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Html difference faqs- 1


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This provides a list of HTML FAQs-1 which are of "Difference between" kind

This provides a list of HTML FAQs-1 which are of "Difference between" kind

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 1.Difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5 S.No HTML 4 HTML 5 1 HTML 4 uses common structures HTML5 uses new structures such as like headers , footers drag, drop and much more 2 HTML 4 cannot embed video or HTML 5 can contain embedded video audio directly. HTML 4 makes and audio without using flash player use of flash player for it 3 HTML 4 has traditional API’s HTML 5 introduced many new API’s which does not include canvas which facilitate flexibility of web and content editable API’s pages 4 In HTML 4, local storage is not In HTML 5, new tags and new features possible and tags that can handle like local storage are enhanced only one dimension are present 5 HTML 4 cannot handle inaccurate HTML 5 is capable of handling syntax inaccurate syntax2.Difference between HTML and DHTML S.No HTML DHTML 1 HTML site work slowly upon DHTML sites works faster upon client-side technologies. client-side technologies 2 HTML is static in nature DHTML is dynamic in nature 3 HTML files are saved with .htm DHTML files are saved with .dhtm extension extension 4 HTML does not make use of any DHTML uses events, methods and methods for making it dynamic. much more for providing dynamism HTML content is always static for HTML pages 5 HTML pages does not require any DHTML requires processing from processing from browser browser which changes its look and feel3.Difference between HTML and XHTML S.No HTML XHTML 1 HTML is an application of SGML XHTML is an application of XML 2 Attribute minimization and tags XHTML does not support omission is supported in HTML minimization of attributes and omitting
  • 2. tags 3 In HTML, document row In DHTML, row headings will be in headings will remain in normal bold font 4 In HTML, tbody portion will be in DHTML does not contain tbody and the dom tree shape and also t’th element second selector should match the ‘t’th element 5 HTML is not case sensitive XHTML is case sensitive 6 In HTML, document body In DHTML, html element is specified element is specified rather than and document body element does not html element replace it4.Difference between HTML and PHP S.No HTML PHP 1 In HTML the output remains same For PHP, the output may not be the as that of input same all the time 2 In HTML, browser cannot The output of PHP is HTML code interpret the code which the browser can interpret 3 HTML does not involve PHP PHP includes both PHP and HTML codes 4 HTML can create webpages that PHP can design dynamic webpages are only staticAnd, further updates on difference between questions and answers, please visit my blog @