Inspiring Teachers July 2011


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Inspiring Teachers July 2011

  1. 1. July 2011 Volume 5, Issue 7 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments Things are looking really good. Brig T and stable. Our reach has increased just by Ramaiah has come on board to help word of mouth. We will be undertaking with projects and business development. more advertising also. Shankarson Roy of Career Aces and Please do contribute your tips, articles andArticles this month: Eunice Thomas have done several any web resources that you found useful.Faculty of the Month training sessions for us and both of We have found some place to do open……………..….2 them have been very well received. Our workshops – see more about this on page 4Challenges of a new teacher …..3 content is also becoming more mature Uma GarimellaCaption Contest……………….3Must Watch Videos……………….5 June updatesOpen Workshops for students and faculty……………….4 1. Faculty Development at NMRE: May-June-July, Hyderabad 2. One-day workshop at Prakasam Engineering College, Kandukur, 29th June 3. One-day workshop at CVR Engineering College 4. Session at KGReddy College of Engg, Chilkur 5. 5th Teacher Training program at IIIT, Enhance Edu: May-June
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 5 Faculty of the month Dr Cherian, Marian College, Kuttikanam (Read full interview at What other options did continuous personal you have when you growth. Further, I realized What kind of teaching actually chose to that the teachers’ methods do you use to become a faculty? Why investment on students will keep students did you choose to teach? be always going to interested in your After my postgraduate appreciate. Also, with my classes? degree in social work, I research and field My general pattern is to give worked in the field for experiences, I was sure that reading materials to about two years and the I could relate theory and students in advance and as joined as a lecturer in an practice much better. per Course Plan, ask them affiliated college of Nagpur to come prepared in the University for three years. Do you think research class for discussions. Ppts Later I registered for PhD as or PhD is essential to are prepared with the key a full time scholar and develop oneself? Is it words to initiate completed the same within only a formality? Why discussions. Sometimes, key three years. After this, I or why not? questions are prepared in again went back to field advance and use the same practice and joined A good teacher has not only for initiating the international funding to help the students to learn discussions. The main goal agencies (World Vision, but also responsible for is not only enabling India and Lutheran World generating knowledge. ForCherian Parekadavil,Professor & Director, students in getting well Relief (LWR), both US this purpose research isSchool of Social Work, informed about the topicsat Marian College based international funding essential. Therefore,Kuttikanam, since but also to develop critical agencies) before going for training in research2007. understanding. Sometimes I teaching. I could haveHe holds a PhD in methods and involvementSocial Work from use quiz method and continued in fund in research activities isNagpur University and sometimes circulate casehas worked at many administration or join some certainly helpful for theprestigious institutes. studies for analysis. Short good NGOs in the field of teacher for personal andHis interests include films are also used toPublic health, development- certainly professional growth.Interventional research, generate discussions. more remunerative than When do you feelTeaching-Learning Students are also givenmethodologies, teaching. frustrated?International traveling, topics to prepare and to I chose to join teaching I feel frustrated when I seedevotional and semi- present them in the classclassical music. And because I love students and uninterested,above all, he is a which is followed with I love teaching. It’s a unenthusiastic students andwonderful and soft questions, clarifications andspoken person. wonderful profession, most I have to engage monologue discussions. satisfying and experience sessions.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 Inspiring TeachersChallenges of a new teacher Indira NarayanWell the word to be noted teacher is all set to launch hadn’t taught earlierhere is NEW. Are we her career as a teacher. then…. They, students, sittalking about a person who Meeting the students one there like a panel of judges,has entered the teaching has to teach is a challenge closely studying their newprofession for the first by itself. A class has teacher. Right from thetime or are discussing a different kinds and types manner of dressing , to theteacher who is new to a of students. Knowing them manner of entering theschool? Each of them have is important- after all you class, introducing herself Caption describing picture or graphic.their own challenges to face will have to see them, and revealing her subjectat work. teach them and interact knowledge, herLet us take the first with them regularly. communication skills andcategory of NEW - the first Children are very her class presence till shetime teacher: a person who observant. They can quite leaves class, everything is a Caption Contest Entries:is beginning her career as a easily catergorize a teacher challenge a new teacher Divya Nalla:teacher. As always anything and then decide whether faces. PowerFULL teachersassociated with or termed they have to obedient or Well, teaching for the first required.... who can impart knowledge.... says an ad for aas new will create a few not. time will create some teacherapprehensions in the mind. Orientation to a school and butterflies in the stomach.In most schools a Staff its system is very Many thoughts will scuttle Super-teachers needed for theMeeting, just before the important for a new through the mind of this new reopens, is held. teacher. Support by way of teacher - are the students Ratna ManjariThis is the first exposure to encouragement, from the understanding what I am A super teacher is a powerthe new school. It is like a other teachers can make teaching, am I loud enough house of knowledge.warming up session for a things better and to be heard by all, do I have Knowledge: A cutting edge toolnew teacher wherein she comfortable. the attention of all the to make a nation a super power.will meet the other teachers Actually, the real challenge students? As days go on Know a lot to have a superof the school and may be lies with and within the and with some experience powerful edge over othersget to know her peers. She class room. First all these thoughts and fearswill also have an idea of the impressions are important will fade away. But as Cicero NR Venkat:functioning of the anywhere in life …so with the great Roman would say Knowledge is Power and it should be shared with dueManagement, get a glimpse the new teacher. The class ‘Before beginning, prepare respect based on maturityof the school’s culture, waits with bated breath to carefully.’ So good luck Newlearn something about the meet the new Teachers. Teaching is aexpectations of the teacher…there is noble profession. WelcomePrincipal etc. With this excitement in knowing to the group.introduction her first day in that a new teacher has Author is HM, St Ann’s HSschool may be ‘not so bad.’ joined school and if sheTime table in hand a new
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 5 One-day open workshops Very often when we do workshops at colleges, the teachers are nominated by the management. We want to explore the channel of doing these workshops for teachers interested in the sessions by themselves and willing to spare a Sunday or a holiday to learn. From July onwards we are planning to do open workshops on the following topics most likely on Sundays. Please keep seeing the website or facebook page for dates and registration details. • Fun in deep learning for students • Life Skills for studentsAt KG Reddy College, Chilkur on 30th June • Basic Classroom Techniques for young faculty 2011 • Innovative Teaching for experienced faculty • Lab teaching for lab staff • Life Skills for faculty Must watch videos/websites 1. The album of four years of Teacher’s Academy 2. We need some serious thinkers, workers and policy makers to bring in the next generation education. Heres an example: 3. Musings of Dheeraj Sanghi, simple style, original thinking: 4. Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education | Video on 5. Is Poverty, Not Teacher Quality or Charters, Key to Student Outcomes? Reeve Hamilton factor-in-student-outcomes/ 6. Information about Science: News and Photos 7. Tangled in an endless web of distractions, Colleges worry about always-plugged-in students 8. TED Talks Anil Gupta is on the hunt for the developing worlds unsung inventors -- indigenous entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hidden by poverty, could change many peoples lives. He shows how the Honey Bee Network helps them build the connections they need -- and gain the recognition they deserve
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 Inspiring Teachers Teacher’s Academy Hyderabad Help us make the website better • Do read the blog and leave your comments on-line PHONE: 97011 41118 • Caption contest and other discussions are being posted on this page E-MAIL: • Post your questions on and get answers from experts • Suggest a faculty to be profiled as FoM – the person should dedicated to the teaching career, doing something innovative and must be a source of inspiration Help us reach more people • Forward this newsletter • Ask your friends to sign up, it’s FREE • Click on like See us at: