Difference between razor view engine and aspx view engine


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Want to know the differences between razor view engine and aspx view engine, then kindly read this document

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Difference between razor view engine and aspx view engine

  1. 1. Difference Between Razor View Engine and ASPX View EngineS.No Razor View Engine ASPX View Engine1 What is Razor View Engine ?Razor Engine is an advancedview engine that wasintroduced with MVC3. This isnot a new language but it is anew markup syntax.What is ASPX View Engine ?ASPX View Eninge (Web FormEngine ) is the default view enginefor the Asp.net MVC that isincluded with Asp.net MVC fromthe beginning.2 File Extensions used withRazor View Engine?The file extensions used withRazor Engine are differentfrom Web Form Engine. Ithas .cshtml (Razor with C#)or .vbhtml (Razor with VB)extension for views, partialviews, editor templates and forlayout pages.File Extensions used with ASPXView Engine?The file extensions used with WebForm Engine are also like Asp.netWeb Forms. It has .aspx extensionfor views, .ascx extension forpartial views & editor templatesand .master extension forlayout/master pages.3 Syntax used for Razor ViewEngine ?Razor has new and advancesyntax that are compact,expressive and reduces typing.Syntax used for ASPX ViewEngine ?Web Form Engine has the samesyntax like Asp.net Web Formsuses for .aspx pages .4 Whether Razor ViewEngines Syntax is simple orcomplex?Razor syntax are easy to learnand much clean than WebForm syntax. Razor uses @symbol to make the code likeas:@Html.ActionLink("SignUp","SignUp")Whether ASPX View EnginesSyntax is simple or complex?Web Form syntax are borrowedfrom Asp.net Web Forms syntaxthat are mixed with html andsometimes make a view messy.Webform uses <% and %>delimiters to make the code like as:<%: Html.ActionLink("SignUp","SignUp") %>5 Whether Razor View Engine hether ASPX View Engine
  2. 2. supports Test-DrivenDevelopment (TDD)?Razor Engine support TDD(Test Driven Development)since it is not depend onSystem.Web.UI.Page class.supports Test-DrivenDevelopment (TDD)?Web Form Engine doesnt supportTDD (Test Driven Development)since it depend onSystem.Web.UI.Page class whichmakes the testing complex.And, further updates on difference between questions and answers, please visit myblog @ http://onlydifferencefaqs.blogspot.in/