Inspiring Teachers Feb 2011


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Inspiring Teachers Feb 2011

  1. 1. Feb 2011Volume 5, Issue 2 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments All efforts are on full steam memories of a school The editorial piece on to launch the year of the that he left more than outcome based teaching is professional college. You 30 years ago….just goes especially relevant since such will receive news of the to show how long the simple things can go a long website launch this month. influence of teachers way to enhance learning. In the meantime, let me lasts. And more We have some humour in the apologise for missing the importantly, are such side columns and interestingThis month: new year resolutions. They breed of teachers really links. And yes, we haveOutcome driven teaching … …..2 are published in this issue. becoming extinct? Do new column – e-mails to Shantaram shares his send your thoughts. the editor.School Read on and share… Memories……4Shantarame-mails to editor ..5 New year resolutionsHumour and Siddhartha Ghosh, Assoc Prof and Placement Officer, GNITS, Hyderabad Interesting links 1. To take care of one students books expenditure. …side columns 2. To know a subject before teaching it. 3. To respect the teaching profession. About Teacher’s Academy Started three years ago, already 1600 teacher members on-line, 25 colleges and 10 schools touched by the training. Long term training and consultancy projects are being taken up for professional colleges. Lesson plans, material, teaching skills and student awareness are taken up for sustainable quality. Please do leave your feedback on workshops on the site About Us Clients say Share articles, useful links, teaching resources and tips for effective teaching with a growing community of our teacher mailing list. If anyone is passionate about changing the education scenario and to work with Teacher’s Academy can send resume and talk to me. The future is very exciting here. --Thanks Uma Garimella, Founder / Editor
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 5 Teaching needs to be outcome driven, competency based ……………………Uma Garimella Bloom’s Taxonomy (see three areas viz, cognition, (synthesis), or students will next page) is the frequently skills and attitude. Fink’s be able to explain the heard keyword in anything taxonomy goes a step ahead working of such and such dealing with pedagogy. This and says that foundational equipment is basically a hierarchy of knowledge (could map to (comprehension) and so on. learning outcomes in the Bloom’s Cognitive BC 1 and Now why is this so 2), application (BC 3+) must important? Because, these be combined with learning objectives define the how to learn, caring for the teaching method to be used. subject and human Let me illustrate this idea. If dimension (Bloom’s the objective of a session is affective domain). There is comprehension – that is, an explicit mention of students will be able to Integrating people, ideas explain something, then the and life. So this taxonomy is way the session is more complete than conducted could be in one Bloom’s. of the following ways: Pedagogically, any good teacher introduces topic, learning experience (I am students read, ask questions not using the word teaching) and make a mind map. If should start with a clear the topic is a process, the picture of the outcomes teacher could take the class expected from that learning through the steps, then askInteresting Links experience. This is usually them to trace the - Encyclopedia ofEducation Technology written in the form of a list with another set of Flash of lesson objectives. These and then summarise. Oranimations for - International Network for objectives are written from show an animation orEngineering Education and Research the learner’s perspective and simulation. However, - Physics FlashAnimations are always actions that can that these methods are - News and be demonstrated and/or going to give any analytical,Updates from Higher Educational measured. And they can be application or creative skillsTechnology Debate placed in one of the levels of to A portable,educational gadget for learners of any age the hierarchy. For example, the students will be able to write and execute a program using such and such features
  3. 3. Inspiring Teachers Page 3 of 5Teaching needs to be – continuedHowever, notice that these with details of the type of three year cycle.methods are not going to knowledge. The goals of a Are these skills orgive any analytical, college depend on their competencies sequential?application or creative skills current position. Some Can application be learntto students. If those are the colleges may want to without comprehension?objectives, then the increase pass percentage, Debatable. Further, themethods chosen must be some others are happy curriculum or the Ego trip? Lack of skills?one of the following: with pass percentage but examination system mayStudents are given wrong want to increase the be driving the objectives,sequence of steps in a number of distinctions, A young man hired by a (this is valid) and not the supermarket reported for hisprocess and asked to report and some others may want first day of work. The teacher. Theany problems. Or they are to improve employability manager greeted him with a recommended practice is warm handshake and a smile,asked to solve problems (which by the way may not gave him a broom, and said, for the teachers to set therelated to the concept. Or be achieved through the "Your first job will be to sweep objectives based on the out the store."they can research on the above two goals). current competencies ofinternet and find problems Teacher’s Academy works "But Im a college graduate," the students and the the young man repliedthat can be solved with with colleges to deploy just indignantly. curriculum. This iswhat they learnt. the right kind of teaching purely to drive the flow "Oh, Im sorry. I didnt knowThe table below shows a methods in their classes. that," said the manager. and method of teaching.modified Bloom’s taxonomy And SHOW the results in a "Here, give me the broom -- Ill show you how." Blooms Taxonomy The Cognitive Process DimensionThe Knowledge Remember Understand Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Dimension Factual List Summarize Classify Order Rank Combine Knowledge Conceptual Describe Interpret Experiment Explain Assess Plan Knowledge Procedural Tabulate Predict Calculate Differentiate Conclude Compose Knowledge Meta- Appropriate Cognitive Execute Construct Achieve Action Actualize Use Knowledge
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 5 School Memories ……………………………… Shantaram Picture Contest Today Sanskar Vidyalaya, Beed, Maharashtra stands tall There were prabhat pheris with meritorious students consistently year after year, every independence/ good building, infrastructure etc.. The internet had been republic day/ Gandhi helpful in getting some details and I talked to Deshmukh Jayanti early in the sir recently. He’s now an ACAO with central excise. Mrs morning with teachers Limbekar is married and not in that school. I also spoke controlling the line of the to some classmates. I learnt Shri Kshirsagar is still there inspired ones passing and had received ‘best teacher’ from the government in through narrow lanes of recent past. They were not just teachers. They gave us nearby localities. We Write 50 words of what memories of a lifetime. suspected that the elders the above picture conveys to you. Send I left Beed for Nagpur in 1977 but memories of the two who got up and came out your entry before 55th years spent at this school never really left me. Those days to see the early Feb 2011 to the school was just started by enthusiastic patrons and morning commotion were info@inspiring- equally enthusiastic teachers who did not bother about not actually curious. . The most interesting answer the salary quantum. Physically the school was a collection Inter class KabaDDi was will get a surPRIZE. of temporary rooms all around the circumference of a played on the assembly ground attached to Dattatreya temple with Mud floor, tin ground. We alwaysHonesty is the best …. roofs and remaining oval area inside as assembly area suspected that teachers are which also served as a playground and usually for siding with the class whichA college professor could sahabhojan with teachers in lunch break. was junior tonot help but notice thatone of his students was There, we really understood “sahanavavatu us because it had alate to class for the third sahanoubhunaktu..” there were no chairs or benches. trustee’s son. Now I knowtime that week. Beforeclass ended he went First thing after the first bell was for all students about it was great, thearound the room asking 15-20 a class (it was only upto 7th class then) was trustees had the spirit tostudents some questionsabout the days lecture. Of to pick up the jute strips used for sitting and dust them put their own children incourse, he made sure to well holding at either end then lay them straight on the the school justpick on his tardy pupil. floor before occupying places for rest of the day. Of course started by them. We were"And who developed the teacher had a chair. The seventh class seniors had those admitted there by defaulttheories behindcommunism?" the low height small benches ( we see in old movies as we (our family)professor asked. used by clerks in the verandah outside saukaar’s house). moved there on father’s"I dont know," the student Assembly started with “yaa kundendu tushaar..” and transfer. The fees was Rs.said. ended in mhaNee & suvichaar quote & explain passing 10/- p.m. per child. Since"Perhaps if you came toclass on time, Raju, you through “maa tere beeson sapane ..”(days of bees sutri my sister too was studyingwould know," said the karyakrams..), manache shloks , geethai verses etc. and of there we got a concessionalprofessor."Thats not true," the course “Bharat mera desh hai, sare bharatiya mere..The combined fees of Rs.15/- astudent replied. "I never Pratigdnya” invariably everyday which was later dropped attention anyway!" by all schools I don’t remember when.
  5. 5. Inspiring Teachers Page 5 of 5 School memories …continuedTeacher’s Academy Hyderabad The Ajantha, Ellora & guns etc etc. e-mails to the Aurangabad excursion was There were complaints PHONE: 97011 41118 really memorable one. We against each other with editor Thanks Uma you are were with the teachers for teachers. There were doing wonderful job. E-MAIL: Please keep it up. two days through the bus competitions for being the new year will bring journey, cooking, sight- class monitors. There were many more good news from you! seeing & the teachers were children Best wishes and happy with us in getting us adjusted developing all kind of new year! Prof Gopu V, to living away from home sicknesses suddenly in the Business Management and enjoying it. There were middle of the day. Thanks Uma for the food choices, sleeping Oh god, how they managed newsletter sent across, its arrangement problems, it all without ever hurting absorbing and interesting. with regards, toilets etc.. but with us. The drawing Rao Bhogadi, CEO teachers around it didn’t teacher Mr.Kshirsagar, our Saiber Consulting matter so much. The beloved class teacher Thank for sharing the excitement in Devgarh Limbekar tai, information. See us at: Prof and HOD, Civil fort was too much. The traps Deshmikh sir they all taught Engg, Bearys for enemies, the large iron there not for salary but for Institute of Technology, Innoli, pans meant to fry the enemy some great purpose which I MANGALORE jasoos, the khandak around cannot define. I like your Newsletter it the fort with crocodiles give more information. Its Shantaram Bhaskarabhatta is waiting in water for an very good and getting currently DGM, Airports Authority enemy to fall out of a window more knowledge to of India Ltd, at Nagpur. He holds teacher. Thank you very thinking it to be a engineering and management much and just give us like passage to escape, the big degrees. this kind of information. Sanjay Upadhyay Panchgani.