would be to bring in a the newsletter is an index of its fait guest editor once in a quarter or so, and orient accompli. First, I sincerely appreciate the the newsletter to his/her perspective - this Herculean task Dr Uma has taken up and would involve more people and hence the she has been evidently successful at that. newsletter literally touches more people. She has courageously chosen the path less I wish the academy all success in every traveled. May God preserve her energy endeavour, and I look forward to read the forever. Secondly, the newsletter that newsletter as my first email of the month. appears in our mailbox on dot first of every Dr. Ramakalyan Ayyagari month has loads of information - some for Associate Professor quick gulping, and some for pondering Dept. of Instrumentation & Control Engg., over later. NIT Trichy
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring TeachersFaculty of the Month – Dr Balasubramanian R Readers’ viewsIIT, RoorkeeFirst of all, I dedicate this IIT-Madras, he is alsonoble profession to my known for his teaching. The newsletter is one offather, Mr. P. Raman who is He has receivd the best the indigenous worksa retired Physics teacher. teacher award on taken up with true andFrankly speaking, I wanted Teacher’s Day at IIT- sincere effort to inspireto become a primary school Roorkee. and to promote betterteacher but GODs grace I Read more about his learning experiencesended up as a Professor in teaching methods and through useful articles andIIT. When I was in the NSS other ideas on the site. links to internet sources toat Madras Christian College, access the informationI used to teach Mathematics /balasubramanian.shtml effortlessly. Its thefor 7th Standard students in Readers’ Views on 50th window to the world ofone of the Government issue of Newsletter education with Dr P Aparnaschools in Tambaram, information on wide rangeChennai. When the students Everyone talks of quality of topics related and usefulfelt very happy with my of education but it is rare for ones own classroomteaching, I decided to take to find an institution that teaching and professionalup this noble profession as works for quality through development. Its indeedmy career. I thank my Ph.D teachers. Despite the truly inspiring!!! I wishsupervisor Dr. K. challenges like budgets every teacher who has anSwaminathan from IIT and low priority for access to internet shouldMadras and my role model training, I am glad that be connected to the Dr Balasubramanian RProf. Manoj K. Arora from Teacher’s Academy is newsletter across theIIT Roorkee to identify me moving ahead. I hope country. Appreciating allto this world as a teacher many more teachers will the efforts taken up by theand as a researcher. share their experiences Teachers Academy,These are the words of Dr through this newsletter Dr.P.Aparna. HOD, H&M,Balasubramanian, Assistant and create a brighter GNITS, Secretary, ELT@IProf of Mathematics at IIT- future generation. I wish HyderabadRoorkee. We are pleased to Teacher’s Academy all the Chapter,9848468330 Dr Divya Nallaprofile him as the Faculty of very best.This Month. With an Dr Divya Nalla Read all these commentsillustrious postdoctoral Nalla Malla Reddy atresearch after his PhD from Engineering College, http://www.theprofessor. Hyderabad
  6. 6. Teacher’s Academy Hyderabad PHONE: 97011 41118 E-MAIL: An activity at the recent workshop on leadership and succession planning at ITM, Mussoorie (DRDO) Interesting Links National Workshop for UG Biology Teachers - Workshop Technology in Math Education - See us at: The website for academic publications from India Individualised teaching On Clickers send your 07_noanswers.htmlfeedback, articles and tipsto Inequitable EqualityYou can also submit and interact MTgwMA%3D%3Don our blog Teaching-Learning Resources for schools like our Facebook Maths resourcess/The- Brain Teasers for mind breaks