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The use of geo-data in games.

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  • Games, The New Geo-Frontier! WhereCamp5280

    1. 1. Andrei Taraschuk [email_address] Follow me at Games, The New Geo-Frontier!
    2. 2. Trends Games • Distributed online • Connected • New business models • Growing market Maps • Data is more accessible • Faster • Cheaper • Customizable • Powerful APIs Obama Ads in Burnout Paradise v GPS Mission H.A.W.X The Last Guy
    3. 3. Introduction UMapper Challenge • Find creative usage scenarios • User engagement • Stickiness • Longevity • Change the way people look at maps • Maintain the context of the 'map' - use our framework - our our analytics - monetization Games?
    4. 4. Travel IQ Over 4M Monthly users 78,000 Active Players on Facebook 2,000 Challenges created by Players
    5. 5. GeoDart • Create customizable games / maps • On any available map data – OSM, Bing, Yahoo... • Distribute embedded maps anywhere • Track usage and update in real time • Monetize
    6. 6. Results • People love games! • Hundreds of games created • Increased usage 2x-4x-10x Times • Better maps – more content • Wider adoption
    7. 7. Opportunity Data source: PriceWaterhouseCooper • Industry projections: $68.4 billion by 2012 at 10.3% CAGR • Console Games: $34.7 billion in 2012 at 6.9% • Online Games: $14.4 billion in 2012 • In game advertisement growth 16.7%, projected $2.3 billion in 2012
    8. 8. The Last Guy Sony Entertainment. Playstation 3. Released in August 2008 v
    9. 9. H.A.W.X "High-resolution satellite imaging is moving from the black world of intelligence to the white world of commerce, and Tom Clancy's HAWX will bring that reality to gamers" GeoEye VP, Mark Brender.
    10. 10. Ships and Apollo 11 Moon Lander Developed by Allows users to take control over different types of ships. Google Earth. Ships released in May Lander Release July 2009.
    11. 11. IPhone GPS Mission GPS Mission is a gaming platform requiring GPS-enabled mobile phones as well as an online connection during play. GPS Mission involves collecting virtual goods in the real world. Games can be created using a web-based tool. Released in May 2008. First World-Wide GPS game for Iphone. Uses Umapper's API for the game creator application!
    12. 12. VirtualPunk Virtualpunk uses the whole world as playground. The setting is fantasy and the game include quests, NPCs and looting of monsters. It is the first worldwide Massively multiplayer online role-playing game for GPS Phones. Download the game at
    13. 13. Challenges Map data has to get cheaper or be delivered on an entirely new business model Set of API (environments) that can support games - Flash, Silverlight, Google Earth - Fast and Light weight - Render only the environment (Load map data and support movement) - Easy access to services - Routing - POI Search - Vector data (streets, buildings etc) Monetization - New Business models to support game developers - New licensing terms (FREE)
    14. 14. Maps+Games = The New Frontier • Great business opportunity • Globally scalable • Rich API environment • Data costs are falling • Deployed anywhere (mobile, internet, consoles) Make it happen